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Janoris Jenkins may have smoked himself into supplemental draft

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University of Florida head coach Will Muschamp announced on Twitter Tuesday that senior cornerback Janoris Jenkins has been kicked off the Gators’ football team.

Jenkins was arrested twice on marijuana-related charges in a matter of three months, and three times during his Florida career. All of the arrests were misdemeanors, but the culmination was enough for Muschamp to send Jenkins packing.

Jenkins now has a few options. He could redshirt the 2011 season and try to play at another Division-I school in 2012, although that’s probably his most unlikely course of action. The 22-year-old could also transfer to an FCS (D-IAA) program and dominate there in hopes of rehabbing his draft stock.

The third option — and perhaps most likely — is for Jenkins to enter the 2011 supplemental draft, which should take place if the offseason continues as it has and the NFL season is played amid a lockout injunction.

Last January, ESPN’s Joe Schad inaccurately reported that Jenkins would forgo his senior year and enter the 2011 draft. Per Schad’s report, ESPN director of college scouting Todd McShay had Jenkins rated as his 11th overall prospect at the time.

In other words, Jenkins could be an early supplemental pick.

(Or at least Todd McShay thinks so.)

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27 Responses to “Janoris Jenkins may have smoked himself into supplemental draft”
  1. chuckyd317 says: Apr 26, 2011 2:10 PM

    Percy Harvin??

  2. dbellina says: Apr 26, 2011 2:14 PM

    He must be spending a lot of time with Percy Harvin.

  3. skoobyfl says: Apr 26, 2011 2:20 PM

    If he played for Cal, he’d be revered for his MJ use.

  4. lionfan419 says: Apr 26, 2011 2:21 PM

    Ill take him in Detroit!

  5. nabz034 says: Apr 26, 2011 2:21 PM

    Wow, I think he’s worth a 3rd pick

  6. ron32082 says: Apr 26, 2011 2:22 PM

    2011 supplemental draft? How do we know the NFL will have one this year?

  7. maverick0 says: Apr 26, 2011 2:28 PM

    Pac-Man Jones reincarnated

  8. commoncents says: Apr 26, 2011 2:29 PM

    But, on the bright side, he still has his one free “failed test” in the NFL.

  9. profootballwalk says: Apr 26, 2011 2:33 PM

    Legalize it
    And he will advertise it.

  10. farmmbig says: Apr 26, 2011 2:35 PM

    I wonder if more of these suspensions and dismissals of players will continue to occur— being THE Ohio State and Tressel’s ship is taking on NCAA water?

  11. gwylie1 says: Apr 26, 2011 2:36 PM

    legalize it

  12. nothimagain says: Apr 26, 2011 2:38 PM

    Not really surprising considering how his defensive backfield teammate Will Hill was always Tweeting about smoking marijuana or whatever bastardized marijuana term is now used from the UD.

  13. vtsquirm says: Apr 26, 2011 2:44 PM

    if he goes supplemental, i bet someone uses a 2nd round selection on him. Based on his talent he could really help a team–if they can straighten out his drug issue.

  14. mgborgli says: Apr 26, 2011 2:45 PM

    Takes the term high draft pick to a whole new level

  15. sabeybaby says: Apr 26, 2011 2:45 PM

    If Toad McTurd says so, it must be true.

  16. TxGrown says: Apr 26, 2011 2:55 PM

    He’ll be smokin’ hot in the supplemental draft.

  17. We'reFineThere says: Apr 26, 2011 2:56 PM

    wow, the Eagles need to get a hold of this guy ASAP and find out if he is coming out. I’d much rather have this weedhead for a 2012 2nd or 3rd than spend a first on the crackhead/narcissist jimmy smith. Plus this guy played in the SEC and has more than 15 passes against him in his game film.

  18. kevinfromphilly says: Apr 26, 2011 2:58 PM

    Does anyone believe that any first round talent in the last ten years has NOT smoked it? (don’t bring up Tebow – I sad first round TALENT).

  19. thewhitestguyhere says: Apr 26, 2011 3:06 PM

    really….weed? who cares

  20. dewalt2990 says: Apr 26, 2011 3:22 PM

    It makes you smarter anyways…

  21. pu74y says: Apr 26, 2011 3:31 PM

    thewhitestguyhere says:
    Apr 26, 2011 3:06 PM
    really….weed? who cares

    I completely agree… The only people who don’t like pot are the ones who have never tried it. And say what you want but there are almost zero negative effects on your health (look it up).

  22. jsarge99 says: Apr 26, 2011 3:32 PM

    Legalize! smoke 2 joints one night, the next night drink a bottle of booze, then think about it which one is worse.

  23. dexterismyhero says: Apr 26, 2011 3:34 PM

    J2 wake n bake

  24. friendlylittletrees says: Apr 26, 2011 3:35 PM

    Cigar sized eh?…


  25. rajbais says: Apr 26, 2011 4:00 PM

    I’m so proud of him!!!

    He smoked his way out of that student money stealing purgatory known as the NCAA!!!

    Now, only Uncle Sam can take his money as an NFL pro!!!

  26. ryanclark25 says: Apr 26, 2011 4:13 PM

    “Janoris Jenkins may have smoked himself into supplemental draft”


    Well if you’re going to go into it you might aswell go in in style. Well played sir.

  27. granadafan says: Apr 26, 2011 4:20 PM

    We can debate the merits of the laws regarding smoking all day long, but Jenkins is an idiot for violating a) the law and b) team rules. He’d been warned before but thought he was above the team and the university/team policies and rules.

    Frankly, smoking is not a big deal, but this act speaks volumes about the kid’s character if rules are put in place.

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