Christian Ponder gets a draft invitation, too


In a move that further confirms that the group of draft invitations has expanded beyond the original list of 20, probably due to some of the invited players declining to attend, former Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder tells Lee Gordon of, the site devoted to the Seminoles, that he has been asked to come to Radio City Music Hall.

“The initial plan was to head back to Dallas to be there for draft day but today I was just extended an invitation to head up to NYC,” Ponder said in an recent article that appears behind a pay wall.  “My family and I will talk about what we are going to do but it will be hard to turn down actually going to the draft.”

Gordon tells PFT that Ponder has since said he plans to make a decision on whether to attend by the end of the week.

One factor probably will be the expected duration of his wait.  Some view Ponder as a first-round prospect.  Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly recently wrote that some evaluators have compared Ponder to former Bills starter Trent Edwards.  Which isn’t a compliment.

But Ponder has shown a talent for playing through injury, and some think he could become a very good quarterback at the NFL level.  For now, the question is whether he would be more comfortable waiting for the call to come from his home, or whether he wants to risk doing the draft-day slip-‘n’-slide in New York.

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  1. Im a big fan of this kid, he has a lot of heart. I hope he succeeds at the pro level.


  2. It will be interesting to see if some of these guys have to come back for day two. I personally would watch it with my family and friends this year if I were them.

    If draft day is the highlight of your career – you didn’t deserve to be invited anyway.

  3. ” “My family and I will talk about what we are going to do but it will be hard to turn down actually going to the draft.””

    Unless you think it awkward to sit there with a camera on you until the 2nd round. I like Ponder, a lot. I think he’s a better prospect than many of the QB’s that are talked about on PFT all the time. He’s got all the tools, he’s smart, he has the personality. He has the starting experience, the temperment and while he might not be the next Marino, he’s certianly not the next Akili Smith. I hope like hell the Skins can get him in round 2

  4. Ponder won’t get out of the second round, however I don’t think I would want to sit in New York until the second day.

  5. If draft day is the highlight of your career – you didn’t deserve to be invited anyway.
    man, this is so true.

  6. I think in the end, it might just be Ponder who makes it big time in the NFL. The other guys, Mallet, Newton, Locker,the guy from Missouri, would make me nervous if I were a Gm in need of a qb.

  7. Bill Cosby couldn’t there. He had a Fudruckers opening to attend.
    Is Christian pondering whether or not to attend the draft?

  8. ”If the draft is the highlight of your career, then u probly dont deserve to be invited”. ????????
    1st off. Section731 are u stupid or just blatantly hating…. Being invited to the draft is an HONOR!!! To be one out of a possible 200 draft eligible players is truly special. 2nd off. Since when did they start inviting so many players to New York? Im starting to think that by inviting so many rookies, the league maybe attempting to win them over. The league could be could be playing good cop bad cop by saying look the union didnt even want you guys to come to radio city, so lets invite them all… I mean they already have the retired players on thier side

  9. Ponder’s a good prospect. Not a first-rounder, in all likelihood (possible, though, considering that Losman, Flacco, Pennington, etc. all went in the first), but he’d a good personality and does well on camera. He’s not going in there with the expectation that he’ll go in the top ten or fifteen picks, so unless he lasts past the third round, I don’t see the kind of awkwardness people might expect.

    As for the comparison to Trent Edwards, Edwards was a great prospect as a pure passer who just never received anything close to professional quarterback coaching at Buffalo.

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