Sterger’s GMA interview feels like a career Hail Mary


Setting aside everything that happened before April of 2011 regarding Jenn Sterger and Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger and Deadspin and Jenn Sterger and the folks who, in hindsight, were giving her advice that apparently wasn’t consistent with her wishes, Sterger’s strategy is getting clearer by the day.

Her media career currently is over, and she apparently thinks that opening up now represents her last, best chance to start it up again.

“I didn’t want anything to do with it,” Sterger told George Stephanopoulos of Good Morning America regarding the advances from Favre that consisted of voice and text messages in 2008, while she was working for the Jets and Favre was their starting quarterback.  “That’s the thing.  I didn’t want anything to do with it in 2008.  I don’t want anything to do with it in 2010.  I still don’t want anything to do with it now.

“The only reason I feel like I have to give this interview is because . . . for me,” Sterger said.  “For my family.  This has nothing to do with Brett Favre.  It doesn’t.  I just want people to know me.  And to know that I’m not a gold digger.  And I’m not a home wrecker.”

But which people is she referring to?  The American public?  Or the people who hand out jobs in the media?

Much of the interview, targeted ostensibly to mainstream morning-TV viewers who likely didn’t know much about the situation as it was unfolding during the 2010 football season, covered things that had been disclosed by her former manager, Phil Reese, and/or her lawyer, Joseph Conway.  Someone from the Jets apparently gave Favre her phone number.  She was leery; he was persistent, to the point of texting obscene photos of himself.  Others advised her not to complain, explaining that she’d likely lose her job if she did.

The most telling moment, in our view, came when Sterger was asked if she ever sent Favre a text telling him to “smile” if he actually was the one sending the messages.

“No, I don’t really recall . . . all of the texts,” she said, squinting a bit in a possible effort to create the impression that she was thinking really hard about it.  “I don’t remember what was in them.  I’m sorry.”

But Phil Reese told Dan Patrick in December that Sterger at one point sent such a text, because Favre would simply stare at her.  So at one point he took off his helmet and slowly and deliberately smiled at her.

If, as she told Stephanopoulos, Sterger never met Favre, how could she ever forget that exchange?

It’s simply not credible.  And credible is precisely what she needs to be if she ever hopes to get another job in the media.

The field is intensely competitive.  Her last job involved being a member of a four-person ensemble on The Daily Line, with a specific niche that entailed surfing the web and periodically chiming in with the things that people were saying on the Internet.  Her media resume consists of, per the online archive, 32 columns for (most of which are “mailbag” submissions in which she addressed subjects like what she’s looking for in a man and whether to have a MySpace page), a year with the Jets as an in-house sideline hostess, and a stint with a failed sports news show.

Though she appears blameless for what occurred in 2008, she ultimately has only herself to blame for manner in which things played out in 2010.  When she told the editor of Deadspin about being pursued by Favre via graphic photos, what did she think the editor of Deadspin would want to do with the information?  And if she contends that A.J. Daulerio broke her confidence when initially publishing the story in August 2010, why didn’t she say so at the time?  And if, as she now says, she never wanted anything from Favre, why did she hire a lawyer who then hired a former FBI agent who went to work on proving that the messages came from Favre and that the Jets gave Favre her number?  And why did the lawyer proclaim from Day One that he planned to pursue any remedies for Sterger, if she just wanted all of this to go away?

If she’s now telling the truth (and we have no reason to think she isn’t), Sterger made bad decisions, she trusted the wrong people, and she allowed folks she hired to represent her interests to do things that conflicted with her wishes.

That’s the more interesting story at this point, and that’s what Stephanopoulos should be asking her about.

26 responses to “Sterger’s GMA interview feels like a career Hail Mary

  1. I really feel bad for this girl. Again, she did nothing wrong yet for some reason she is getting crap. I would file a sexism suit against the Jets if I was here. She is being punished for being hot and not hooking up with Favre or benefiting at all financially from it. If she would have slept with him and took part in some extortion she would still be considered a gold digger but at least she’d have something to show for it.

  2. If you don’t like getting nasty text messages, delete them from your phone and tell your employer about it. Oh, and don’t tell the guy who makes his living exploiting stuff like this if you don’t want it to be made public.

