Pioli explains what prompted the Pats to take a chance on Moss

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For years, we’ve believed that the Patriots decided to trade for receiver Randy Moss in 2007 after seeing for themselves that he still can run like, as Bobby Bowden once described Moss’ speed, a “scalded dog.”

But the clincher had nothing to do with speed.  Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli explained during a Monday visit to PFT Live that the moment came after he told Moss that he’d have to take a significant reduction in his salary.

Moss said he didn’t care, that he just wanted to play for a winner.

The Pats believed him, and the rest is history.

Well, almost history.  After becoming the first team to win 16 regular-season games and steamrolling through the AFC playoffs, the Pats somehow couldn’t finish the job, losing to the Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

The full interview with Pioli appears at the PFT Live home page.

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8 responses to “Pioli explains what prompted the Pats to take a chance on Moss

  1. And the Pats were right to believe him that winning seasons >money…for 2 years. Too bad he was on the team for another year plus after that.

  2. All I know is Moss is the only guy to be part of the two highest scoring offenses of all time. On two different teams. I don’t care if he is getting older and maybe he has lost a step. Moss is still one of the greatest receivers of all time.

  3. And all I know is Moss was part of two of the highest scoring teams of all time, neither of which won the Super Bowl, going down as two of the biggest choke jobs in history, and he is the common denominator.

  4. @dirtdawg55
    5 catches 62 yards and a TD?

    He caught the TD with 2 minutes left to bring them up 14-10. How is that a choke?

  5. No way was that Superbowl a “choke job”. That Defense sold out on every play and beat their offense to a pulp.

  6. Ted Thompson has made some great moves in his carrer as Packer GM. One of the greatest was not signing Moss in spite of Favres whinning.

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