Dolphins continue to practice while in labor limbo

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NFL players were told they couldn’t work out at their team facilities on Tuesday, so 20 Miami Dolphins held practice on their own.

Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins have actually been getting together like this for a while.   Several starters on offense and defense including quarterback Chad Henne participated in agility drills, before the “skill” players broke out for an extra hour of passing drills.

We especially like this passage:

“Tackle Jake Long, a team captain, held a few papers in his hand as he instructed players on the type of agility drills to run. Players got into single-file lines, following Long’s instructions as if he were a coach,” Darlington wrote.

Long even told every player present to refrain from speaking to the media about the lockout or the daily practices.

Maybe he really does have a future in coaching.

18 responses to “Dolphins continue to practice while in labor limbo

  1. I bet Al Davis called him this afternoon asking if he was interested in the head coaching of the Raiders

  2. What? “Maybe he really does have a future in coaching”??? Was there any doubt about his leadership skills, for crying out loud? Obviously Long is the real deal and is committed to succeeding at whatever he sets his mind to. A definite bright light in an otherwise dark and gloomy Dolphins landscape.

  3. “@nyjalleffingday” – take it easy there sweetie, another jet fan who has SO MANY SB trophies to back ur BS talk…..worry about ur own team – ok honey.

  4. When “the skill players broke out for passing drills” what did Chad Henne do during this time?

    Do the Dolphins have any skill players?

  5. @phinsphan

    Nyjalleffinday is right though sadly enough and most people on here agree with him. Nobody said anything about jets superbowl trophies. We just have the last two seasons and 4 playoff wins during that time to back up our trash talk. What do you guys have? Huh sweetie? I don’t care what the phins do you guys won’t win anything or go anywhere with the wonderful Chad henne/sparano combination. Sorry honey.

  6. @ny82jy

    Last time I checked, the Phins have beat the Jets 4 of the last 5 times. Is that your foot in your mouth…or Rex Ryan’s?

  7. THIS is what players should have been doing if they wanted to win in the court of public opinion (this, or go somewhere you are not seen and stay the heck of Twitter).

    Big props to Long.

  8. I am late checking the lasted dolphin news, I am sad to hear of Jim M passing from cancer, he was a ray of sun shine every Sunday for us radio and internet listeners, rest in peach, we will missed you, I know Joe and Jimmy will also. Bill

  9. @ny82jy

    Who cares about the playoffs. If you don’t win it all that’s all that matters! No one says before a season, man I hope we win some playoff games. They all want to win the Superbowl.

    It’s funny how all of you Jet fans say how bad the Phins suck yet the almighty Jets fail to beat them year in and year out. So if the Phins suck that bad, what does that make the Jets………….?

  10. jets fans-if the playoffs or oh so important you guys seem to have incredibly short memories…

    remember when the dolphins rebounded from a god awful 1-15 season and single-handedly blew up your playoff chances with the qb you got rid of!? just 3 seasons ago. yea in the last game of the season?? how bad did that sting? whens the last time the jets were able to do that to the fins?

    if the playoffs are all that matters you havent done too good a job huh? seems like an afc east champ/ getting a first round bye would be real important? seems like being good enough to get an afc champ would be real important? seems like getting a superbowl ring would be real important??

    haha “playoff record” yea you guys have managed to get a good amount of wins in the playoffs the past 2 yrs because your not good enough to get a first round bye. is that really something to brag about? you pull out your “playoff record” like its a pic of your grandson in your wallet. congrats. your franchise is on the right track for the first time since 1966. sweep us in the reg season and/or win your 4 team division, and/or superbowl and then talk about how your better than us. OTHERWISE head to head IS what matters.

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