  3. jw731 says:
    Apr 12, 2011 9:59 AM
    It seems, with the lockout and all, that Jenn Steger has become PFT’s hail mary….

    Hey-000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!! +1

  4. “It’s simply not credible. And credible is precisely what she needs to be if she ever hopes to get another job in the media.”

    Surely I’m not the only ones who sees the irony in this statement from PFT.

  5. Sad that people still can’t work in a place where they are not harassed by people like Favre. I hope that she does rebuild her life and finds a place where she can make a living. This is something that will stay with her forever. Does anyone else find it odd that she would be the one trashed by people when Favre has a history of this? Plus the way he turned his back on a former teammate and played the “family guy” card is pathetic.

  6. she did nothing wrong? you have no reason to believe she lied? please give me a break. this site is so one sided. this started in an attempt by her to get a keep her job. When that failed she tried to get Favre to pay her off. He refused. the fact that she had worked for Deadspin just adds to her lack of credibility. the fact is the nfl spent 4 mo investigating if he sent the photos. There was no forensic evidence. none. they had his cell phone and still couldn’t prove the photos came from his cell phone. Sterger hired a former fbi agent to prove he did and still they couldn’t prove it. If she really didnt’ want to receive messages from him, why didn’t she simply tell him to stop? she never did nor does she ever claim she told him to stop. She texted him back and kept the communication going. To portray this as anything but an attempt at extortion is ridiculous

  7. “Others advised her not to complain, explaining that she’d likely lose her job if she did.”
    And she obviously did lose her job because she complained, Mike…
    “And credible is precisely what she needs to be if she ever hopes to get another job in the media.”
    hmmm,, yeah right Mike..”credibility” is really the foundation of today’s yellow journalism. Did you actually type that word with a straight face? I swear some of uou sports folks seem to live in Bernie Madorf realm of arrogance.
    “If, as she told Stephanopoulos, Sterger never met Favre, how could she ever forget that exchange?
    Not everyone worships Brett Farve like way to many of you sports media folks do, Mike.
    “she ultimately has only herself to blame for manner in which things played out in 2010. When she told the editor of Deadspin about being pursued by Favre via graphic photos, what did she think the editor of Deadspin would want to do with the information?
    That has got to be the most male- chauvinist statement ever. Yeah, shame on her for opening up on how Brett Farve sees himself. Not quite like the wholesome image u sports folks paint of him…hmmmm
    It funny how you sports folks are so selective in which athlete you choose to protect and who you choose to intentionall throw under the bus and ridicule when they are “outed.’ All those porn stars who came out of the woodworks claiming to have slept with Tiger for their fifteen minutes of fame, you didn’t have a problem believing their every word and encouraging your readers to do the same. Like they weren’t looking for a way to upgrade their careers…But you want to push all levels of cynicism and doubt against Jenn simply because it’s one of the “gods” of the NFL she is up against….REALLY Mike? Transparent MUCH…

  8. I love this story and I’m glad to be kept updated on it on PFT. I don’t even like Brett Favre a little bit, but this girl is the worst. It’s great to know her career is almost all the way down the toilet.

  9. Favre threw the stone into the calm pond. All the ripples and whatever or whoever they swamp, is his fault. How the landscape tries to recover from being swamped by Favre is his responsibility. All the costs and bad press for swamping somebody without their permission is the price he has to pay. It’s his fault…not hers.

  10. If she was going to go public, she needed to take a stand and demand Favre be prosecuted or otherwise punished. That’s the only way she was going to gain any respect or credibility. By not making that stand, she came across as just an opportunist looking for her 15 minutes of fame. Well, time’s up.

  11. It’s pretty simple. Sterger engaged in a flirtacious text exchange with Favre. (Jenn’s friend confirmed that) After it went nowhere Favre stopped. Either she could’ve moved on with life, or she chose to gamble that she could make this public and hope to either get a settlement or gain the sympathy of a nation and move her career. As it happened, she got neither of those things. But that was the gamble.

