Kevin Kolb: “I’ll go to work as a backup if that happens”

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Kevin Kolb has made it clear he wants to be a starting quarterback, and he knows it won’t happen in Philadelphia this year.  All signs point the Eagles dealing Kolb when they get a chance.

But what if they don’t get a chance until late August or September?  What if it becomes too difficult to deal Kolb quickly if the work stoppage drags on too long?

“I’ll go to work as a backup if that happens,” Kolb told Chearean Williams of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.   “That’ll be my job.  That’s a possibility.  I hope it doesn’t happen.”

Williams spent an entire day with Kolb, who is keeping busy by entering fishing tournaments.  (He estimates he has earned $3,500 in career earnings.)  Kolb is also working out and throwing four days a week.  He threw 99 passes on the day Williams was there, into a net.

We still fully anticipate Kolb getting dealt, but his attitude gives the Eagles options.  If they couldn’t get a deal done quickly in 2011, perhaps they could franchise tag him in 2012 and trade him like the Patriots did with Matt Cassel.

20 responses to “Kevin Kolb: “I’ll go to work as a backup if that happens”

  1. Kolb uses up most of his fishing earnings on the 12 inch Bowie knives he carries between his teeth as he swims after the fish. They fall out from time to time and sink into the mud at the bottom of the lake. They aren’t cheap, either.

  2. I would go to work as a backup for the money he will make getting franchised also. Who wouldn’t?

  3. He’s a class act thru and thru. Another gem of a player from the Reid administration. Andy could make a living trading QBs for draft picks. Phillys lucky to have him

  4. I like this kid. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

    Too bad the Eagle front office is rolling with a convicted felon and a known sociopath over a class act like Kevin Kolb.

  5. ” If they couldn’t get a deal done quickly in 2011, perhaps they could franchise tag him in 2012 and trade him like the Patriots did with Matt Cassel.”

    Let’s look at the last two QB’s Philly traded. They traded McNabb to Skins, how did that work out? They traded Feely to the Phins…how did that work out. I am NOT an Eagles fan, but buyer beware…I’m just sayin’.

    And all the above assumes of course the tag is there and it allows trades in the new CBA.

  6. Rosenwhatever: that last paragraph may have been the smartest thing you’ve ever posted. I’ve mentioned it before, the Eagles are, and continue to be, in the driver’s seat w/their qb’s.

    They did the smart thing last year. Did the smart thing w/Vick and now are doing the smart thing with Kolb.

    Kudo’s to them.

  7. Smart kid. He knows he hasn’t proven anything yet. No one with more than 3 functioning brain cells is gonna give up anything huge to get him, and he knows it. You all know I’m right. Thumbs down is an admission of your ignorance.

  8. That demonstration of common sense just sent Kolb’s stock up with me. But that’s another reason the two sides need to stop patty-caking and work through their issues. Too many teams need a starting QB. It’s a waste for a guy with Kolb’s potential to spend another year of his career bench-sitting behind Vick because of the lockout.

  9. Good, that’s what you are – a reliable backup. Nobody in their right mind would trade for what the eagles want for a eligible backup.

  10. The Eagles would be crazy to trade Kolb . We own him cheap (1.4 mil) . And with Vick’s style of play he is bound to get hurt . Plus I saw him regressing to his old Atlanta self late in the season .That pick to close the GB game was just STUPID ! It was 1st down , 33 sec on the clock , and he had Macklin wide open down the middle !!! When Vick goes down , or goes into meltdown , do you really want to hand the keys to Kafka who has NEVER taken a snap in a regular season game ?!!!

  11. I have a feeling that this whole thing is going to blow up in Andy Reid’s face and end up costing him his job….which will make a lot of Eagles fans happy.

  12. Any coach that puts his faith in Michael Vick deserves to go down in flames.

    Kolb is a class act that could be the franchise QB for the next decade. Instead they enable a career loser that will never, ever lead you to the promise land.

    Beware what you wish for Eagles fans. Beware.

  13. Sentimental choice is to keep Kolb. But the reality is that Eagles really need two top picks to solve some of their problems especially at CB and RG, if there is a CBA by the draft, Kolb is a gonner. The guy is smart and will make a good QB for some team. For those questioning the wisdom of the Eagles in trading Kolb and sticking with Vick, you might wanna check how they’ve done after trading their QBs

  14. Kolb will end up starting at least half the games if he stays with the Eagles. Both because of injury, and Vick will falter. I agree with those saying be careful what you wish for Philly, and best trades are sometimes the one never made. When Vick is hurt and has more picks than touchdowns next year, everyone will like having Kolb around.

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