Trying to find answers in this crazy draft season


With just one day to go before the draft, there are more questions than usual about how the top of the first round will go.

That’s fitting in an offseason where everything about the NFL is uncertain, and no one really knows anything.

For a column on,  I tried to answer as many big questions as possible about this draft, looking at everything from the quarterback frenzy to this draft’s wild cards to what Radio City Music Hall might be like on Thursday evening.

Go check it out, and then tell me afterwards how much you didn’t like it in the comments.

6 responses to “Trying to find answers in this crazy draft season

  1. armchairgm9 says:
    Apr 27, 2011 1:17 PM
    This seems like one of those drafts where everyone is wrong about everything.
    Aren’t they all that way?

  2. Since the NFLPA is now openly attacking the draft and FA, and the delay tactics of the NFL owners in opening the new season after Nelson’s ruling, does anyone else get the sense that the Owners want to get through this draft and then will shut the NFL down next week? I think they’ve looked at the NHL when the owners shut it down for a year until the league and their union reached a deal that was more favorable to the owners. I think we are headed in the same direction if the owners don’t get relief from the 8th circuit.

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