Mort: 99.9 percent chance that Cam Newton will be the top pick


With fewer than three hours to go until the 2011 draft commences, the specific plans of the Carolina Panthers are unknown.

But Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that there’s a 99.9 percent chance that the Panthers will use the first pick in the draft on quarterback Cam Newton.

It makes sense.  The Panthers needs a franchise quarterback if they ever hope to compete in the NFC South, which features Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, and Josh Freeman.  And if the Panthers swing and miss on a franchise quarterback of their own now, they’ll probably have a shot at another one within two or three years.

25 responses to “Mort: 99.9 percent chance that Cam Newton will be the top pick

  1. The Texans are going to draft Reggie Bush. No matter what anyone says.

    Sorry. I just can’t let that go (especially on this one since Mort said it). It’s the epitome of how much of a crapshoot the draft is.

  2. That would be a horrible pick by the Panthers, considering they don’t have anyone to mentor this “one read and run” QB. Also, they took a QB last year with their first pick, whats next? Andrew Luck next year when this doesn’t pan out??

  3. OR, since we will have a chance at another one in the next couple years (especially next year), why don’t we work with what we have and just beef up another position like CB, DT, or WR, so when we do get that Franchise Guy that is less of a risk? That way we have even more pieces in place to compete in the future? By the way, everyone keeps saying the only way to compete with the elite QB’s in NFC South is to have one as well…so is Cam gonna sack those guys or shut down half of the field for them to throw too? Fighting fire with fire…i’ll take the water…

  4. Here is what the Panthers should do: Use the No.1 Pick for Marcell Dareus, the safer pick. Throw Clausen to the wolves again and I would be stunned if he made it through the whole year. In this situation the Panthers are destined to win only 2 games and next year they can get the No.1 pick again and take Andy Luck ; ) Either does anyone actually think the Panthers won’t be picking No.1 again next year especially with a new coach???

    BTW, why would you fire John Fox but keep the GM? Hurney’s picks have been horrendous the last few years.

  5. Wow….this has to be embarrassing for Newton’s dad, who surely had a contract already worked out with Buffalo.

    Meanwhile, Newton’s denying any involvement.

  6. If anyone didnt see that Gruden QB show you should. It was astonishing how little Cam seems NFL ready. Hes a guy who should sit and learn for at least a year and 1st overall picks dont do that. Hes set up to fail with Carolina.

  7. I am NOT racist, however, there are two things I am convinced of : 1) Blacks are better basketball players than whites 2) White QB’s are better than blacks. To many people are far too worried about being seen as racist when discussing issues like this but the list of black qb failures (especially those that are hyped as first rd picks) is long and factual.

  8. flavordave says:
    Apr 28, 2011 5:47 PM
    If anyone didnt see that Gruden QB show you should. It was astonishing how little Cam seems NFL ready. Hes a guy who should sit and learn for at least a year and 1st overall picks dont do that. Hes set up to fail with Carolina.
    Yeah, and how funny that Blaine, the highly intelligent kid with a WHOLE lot of leadership skills, wasn’t even asked ONE real NFL QB question. If I didn’t know he was a finance major before, I know now. Everything else was beyond boring.

    Jon Grudden…oh what is that you’re doing…Blaine…I’m firing up my team…Jon…firing up your team…Blaine…Yeah…Jon…you fire up your team then go out and lose…Blaine..Yeah. Like WTF.. Anyone can tell what Jon was doing and Blaine fell right into it with such pride.

    But Cam is the stupid one cause he couldn’t repeat Jon Grudden’s QB verbage. It seem the one that one the NFL QB challenge was Mallett…Point Blank…

    Yes, the dumb QB game can be played from both sides of the fence.

  9. I’ll say this…I am really scared for Panthers fans. I saw that WR special that Mariucci did on NFLN and he had Greg Little go up to the whiteboard and draw up a play. Now mind you Greg Little hasn’t played football in like what almost 2 years since he was suspended last season. Greg Little went up there, drew a play from scratch explained EVERY SINGLE NUANCE of the play except the blocking schemes. I mean what to do when you got what coverage, what the concepts were and not just his WR spot, the RB, and the other receivers as well. Meanwhile Cam spent 9 hours talking about the mechanics of sliding with the unbalanced line when he did his play and that “if he looked up and the safety was looking at him, he throws the ball” but nothing else about what do do if the safety didn’t do that or anything about the other players’ routes or anything. . I understand his offense was different, etc etc. but it is absolutely FRIGHTENING that a QB wouldn’t be able to draw an actual play and explain the concepts. FRIGHTENING.

  10. I’m sure if Blaine was being picked number one none of these white folks in the media and many of you would be all freaking out that the Carolinas was making the right the decision.

    It’s 2011..The BS needs to stop..

  11. whatswiththe hate

    Basically all of your comments have basic- minded racial overtones. Im talking about Cam because the article is about Cam. Im also giving my opinion of what I seen. He looks lost. I love football so if I didnt like black people it would be a bit tough to watch right? Calm down with the need to defend every black person and attack every white person as a line of defense for that said black person. Its translucent and frankly youre insulting me. Were all here cause we love football.

  12. Smoke screen smoke sceen smoke screen………Panthers are trying to trade this pick and stock pile. I’d be blabbing to that I was going to take Cam if I thought someone would bite. No way they blow the #1 overall pick on a HUGE question mark! If they do……..look forward to many more losing seasons to come.

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