Warren Moon is 90% sure Carolina will take Cam Newton


With a little more than 24 hours to go before the draft, even people close to Cam Newton like his advisor Warren Moon don’t know exactly what Carolina will do with the No. 1 overall pick.

“I’m not completely sure; I’m about 90% sure [Newton will go first],” Moon said on “Doug and Wolf” on Sports 620 KTAR in Arizona.

Moon says the Panthers have kept their intentions a secret, even if he’s relatively confident they want Newton.

“Usually at this point, a team has played their hand,” Moon said, before noting the Panthers have played things “close to the vest.”

We like that there’s a little uncertainty with the top pick this year.  The last No. 1 overall pick surprise actually came on the night before the draft in 2006, when word leaked out that Mario Williams would be Houston’s pick over Reggie Bush.

Don’t expect any similar fireworks tonight with Carolina managing to keep things quiet.

40 responses to “Warren Moon is 90% sure Carolina will take Cam Newton

  1. Panther’s brass practicing holding their noses to see if it will work as a long term solution or not.

  2. Moon went on to add that he’s 88% sure he’d like to keep his name out in the public discourse.

  3. I think silly season lasts about a month too long. However, this is the first draft I can remember (unless I have a terrible memory) where the #1 team didn’t start negotiations prior to the draft. Should be exciting, AS LONG AS THE CAMERAS DON’T SHOW THE GUY BEING PICKED BEFORE IT’S ANNOUNCED AT THE PODIUM!!

  4. Warren Moon has been far too visable and way too talkative throughout this process.. Newton may want to choose a different mentor once he gets in the NFL.

  5. And if Carolina doesn’t take Cam Newton with the first pick, Cecil Newton will fire Warren Moon as Cam’s advisor, prompting Warren Moon to lash out at Carolina, accusing them of being a racist organization.

  6. Warren was wronged because of the color of his skin. There is no doubt about that.

    However, everything that Warren did on the N.F.L. field to diminish the race barrier was undone by guys like Vick and JaMarcus. (Criminal and Lazy)

    I can understand Moon’s passion on the issue, however perhaps his passion should be directed very much like Bill Cosby has directed his passion on the subject of breaking the color barrier.

    Bill Cosby has it right. But then again, some think he is an Uncle Tom.

  7. But if Carolina does take Newton, what will Warren have to whine about? I guess we’ll hear about how going undrafted turned him into a drunk driving wife beater who won squat in the NFL.

  8. I’m 90% sure they would take a #1, 2 kicking tee’s, and a 6 pack of gatorade to trade down.

  9. I honestly wish it was between the two QBs the media have been bashing relentlessly going off the board and I wouldn’t mind it Mallett was first.

    But after all the endless attack at least one is still hanging in there. Come on Cam.

  10. I’m 100% sure I’m tired of hearing from Moon. If he’s right, I’m also 100% sure Carolina is making a mistake.

  11. I am sure, 100% sure, that nobody cares what Warren Moon has to say. His racist comment ruined anything he will ever have to say in my book. Just shut up Moon!

  12. What I find so funny is how quckly those who claim not to be racist are hating on Moon because he called the media out on what everyone saw them doing but you don’t have a problem with and believing every negative thing about Cam because it’s easy. Yet, u want blacks to not judge you harshly.

    Unlike some on here, I see the silly games the sports media is playing to Mallett, Cam and Jake. Cam is only receiving the level of hate because he didn’t fall like Jake and Mallett and left Blaine on top by himself. So now it’s the other two Tom Condon boys they are push to go number one. Peterson and Marcel Darius. Funny how ESPN made a bid deal about Cam and his father with NCAA but has ignored Marcel’s off the field issues. He’s fine to go off the board first but not Cam. Whatever…

  13. Marty Hurney, if you can’t figure out a way to drop down a couple of spots, get another pick and draft Patrick Peterson, then you’ve messed things up royally, young man.

  14. I wanna know what QB Moon is 90% sure Carolina will take in the first round of the 2014 draft…..

    When Newton busts at least his buddy Moon might be able to get him a spot on a CFL roster….

  15. I cant wait for this draft to be over so u idiots can stalk someone else and bash them everytime they say a word. Get a effin life

  16. I’m 87% certain Moon is making up statistics on the spot, and 98% sure that he shouldn’t be trying to make a living as an adviser. He is more suited to casino or Wal-Mart greeter. And before you call me a racist, let me say I’m 100% sure Joe Theismann could not do the job as well.

  17. The only cam I know anything about is in the engine of my old truck What color is a cam anyway?

  18. Yeah…show the world how much your not racist by making mockery of a man for stood up to the media.

    And to those who want to believe Cam is a bust, maybe unlike the other black QBs who u always seem more than ready to get rid of faster than your own, Cam will be given a chance.

  19. The only people dumber than Moon & Newton are Hurney & Richardson if they draft him.

  20. kspl1 says: Apr 27, 2011 9:23 PM

    I cant wait for this draft to be over so u idiots can stalk someone else and bash them everytime they say a word. Get a effin life

    LESSON: When you say something stupid, I’m about 90% sure you’re going to be called on it by anywhere from thousands to millions of people…

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