Chad Pennington not ruling out playing in 2011

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Our buddy Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports via Twitter that quarterback Chad Pennington will undergo surgery on Thursday to repair an ACL that he tore while playing basketball recently.

Per Salguero, Pennington isn’t ruling out playing in 2011.

It makes sense.  If the lockout lasts into September or beyond, quarterbacks with the ability to step in and play will be in demand.  Pennington demonstrated three years ago his ability to do just that; after he was dumped by the Jets for Brett Favre, Pennington helped turn a 1-15 Dolphins team into an 11-5 division winner.

Though the rehab will be more of a challenge since he’s on his own, the last guy we’d ever bet against is Pennington.

21 responses to “Chad Pennington not ruling out playing in 2011

  1. Compare the physical tools of Pennington vs Jamarcus Russell, for example.

    It’s all about how much time you’re willing to put in. Good luck, Chad.

  2. He’ll be in high demand an even more immobile old injury prone qb with a weak arm. I have no doubt he will play in 2011 and beyond…….

  3. “an even more immobile old injury prone qb with a weak arm”


    Imagine pinning your hopes on Chad Brokeaton,

  4. @geeeeemen

    IQ is also part of the equation. And considering Chad was a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship, going to have to give a slight edge inteligence to Chad.

  5. I’m not the biggest of Pennington fans since I had to deal with his noodle arm for 7 years when he played for the Jets but I think he will successfully make a comeback at least for one more year, most likely as a back up but could land a starting gig late in the season if a team has injuries. I could see him landing somewhere like Seattle if they don’t draft a rookie and have Whitehurst as their only option.

  6. Any more of one of the most underrated quarterbacks ever can only be a good thing. If he can put one more season of starts together he will surely be a 3 time comeback player of the year.

  7. If he’s not available, then i can hold the damn clipboard for 16 or 18 regular season games and if called upon, barf up some INTs.

    I take it back, Chad is a great guy….loved his interview with Steve Sabol on NFL films.

  8. A solid professional. Always says the right thing. Always did the right thing. Always worked hard, a great employee. Noone should be disrespecting this man. He will be a great coach or broadcaster someday.

  9. Sucks because he seems to have more will and determination than most of the starters in the league.

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