PFT Live mock draft, part three

With four picks per day, we’re working through the first round of the NFL draft on PFT Live.

Part one came on Monday.  Part two, Tuesday.

Part three, covering the Cowboys, Redskins, Texans, and Vikings?  Below.

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10 responses to “PFT Live mock draft, part three

  1. Okay Mike, regarding your comment that “Doug Free is not getting the job done”, do you actually watch football? Are you even remotely familiar with the game? Free had a pretty solid season during his first year starting on the left side. He graded out as the best run blocking tackle for Pro Football Focus and clearly handled his position well in pass protection. Dallas may draft Tyron Smith, but it won’t be because of Doug Free. Mark Columbo? Yeah, they need to replace him, but not Doug Free.

  2. I’m really getting tired of these “experts” saying the Vikings will draft a DE…. It won’t happen.

  3. Yeah, for sure, you are totally right…

    Jake Locker is a starting QB for years to come..

    And should be drafted at #10…

    My anus could come up with a better mock draft if I bent over and projectile diarrhea’d everywhere.

  4. The Vikings will not go DE, they have three stud DE’s in Jared Allen, Ray Edwards and Brian Robinson, plus a promising 2nd year rookie in Everson Griffin. Even if Edwards leaves as a free agent, which looks less and less likely, the still have a pretty full cupboard at the position.

  5. Vikings need interior line help most of all, and should trade down and take Pouncey. Sign McNabb to a 2 year deal, and draft a 2nd tier QB in the second round.

  6. Im with Deuce too.. Why wouldnt the Vikes take Mallet.. You want to yap about taking chances, why not take a kid with all the talent in the world? … Mike I thought you were a MN fan, how do we win games with a DE? Are you suggesting we start Joe webb? and or hope that we acquire some nobody in the second round to play qb? Or are you thinking that the vikes will over pay for a washed up Mcnabb?

  7. Why would the vikings take Mallett. He is a Human Juggs Machine a Jeff George clone cant move he would get killed with are line, A mobile QB like Ponder in the second would be a good fit for Minnesota.Take Ponder in second. Select the best available defensive or offensive lineman available on the board in the first. Offensive line is aging and a concern

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