One vote for keeping Aqib Talib

Even before Bucs cornerback Aqib Talib was issued a felony warrant, the local scribes in Tampa wanted him off the team.

The Bucs have said they are “deeply disappointed” in Talib since then and conventional wisdom says the team will let him go.  ESPN’s Ron Jaworski doesn’t think that’s a wise move.

“You have to give him help,” said Jaworski via the Tampa Tribune. “That’s the most important thing. I do not think you give up on him. I know it’s a high-risk, high-reward situation, but Talib’s a tremendous player who has made some mistakes. You surround him with some quality people.

“Every team in this league has some troubled players. Somehow, (coach) Raheem Morris has got to get his arms around him. The organization has to get its arms around him. The Bucs have to make sure there’s a support system in place.”

Presumably, the Bucs have tried to support Talib and get their arms around him for the last three years.  It hasn’t worked.

The real argument here: Do you want to see Talib possibly re-make his career elsewhere?  We wouldn’t be having this converation unless Talib was so talented.  And talent usually trumps character for most NFL teams in the long run.

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  1. Presumably, the Bucs have tried to support Talib and get their arms around him for the last three years. It hasn’t worked.

    That’s a pretty big assumption. Why doesn’t PFT reach out to the Bucs and try and quantify the help they’ve offered him or the support they’ve provided instead of just assuming they have?

  2. They’re not going to get rid of him…

    If they do, BRING HIM TO THE RAVENS!

    Ray-Ray knows how to grow up after bad run-ins with the law, and now he can keep an eye on this very talented kid.

  3. Get rid of him? Yeah, so 31 other teams can have a shot at getting him. NFW! The Bucs would be stoopid to dump him AND he is not guilty of anything, yet.

  4. Coddle him. Cuddle him. Entitle him. I’m sure his latest transgression was someone else’s fault.

  5. like Jaws, but I just don’t have any clue what he’s on about here.

    Why do the Bucs need to do anything? Talib is on your payroll. He shows up for work, or he doesn’t show up for work. And if he doesn’t show up, he gets cut (Plaxico Burress et al).
    Holy crap, the Bucs aren’t a social services provider. And Talib isn’t a child.

    Taliq’s business is his own, and the Bucs business is their own. All that matters is the BUSINESS that they have with each other. Can we please stop acting like an employee owes an employer anything more than work, and an employer owes an employee anything more than a paycheck.


  6. @bfridley: What you meant to say is that after he got lucky and got away with murder (literally) Ray-Ray learned how to hide his ghetto mentality better than most.

  7. i’ve tried to get my arms around megan fox for the last three years too but that hasn’t worked out either

  8. Cut him…

    Niners will swoop in and Harbs, VD & Co. will break him down and build him up to outstanding Bay Area citizen and Pro Bowl Corner. He can keep his Momma, her boyfriends, and her guns in TX.

  9. Prisons are full of people who need help. You can’t get help unless you either want it, bottom out or both. Then again if you are in prison and it beats watching afternoon cable, by all means get some help.

  10. I don’t think the Bucs have ever publicly said they made him undergo anger management therapy or anything. When this all gets settled, whether he’s guilty or not, they have to make him get his act together and jump through hoops to be able to play. If he earns his way, then he at least he proves he’s trying and he wants to try to get better.

  11. The problem is you don’t want to be the guy who releases Talib, only to have him go to another team a changed person and go to 10 pro bowls, when you could’ve been the one to help change him or help him work through his issues and he could be on your team.

    I’m all for keeping him on the team and helping him as much as possible. I know someone commented that nfl teams are employers and shouldn’t have to “help” or counsil players and these guys are grown men…to a point you are correct, but right or wrong these players have been coddled by teams/coaches their entire lives because of their talent. They have gotten away with a lot of things and that brings immaturity and entitlement. When given $$$ it only magnifies the issue.

    So, my point is the team NEEDS to help troubled players because of their talent and the players need to adhere to what the team is telling them…for their own good and the good of the team. This doesn’t always work and given enought strikes the player should be cut, but you never can tell if you are getting through until some time goes by.

    This could be a wake up call for Talib, this is much worse than the cab situation. We just have to wait and see.

  12. Part of the problem with these players is they know if they screw up the team will just give them a baby sitter.
    He doesn’t need a baby sitter, he needs to grow up. Start the process by cutting him.

  13. Hopefully Goodell will end the speculation and ban him indefinitely. Sorry, I don’t buy his story. The fact that he fled the scene does not help. He has been in trouble before and it is usually with some sort of violent aggression. Punching a cabbie in the back of the head is not something well adjusted citizens do, and neither is attempting to pistol-whip a guy or grab momma’s gun and squeeze off a few rounds. He is not a kid and it doesn’t matter what kind of upbringing he had. There are plenty of excuse makers that come out of the woodwork on these stories and none of them seem to believe that the individual has any responsibility or control over their own actions.

  14. Does any else get tired of the same old excuses. Its sounds like” the guy is tremendous player, but he’s made some mistakes. He just needs to be surrounded by some quality people to help him make the right decisions”

    He’s a grown man and a low life loser! If he wasn’t an athlete, he would be in jail right now. As long as people make excuses for him, he will continue to screw up.

  15. Im kinda lost here,,,where was Daddy during the getto shootout? Does he not have a firearm? Family outings are so very important.

  16. My opinion is keep him. It’s not like we’re deciding whether or not he deserves another contract. Only whether you keep him under his current #20 overall 5-year, rookie deal. Really, it’s not that much money (look it up). And if he gets suspended it’s even less.

    I have yet to see any proof this guy is somehow hurting the team’s performance. I’m sure he was a jerk last season, but somehow the team “overcame” that and went 10-6 and was 9th in points allowed. Is he somehow making criminals out of other members of the team?

    This is clearly a case where letting the league take care of it through the PCP is probably the wise choice. Then give the guy an opportunity to play out his contract and decide upon his long-term future in 2013.

    Sometimes the morally righteous really need to take a chill pill and let the process work itself out. We’re talking about football players, not the President.

  17. Jaworski: ““Every team in this league has some troubled players.”

    What a broad statement. Name one on the Bears, Jaworski.

  18. Jaws…the stuff Talib has done are NOT “mistakes”…they are craptacular DECISIONS and ACTIONS. A mistake is writing a “9” instead of a “6” for someone’s address. Ye gods..the PCing of America. No one is responsible for anything they do anymore. Euphemisms are increasing. Pretty soon murder in PC speak will become “helping someone achieve their journey to the afterlife”.

  19. “bfridley says:
    Apr 15, 2011 12:15 PM
    They’re not going to get rid of him…

    If they do, BRING HIM TO THE RAVENS!

    Ray-Ray knows how to grow up after bad run-ins with the law, and now he can keep an eye on this very talented kid.”

    It would be entertaining to see Ray bring his knife to a gun fight.

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