PFT Live mock draft, part four

Silva has done the PFT mock draft.  I’m doing the PFT Live mock draft.  (Between the two of us, maybe we’ll get three or four picks right.)

Silva drops his picks all at once.  For PFT Live, I’m milking this one, with only four picks per day.

We’re up to part four, picks 13 through 16.  (That’s the Lions, Rams, Dolphins, and Jaguars.)  To catch up, here’s part one, part two, and part three.

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8 responses to “PFT Live mock draft, part four

  1. I just don’t see the Lions drafting O-line in the first round. They need a G and RT more anyways. Stafford was hurt outside the pocket. It will be Akumara (if he’s there) Smith or Bowers.

  2. Even tho they need a franchise QB & seem to covet Mallett. Yes, I think Pouncey might be the safe choice for Miami’s current regime, or they might go with the young freak Aldon Smith who could line up opposite Cameron Wake and be moved around a lot in Mike Nolan’s defensive schemes.
    Jason Taylor anyone? 😉

  3. When you start drafting players based on job security, you quickly find out that you don’t have any.

  4. GREAT choice Mike, I agree (and went out on a limb sooner…which is probably why I’ve broken SO many bones though my life)

    AHEM…on April 9th, PolegoJim said:

    Lions #1: mock draft
    Anthony Castonzo is a top mock draft choice for Lions – OL – 6-7 / 311. Gotta love the size, as long has he can get push or low enough in stance.

    Corey Liuget could be available though- 6-2 /298, but may not be quick enough to cause the kind of chaos we need.

    Ranked lower, but I really like J.J. Watt from Wisconsin, 6-5/ 290, tall enough to cause trouble for QB’s too. He will cause double teams and chaos due to strength, speed, size. This kids also got LOTS more room to filled-out too.

    Bowers might be available, but the success of his knee surgery is not known.

  5. Castanzo, ya, right. Backus should be good to go for another 3 year extension. Fox was servicable at the end of the season, not to mention Hilliard’s fine play(he was tendered). In an unlikely scenario, it’ll be Ingram before Castanzo, but likely, it will be the best defensive player. “Help protect Matthew Stafford” ….If a bum like me knows the Lions were at the top of the NFL in pass protection, every sports analyst should too.

  6. Mike,

    Fairley is not on my board. He strikes me as not being one of Spag’s 4 pillar types. Listen to him get grilled by Tim Ryan on his weight room numbers and he was really vague on squat, bench & clean & snatch, everything. Rock said scouts should check his weight room charts with the strength coach. Takes plays off, lots of late hits. If Tracy Rocker the Titans D line coach passes on him, why would Billy D.

    Aldon Smith, Kerrigan, Lugiet(sp?) or trade down with SD or TB. They both may covet somebody they don’t want to chance to fall to them.

    If we can’t trade down, personally I like Smith. I think he has a little ‘Deacon’ in him.

  7. If you’re gonna get on the Lions for their O-line, I think objectively their center is worse than LT. Backus was pretty good last year. Stafford got blown up by Peppers, but Peppers does that to a lot of tackles. Raiola is undersized and can’t open a run lane to save his life.

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