Judge Nelson consolidates Brady and Eller cases

In a procedural move that isn’t likely to have a big impact on the league’s labor mess, Judge Susan Nelson has ordered the Brady v s.NFL and Eller vs. NFL to be consolidated, according to Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal.

Kaplan writes that beither NFL nor Brady counsel objected to the cases being merged.

Florio tells me this doesn’t mean much, other than it makes the NFL case a little cheaper to defend.  The case could potentially bog down the Brady case a bit, but the current players couldn’t afford to tell the former players (represented in the Eller case) to take a hike.

5 responses to “Judge Nelson consolidates Brady and Eller cases

  1. The older players should break away from the current players union. If they have to depend on the leadership of the current players, then they are screwed. They will always get their needs addressed secondly, and based on how Drew Brees feels about them, it would be a surprise if they even get addressed at all.

    The retired players main concerns seem to be centered around health care, and the owners seem less confrontational and understanding in getting those needs addressed. I mean let’s face it, if you’re representing the retired players, and have to negotiate with the owners after “D” and Brees have spoke to them, what shot do you really have to make your case?

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