Titans G.M.: “What the heck? Let’s make a few trades”


NFL fans have grown restless with no offseason activity to follow during the lockout. But coaches and front office executives — a collection of workaholics whose lives revolve around football — are even more restless.

That’s why Titans General Manager Mike Reinfeldt foresees a lot of trades coming during the upcoming NFL draft.

“For some reason I think there’s probably going to be a little bit more [trading], but I can’t really tell you why,” Reinfeldt told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “I just have a gut that people are kind of anxious to do something and say, ‘What the heck? Let’s make a few trades.'”

As long as the lockout is going on, players cannot be traded. So all teams can do is trade draft picks. But once those draft picks start coming off the board, Reinfeldt thinks his colleagues will be anxious to do all they can. It’s the only chance they’ll have to do substantive work until the lockout ends.

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  1. I wonder if there is a chance that a player trade will happen? For instance,

    Eagles trade Kolb for a first rounder, and what ever team picks a pick that the Eagles want and then when the CBA gets fixed it will be a trade.

    Can the teams actually trade the rights to a draft pick like that?

  2. This is the third article today sourcing a GM or team exec saying they want to trade in the draft… one day after there was an article here about how no one is going to want to trade in the draft…

  3. Yeah I think the entire NFC West has that “why not?” care-free attitude when building their rosters.

  4. I think the owners should go ahead and lift the lockout until the draft is over. That way they can make all the player/draft pick trades they want. Once the draft is over, go ahead and lock the players out again. At least that way I will get my NFL crack fix for a while.

  5. ” And thats not a threat its a promise!”

    I hope this scares the players.

    MOVING SUCKS!!! Especially if you aint expecting it.

    NTM it would be a nice gesture to us fans who are bored out of our minds. What the hell? Let’s spice things up!

  6. WAIT…Youre telling me…. faced with low rating and possible tv boycott …. that one of the owners is saying that the draft will be interesting and things are going to happen?

    Well then I must watch it….

  7. I said that yesterday, you didn’t have to go out and bother an NFL G.M. to confirm it. They’re busy at this time of year.

  8. Now *there’s* a fine perspective on player aquisition and management!

    *rolls eyes*

    If the Patriot’s approach to the draft is on one side of the football world, Reinfeldt has planted the Titans on the polar opposite.

    Well done.

  9. It’s exactly that type of out of the box insightful thinking that got Mike Reinfeldt that lucrative new contract.

    God as my witness it can’t be related to any Titan success on the field can it? Is it possible Bud Adams is pleased with the Titans success?

  10. Hey vcstriker, if I remember correctly the Hawks had the best draft last year of all teams. We won’t know of course until around 3 years after the fact, but if you think we didn’t get good value across the board, then you don’t know squat about football…

    2 potential pro-bowlers in the first round, and tremendous value each round after that. Leon Washington anyone?

  11. Bill Belichick rubs his hands together…

    “Bwahahaha! now I am their master, and they will bow down to me! “

  12. packfntk says:
    Apr 19, 2011 2:24 PM
    I know that Ted Thompson will be making trades….. BACK!

    I am happy about this though. I trust in him.

    lol such a quick transition for Packer fans who wanted TTs head when he traded Brett Favre.

  13. Start by trading VY and that dope Britt. Enough of these guys who are dumber than the football they touch on the field.

  14. philyeagles5 says:
    Apr 19, 2011 3:20 PM
    packfntk says:
    Apr 19, 2011 2:24 PM
    I know that Ted Thompson will be making trades….. BACK!

    I am happy about this though. I trust in him.

    lol such a quick transition for Packer fans who wanted TTs head when he traded Brett Favre.

    No, actually those were Brett Favre fans who wanted TT’s head.

  15. You had better get a premier receiver to give whoever your QB is a target. And your talking about trading? Anyone in particular your looking at? Britt isn’t the answer and Moss was a BIG mistake.

  16. As a long suffering Raider fan. I just know some team is going to pilfer our Clueless Gm/head of scouting/head of player personell/part time DC out of next years 1st round pick plus this years 2nd (and most likely other lower round picks). So Al can get back into this years 1st round. Then he can draft his next “great playaaa” like his JaMarcus or dhBUST. Most likely some really fast CB who he could have gotten much later in the draft…….

  17. There won’t be a draft after this one so those picks are worthless, but what the heck? Let’s trade them anyway. Spending our days surfing the Internet is getting boring.

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