Falcons give up plenty to move up 21 spots


As expected, the Falcons have made a bold move aimed at improving their offense right now, adding receiver Julio Jones after a stunning 21-spot climb in round one.

To get from the 27th spot to the sixth pick, the Falcons sent their first-round, second-round, and fourth-round picks in 2011, along with a first-round and fourth-round pick in 2012.

Under the draft trade chart, which plenty of folks think is obsolete, the sixth pick is worth 1,600 points.  The 27th selection is worth 680.  The 59th pick in round two has a value of 310, and the 124th pick in round four is worth 48 points.  Whether the remainder of the gap is made up in 2012 remains to be seen.

Either way, the Falcons gave up a lot to get to the top of the draft.  And the Browns have picked up plenty of opportunities to improve their team.

24 responses to “Falcons give up plenty to move up 21 spots

  1. Damn, that is GIVING up a lot – for what really is – is a very expensive question mark.

    Looks like Cleveland got over … huge.

  2. WOW!!! Worst trade ever, lol. Atlanta just gave up waaaaaaaay too much for a player that drops alot of easy passes. I think he is going to be an outstanding player for many years, but that was a HUGE price to pay, far too rich for my taste…

  3. Julio is a great player, and I’m thrilled to see him go to the Falcons. Think they will be very happy with him. Was he worth the price? Depends. The Falcons weren’t far from the finish line last season. If Julio becomes the missing piece that helps take them the rest of the way, they’ll think he was worth it.

  4. The Falcons offense has just become extremely deadly… dominate running game coupled with two #1 receivers & a hall of fame tight end…Whoa!

  5. They also gave up their 1st & 4th rounders next year. If the Falcons don’t win the next 2 super bowls they’re screwed, blewed & tattooed!

  6. Hmmmmm…and what are the Falcons going to do about that defense of theirs? I seem to remember them giving up an awful lot of points to the Packers…..like 48 maybe???

  7. That’s an awful lot to give up for a WR when your defense gets 48 dropped on them in a playoff game at home……..

  8. These idiots coulda have used those picks to get AJ green, no one doubted who the better WR was… either way,., this is WAYYYYY too much to give up for anyone but ,,,, well anyone.

  9. If the Falcons are the ones giving the thumbs down to congrats for Julio, they don’t deserve him. If it’s the Browns, piss off, you petty little twerps.

  10. Hey now Deb. Petty little twerps? That could end our relationship. I still love you if u apologize.

  11. Hey, barklikeadog …

    What if I was provoked? We’ve been talking on the college side today about the storms in Tuscaloosa. My brother’s family is there and after saying they survived, I got thumbs down I’m sure were from my usual chorus of OSU frat rats with women issues. Spent hours waiting for news on some of our extended family, so I’ve been sleep-deprived, wound a lil tight, and feeling overprotective of my loved ones. Just the right combo to let frat boys play with my head. After getting thumbs down from Cleveland fans for congratulating the Tide for the bittersweet victory of their draft success on such a tragic day, Ohioans were starting to seem pretty nasty. But I know good people from Ohio and they’re not responsible for a few muttonheads. But that doesn’t mean I’m thrilled we drafted an OSU player, of all things 😐

  12. The falcons would have to make the NFC championship for them not to make up the points, do some math. Not to mention they still have the 4th rounder but does it really matter. Falcons just got fleeced, no reciever is worth 4 extra players…

  13. I like Julio a lot, but man that was a huge amount to give up.

    If the Falcons still can’t win a playoff game in 2011, Matty “ice” will be the NFC version of early career Peyton…surrounded by elite skill talent on offense (THREE 1st round WRs, a solid TE and a great running back) and a great OL but still unable to produce a good playoff performance.

  14. But I know good people from Ohio and they’re not responsible for a few muttonheads.

    Apparently they just don’t post on these sites.

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