The Texans (reportedly) love Patrick Peterson

Getty Images

The Texans were desperate for a starting cornerback this year, to the point everyone fully expected them to take their top-ranked with their first pick, and that’s exactly what they did.

They drafted Kareem Jackson, he started all season, and few cornerbacks in the NFL played worse last season.

Now they are as desperate as they were last year, if not more.  A lot of mock drafts have the Texans taking Prince Amukamara if he falls to them, but SI’s Peter King indicates Houston is aiming higher.

“Houston loves Patrick Peterson,” King writes.  “Capital L.  I smell a trade-up.”

The Texans would likely need Peterson to fall out of the top five picks to make such a move, but that’s certainly possible.  Of course, this is misinformation season, so anything is possible.