Judge Nelson gives players until Wednesday to respond to stay


It appears we’re going to be in labor purgatory for at least another day, with the lockout kinda-sorta over, but not really.

The Associated Press reports that Judge Susan Nelson has given NFL players until 9 a.m. CT Wednesday to respond to the league’s motion for a stay of her ruling.  The stay would put the lifting of the lockout on hold pending appeal.

Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal writes that many thought Nelson would immediately “cast aside” the stay and the league would have to appeal elsewhere.   Instead, it looks like we won’t get an answer from Nelson until Wednesday.

In the meantime, players can continue to awkwardly show up to team facilities, even if they aren’t allowed to work out.

All of the drama comes, of course, with the draft only two days away.  The timing seemingly couldn’t be much worse for the league.

33 responses to “Judge Nelson gives players until Wednesday to respond to stay

  1. Omg. “You can’t work out” really? That’s ridiculous if the guy shows up, let him do his job.

  2. I am surprised no one has showed up and just hooked up an XBOX or Bluray or something and just kicked back at the facilities.

  3. Respond to the stay? Why do the players need to respond to the stay? l thought it was already established that the lockout is over and it’s back to business pending an appeal.

  4. I suppose now that the attorneys for the former NFLPA have, at least for now, prevailed, each team could at least in part make its’ own player rules.

    Here’s a few I’d suggest:

    1. The players show up for workouts and playbook study every day, Monday through Friday. No more “off season” to get out of shape and in legal trouble. Player contracts should include performance incentives as well as penalties for poor performance. After all, if you can’t stay in shape, know the playbook and perform on game day, you are not doing your job.

    2. If you do drugs or get a DWI, or engage in acts of moral turpitude, you will be fired and are required to return a prorated portion of any signing bonus.

    3. Strip clubs and any nightclubs that cater to criminal or unsavory elements are out of bounds.

  5. Gregg, I may be wrong but you should proof read what you jus t posted, why did she give the NFL players till Wednesday, don’t you mean, the NFL owners?

  6. The Union fights to end the lockout and THEY WIN the ruling. ONLY 4 players show up….that’s pathetic.

    The union should have sent out email and phone blasts that EVERYONE show up for work.

    You don’t fight for something …win…then not act on it.

    Poor job all around.

  7. I am a business owner and if the employees are already suing me, I would not allow them to “workout with my equipment. If they get hurt lifting who is responsible, the player? Yeah Right, like these overpaid cry babies would ever take responsibility for anything. I am tired of the whole thing. Players you make TOO much to play a game. and owners you do not realize how great you had it. Screw all of you!!!!

  8. Ok can we the fans get a serious message to both sides, that either they (both sides) sit down get a deal done and quit this childish rich folk game of tit for tat or else we the fans will not buy nor show up for games.

  9. “Omg. “You can’t work out” really? That’s ridiculous if the guy shows up, let him do his job.”

    Be serious. Unless there are OTA’s going on, scheduled ones, there are never more than a tiny handful of players working out at team facilities in the offseason. Get real. 99.9% of these guys don’t show up unless they’re required to and then a lot of them don’t. The rest just bitch and moan.

  10. This is what is wrong with America and now football. People want to spread the wealth around and try to tell business what they can and cannot do to the point where it is idiotic. Government wanted everyone in America to own a house to the point of financial collapse, and now, most of these congressman who glad handed their way to the top, but could not run a business to save thier lives have screwed us all over i now my state cannot even run a balanced budget. Now, a judge is telling owners what to do. WTF!! I’m telling ya, We need more smart business people running for office to serve this country, not make a living off of mismanaging it.

  11. Not sure why I ever really liked football to begin with,..when you think about it, its really a dumb sport, watched by dumbed down people who cant play it themselves. Im done with it.

  12. Oh come on, all these lawyers getting paid a ton of money should have made plans for ALL contingencies and have their clients act accordingly. There should be no confusion whatsoever, both sides should have been prepared. And since there’s no ‘union’ I guess the players should be on their own, right? Then they should have known who to contact in order to figure out what they were going to do in the case of any ruling. Dummies on both sides. I get it, PFT is trying to stir it up to get interest in the draft and therefore their website and eyeballs=ad revenue, yeah, but wake me when there’s an agreement. Otherwise, I hear there’s some pretty good playoffs going on in the NBA and NHL.

  13. What the heck are people in PIT & GB going to with themselves if there is no football? Especially since there is nothing else to do in those lame ass towns.

  14. The problem is this country has become a bunch of tree hugging, queer lovin’ idiots, filled with beaurocratic nonsense. And, its infiltrating football too. This generation of ‘lets do a study on the impact of a labor shutdown’, is horribly erroneous.

  15. @weakafceast

    GB & Pitt fans are going to spend hours during the stadium tours looking at all the world championship trophies.

    Where you from, sound like a loser MN fan!

  16. weakafceast says: Apr 26, 2011 12:12 PM

    “This generation of ‘lets do a study on the impact of a labor shutdown’, is horribly erroneous.”

    Wanna kn ow what’s wrong with the bible-thumping ‘tards? It takes normal people who don’t have all the answers, and it allows them to think that they now do.

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