Chiefs sneak ahead of Ravens, grab Jonathan Baldwin

After moving back in the first round, the Chiefs then moved up one spot in the first round without having to give anything.

The Ravens were on the clock with the No. 26 pick but ran out of time, so the Chiefs passed them and wound up selecting wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin out of Pittsburgh.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter repors the Ravens and Bears were talking trade, and Baltimore believed they had a deal done.  It fell through, and they let Kansas City pick.

Kansas City’s selection is a surprising one,  but they need to upgrade their receivers.  Baldwin took some criticism for his hands in college and his character, but his talent to get jump balls in the red zone is undeniable.

Baldwin is a potential future No. 1 receiver, perhaps the only one left in this draft.   He’s a similar style player to Dwayne Bowe.

That either doesn’t bode well for Bowe’s chances for a long-term deal with the Chiefs or it doesn’t bode well for cornerbacks that have to deal with the Chiefs in coming years.

12 responses to “Chiefs sneak ahead of Ravens, grab Jonathan Baldwin

  1. He is Bowe’s mirror image. They needed to help Bowe out, which Baldwin will do, but was wide receiver really their biggest need?

    Might be. I don’t know the Chiefs.

  2. Very good value pick for the Chiefs. They get a #1 receiver late in the first round who will be just as good, if not better than Bowe. Teams wont be able to stack the line to stop Charles and double team Bowe now

  3. Heard that the Ravens were trying to trade with the Bears to move ahead of KC. Maybe the Bears were targeting Baldwin themselves, so the Chiefs seemingly took advantage of the situation

  4. Definite need pick. Biggest hole on the roster behind NT was WR. Bowe is the only guy they have that belongs in the NFL, unless you consider McCluster a future slot guy.

  5. worse news for opposing DBs, Haley will whip this kid into shape in no time, Baldwin = Fitz, Bowe = Boldin

  6. Dang, the Chiefs must be competing w/ the Falcons for most young playmakers. Not 100% sure if that’s a completely good thing considering their needs but if Baldwin plays to his ability should be a scary passing game with Bowe, Moeaki, and him. Mike Williams (TB) had much more serious character concerns and he did just fine

  7. Canyonero says: Apr 28, 2011 11:59 PM

    So Baldwin will try to out-diva Bowe, is that the plan?
    The very first thing that popped into my mind is that Baldwin/Haley on the sidelines will be EPIC. The second one was I feel for Matt Cassel since I as a Pats fan still have a soft spot for him.

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