    Notice she’s not playing the poor “victim of harrasment” in this interview, because she wasn’t. She framed it perfectly, a guy in a bar hitting on her, that’s all it was Favre haters, sorry to break it to you. Her gamble failed so she’s trying to PR her image out of scandal to get some work. Good luck to her, but I don’t think it’d work. If anything she should just go for Playboy again and try to get as much $ as she can from that.

  12. Awesome job PFT! A follow up story about a woman who hasn’t been affiliated with the NFL in years who was allegedly harassed by a player no longer in the NFL. I am really glad you came back and rehashed and updated a dead story real football fans never cared about. I am really curious to see what implications this brilliant piece of insight you have given us has on the 2011 season.

  13. chapnastier says:

    I really feel bad for this girl. Again, she did nothing wrong yet for some reason she is getting crap.

    Oh, chap, so glad you’re married! Hate to think of you alone and unprotected in a world of … Jen Stergers!

    chap, a woman knows how to discourage a man’s advances … and how to keep stringing him along. All I’ve heard is a woman who kept dangling the hook. She’s not sure exactly what texts she sent this man she claims to have wanted no part of? C’mon. In that situation, the only text she should have sent would have said, “I’m not interested. Don’t contact me again.” It wouldn’t have said, “Smile if those wee-wee shots were yours.” 🙄

  14. Of coarse the story is old news. it never was going to be big news, because it was involving King Farve!

  15. Deadspin needs to have their man cards revoked. They are the real scumbags in this story.

    Sterger did not have sex with Favre. Favre did not try to get her fired. No harm, no foul.

    She could have thrown Brett under the bus in the NFL’s investigation; but didn’t. He could have said bad things about her; but didn’t.

    As much as I dislike Gloria Allred, Jenn should have hired her instead of the bozos she did hire.

    She is not the first female to have a body by Fisher and a mind by Mattel. If she can string together more than two sentences she should have a job on television. That she does not is a crime against all men in America.

    Maybe Jenn could get a job working for Brooks?

    I am sure that Brett loves his wife and family. Being a horn dog is part of what motivated him to greatness.

  16. She lied like a rug in that interview. How can she seriously claim to “not remember” the texts she sent in reply to Favre? Asking him if this was her boss “pranking” her? Telling him to smile at her instead of just staring at her in the tunnel? Her own PR guy, who has seen all the texts, has said those were her responses. There is no way she “cannot recall” those texts, but she didn’t want to talk about them because it shows that she encouraged Favre. Why not just text, “Not interested. Do not contact me again.” George S. is a rotten interviewer. He let her skate there and he should have nailed her and made her answer the question. He also should have pressed her about not knowing who sent Deadspin the texts and pics. She knows, alright, but she didn’t want to talk about that, either. And since when did Jenn Sterger ever “entertain” anyone…except maybe with a magazine in a locked bathroom?

  17. not a sterger, but she’s done nothing wrong. not a favre fan but nobody has proved he did anything wrong. so many people pointing fingers and name calling everyone forgets the obvious, nothing wrong has really happened. crap has been implied and as usual, public opinion has run rampant, but for the wrong reasons. people are looking for a reason to hurt other people, whether it’s justified or not, just so they can feel better about themselves. unfortunately that’s just pathetic.

  18. Great points PFT…all points I made in comments yesterday. Don’t pay attention to the haters. It’s very refreshing for a website to pursue the truth and state the painfully obvious clues to the lies. Most media outlets are playing the drama side of this just to keep the web hits alive. Favre is an idiot no doubt…but the texts were bland and the voicemails were harmless. I seriously doubt he sent the pics…or at least without her asking for them. She couldn’t remember what was in her own texts in this whole thing? LMAO. She’s currently suing her ex manager to nullify a book deal they agreed to. You can look up the paperwork on the internet. You don’t sign book deals when “you never wanted anything from this”….let alone two years after the fact. The whole thing was public intimidation to try to get Favre to pay for her silence. Hiring FBI agents? Really? You didn’t want anything Jenn? You sure? Check out the You Tube video titled “Jenn Sterger” posted by “Slimmthers”. You’ll get the gist of what this girl is like in real life when she’s not pouting or fake crying. She’s filled with self righteous rage and she wants her money.

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