NFL set to unveil preseason schedule Tuesday

The news first came, as news often does of late, from Colts owner Jim Irsay’s Twitter account.

“PRESEASON SCHEDULE coming your way today,” Irsay wrote.

We’ve since confirmed through an NFL source that the preseason schedule is indeed coming out Tuesday.  They will also announce the nationally televised preseason games.

The regular season schedule is expected to be announced before the draft.  (We’re guessing it comes out the week of the draft, like last year.)

That’s the easy part.  The hard part will be ensuring there are preseason games.

23 responses to “NFL set to unveil preseason schedule Tuesday

  1. So why then were the Vikings complaining last week they couldn’t find any team to play a home game against in Pre-season?? Is this just another case of bad PFT reporting?

  2. Yawn….

    Pre-Season games are already the most boring part of the year. Why are they making a “big announcement”?

    Tell ya what, NFL. The only schedule I want to see if the entire 2011 Regular Season schedule.

    And not until the labor issue is solved. Other wise it ain’t worth the paper that it is printed on.

  3. I agree shadowman! Work on fixing the status of your league before you worry about the schedule for the unwatchable preseason games!

    The Lockout continues! As the lockout grows on so does my beard! I am growing a lockout beard and am not shaving until they start playing! Please follow me on twitter @TheLockoutBeard

    -The Lockout Beard-

  4. wondering about something… lockout….
    sometime during the off season the superbowl winner goto the white house to meet the pres…
    if the lockout stays around til sept. does that mean

    The packers cannot goto the white house with the coaching staff to meet the pres?

  5. The schedule for every team:

    Week 1: Players vs. Union
    Week 2: Players vs. Union
    Week 3: Players vs. Union
    Week 4: Players vs. Union

  6. I’m starting not to care….and realizing that I may be putting just a little bit too much of my life into this entertainment source.

    Honestly, are any of us truly going to be worse off if these pre-season games don’t get played?

  7. Yessss, The preseason schedule is coming out! I cant wait to see which teams my team isn’t going to be playing this year. That will be so fun!

  8. Vikings vs Patriots
    Vikings vs Steelers
    Vikings vs Jets
    Vikings vs Ravens

    Vikings should play all there games on the road. Then there fans wouldn’t have to worry about that cheap dome falling down!..Piece of crap stadium! You get what you pay for viking fans!!

    Wouldv’e been awesome if that had happened during a live game!!..

  9. has a program entitled “NFL Schedule Release Special” scheduled for April 19 from 7:00-9:00 Eastern on ESPN2, so I would assume that’s when the regular season schedule will be announced.

  10. Sweet.., I can’t wait to see what teams and which games I bought and paid for with my Season Tickets investment, will be canceled due to the lack of CBA resolution.

  11. No matter who is right in this war between the NFL and the players, both sides do not have any concern for us, the fans. They are killing the fan interest that produces ticket and merchandise sales, but most importantly the television audience they sell to advertisers. The NFL is expected to enter into TV contracts worth 46 Billion dollars as soon as the next CBA is signed. The NFL just assumes we will once again slip back into old modes of behavior, and they have no fear we will not. Let’s just put some fear in them.

    The NFL will be watching their draft very closely for any signs of slippage in its viewing audience. Remember last year, when they so proudly announced that the television ratings had increased by 18%, it was a sign that the NFL reached new levels of popularity. Now imagine how they would react if the rating declined by 50%. And if you intend to go to the draft in person, don’t go, let the auditorium be half filled. Support your fellow fans by not acting like a fan. You can watch the results of the Draft on your late night sports report, and these blogs will be filled chatter about the selections. You will know who they are, you will lose nothing, but maybe gain a season. Send a message that the sleeping giant is starting to awaken, and he can not be taken for granted, or ignored any longer. This is only the first step.

    Pass this message on, post it to your Facebook page and other blogs, Tweet “Join Fan Boycott of NFL Draft on TV”. Spread the word,

  12. I’d almost rather read about Warren Moon pulling the race card with Cam Newton then read this. Who cares about preseason?? Fix this labor mess and announce the darn regular season schedule!!

  13. Preseason is 4 months away. The regular season is 5 months away. Some of you act like the lockout has already canceled games. When do you want the NFL to put out the schedule? When the lockout ends? So if the lockout ends in Sept then scramble to see if the dates are open at their stadiums?

  14. The league is pretty confident that there will be a normal season in a few months. Pre season (games?) are way too boring. One or two would be more than sufficient.

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