Pasqualoni suggests Cowboys were complacent in 2010


University of Connecticut football coach Paul Pasqualoni, who served as defensive line coach and interim defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys in 2010, used his former employer’s handling of success in 2009 as an example of what he doesn’t plan to do in his first year with the Huskies, who made it to their first-ever BCS bowl last season.

“It’s not something I ever believed automatically carries over,” Pasqualoni said in a Q&A session with students, per Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News.  “Last year as we started the season with the Cowboys, they had won their first playoff game in quite a while, get into the season, we weren’t winning very many games because I think the decision was made, ‘Well we’ve come this far, we got this much done, maybe we can kind of pick up where we left off.’

“You can’t do that in this game.  The game requires you to start over every single year.  So we’re going to do that, figure out what our talents are and then go from there.”

Sure, Pasqualoni may be a little disgruntled.  But he was right in the thick of things last year in Dallas, and it’s no surprise to hear him say that the Cowboys simply believed they’d be in the thick of things come January 2011 based on the fact that they enjoyed such success the prior year.

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  1. That is not something new. Seems to me that every year there are teams who believe they are significantly better than they are…for who knows what reason. See the Vikings last year, and the Redskins every season C. Portis was on the team.

  2. No one who has followed Wade Phillips and the Cowboys the last several years, is one bit surprised at Pasqualoni’s remarks.

  3. “Pasqualoni suggests Cowboys were complacent in 2010”
    The Cowboys were complacent because none of the teams that they played were buying the BS that all of the experts were throwing around.
    Bottom line is that the ‘boys weren’t anywhere close to being as good as the media and J.J. wanted everyone to believe.

  4. That whole Super Bowl at home thing was a disaster waiting to happen. It’s as is they really thought ‘fate’ would get them in.

  5. Complacent? Well, that’s one word for Cowboys starters pulling up rather than finishing plays. It was like scenes from Eight Men Out, except I really don’t believe anyone was trying to throw a game. I don’t know what to believe … and don’t understand why sports journalists so quickly brushed the whole thing under the turf. I wish some investigative sports reporter would look back at those games and find out the real story.

  6. I don”t think Coach P is throwing out anything new about the Cowboys season. Of course, it doesn’t help that the defense he helped coach and then coordinated was pathetic beyond words and that they lost their QB midway through the season. (and please don’t start with the “Kitna played better than Romo could” crap)

  7. Cow Babies! It’s not going to change with him there. He just as bad or worse than Bum’s boy. And of course there is JJ. Complacent, NO. Just bad team players, coaches and owner/GM.

    When Romo went down they bring in Kitna? Over the hill after a nothing career at Detroit. They might as well stay complacent.

  8. There’s a number of factors that can make a big difference for an NFL team, but none bigger than having a good QB and a good Head Coach. Cowboys didn’t have either last season.

  9. Maybe, as a coach, you should have done something about the team being complacent. Just a thought…

  10. Well said Baron. Passkey should have done something positive to overcome the malaise that hung over the team. Instead, he waits until he leaves and then torches the team he worked for. Really classy move.

  11. Coach Pas is the last person that should be saying anything, because he was clueless on all fronts last season, uconn will regress under his leadership.

  12. It is easy for Pasqualoni to utter such statements based on his body of work at Syracuse. he should probably just STFU and try to have two decent years in a row.Talk about burning your bridges.

  13. For a guy that didn’t deserve the UConn Football head coaching job … he’s dead on!!!

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