Buddy Nix discusses challenges of playing in AFC East

No matter how you slice it, the Bills’ track record of late is pretty depressing.

They’ve only topped .500 once since 2000; they’ve lost 15 straight to the Patriots, and they have finished dead last in the division the last two years.  While the 2010 Bills showed progress at times, they lost by a combined scored of 72-10 in the final two weeks to the Jets and Patriots.

That makes G.M. Buddy Nix’s job all the more daunting.  Any Bills turnaround will have to start in division play.   Nix was a guest of PFT Live Friday and Florio asked if his draft strategy changes at all with an eye on beating the Patriots and Jets.

That answer is below.  Nix’s thoughts on Buffalo’s QB need and the team’s lack of a primetime game, along with the rest of his entire interview, can be seen on the PFT Live homepage.   Or download the show on iTunes.

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6 responses to “Buddy Nix discusses challenges of playing in AFC East

  1. Our owner looks like Chucky from “Child’s Play” our GM sounds like Yosemite Sam, and our head coach who’s in his 60’s is the spring chicken of the group…ugh

  2. The division the Bills play in is far from the root of why they’ve sucked the last several years.

  3. The Bills need players on the lines that can win the battles up front. It is no surprise they consistently lose games because they are consistently dominated on a weekly basis at the point of attack. If I had my way, which I don’t, the Bills would draft Fairley and then make a bold move by trading back into the 1st round for Pouncey. If a trade isn’t possible, select a player in the 2nd who you know can play like Casey Matthews.

  4. Wood should be moved to center, too. Then the Bills’ two best players, Wood and Williams, would be positioned over the ball, the point of attack where it is most important.

    I hate hearing this “bills need to draft a QB” nonsense. Gailey is an alchemist, he can turn lead into gold. I wouldn’t doubt Gailey that develops into Fitz into a pro bowl player. Remember, Fitz didn’t have the luxury of having starter reps in mini camp or training camp last year.

  5. Buddy Nix is one of the best interviews in football. Fun to listen to and knows what he is talking about.

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