Waiting game on as NFL files for stay pending appeal


Although the NFL is telling teams to open their facilities tomorrow morning, at the moment the league is waiting to see how the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit will rule on the NFL’s request for a stay pending appeal of Judge Susan Nelson’s order lifting the lockout.

The NFL has filed a motion for a stay pending appeal and to expedite the appeal, and if that stay is granted (and ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reported that the ruling for a temporary stay could come as soon as this afternoon), then we go into a holding pattern.

The next deadline from the courts is that the players have been directed to file a response to the motion for a stay by noon Central Time on Friday. After that, the league’s reply to the response is due by 9 a.m. Central on Monday.

At the moment, the league’s motion for a temporary stay remains pending before the court. And we remain waiting to see what will happen next.

22 responses to “Waiting game on as NFL files for stay pending appeal

  1. Stay tuned for the next “new” story about this same event every 24 minutes, same bat time….

  2. So teams can or cannot trade players during the draft with the lockout technically being over at this point, pending the appeal?

  3. always have been and always will be for players. If your an owner fan think of this if they close the facilities again and you say well good for them. Lets say your a fan of said team such as packers, they close the facilities, and instead of getting together your players say why not slack off they wont help us we wont help them later. Basically when the time comes players do agree if they do or owners do agree them players will be out of shape and your team will basically stand no chance of winning a super bowl. so i say open the doors let everything begin with 2010 rules and than work on new agreement and once thats in affect use it. That would be best possible option for integrity of the game and both sides getting together and pounding out what they want.

  4. I hope the judge jumps down and gives jerrjy jones and the old men owners a big hulk hoagn leg drop

  5. The players want to earn more for filling owners’ pockets playing this most violent game. The owners want to pay the players even less than they make now, falsely claiming that they are losing money. All the owners have done is seize upon the economic conditions of the country to prop up their lies.

  6. Majority of player backers seem like they are obsessed wit the players and will do anything for them. I think once you turn 17, maybe 20 you tear down those posters and grow up and maybe start hanging out with girls and stop obsessing about the players. You don’t mind if they ruin football, all you care is that they get more money$???

    Why are the player cheerleader posts always attacking the owner backers by saying we are jealous of the players and blah blah blah. But the owner backers actually have some facts and reasoning behind why they feel the way they feel. The bottom line is we would all likely do the same thing if we were the players. We would try to get as much as we can b4 we retire. But as a fan, how could you want them to do that at the expense of the game of football???

  7. Despite this the best thing for the league would be to implement a set of rules favorable to both sides for this year and work in mediation to set rules for the future. Goodell can gain the favor of the fans by saying when he walks uptown the podium that free agency starts starts. Sometime next week. If the rules are a geneuine attempt to move forward the league could gain the upperhand in the PR battle and put the players in a position to accept or become the opposition to football this year

  8. Here is most likely the thing with trades.
    The amount of money, years, restricted status is up in the air due to no CBA. Keep in mind the players are attacking everything the league does in relation to anti-trust. That means free agency could change. Hence teams could trade for a guy they think they’ll have for three years, then a month from now they find out that he is only theirs for 1 year. So his trade value went down after the trade.

  9. “touchdownroddywhite says: Apr 28, 2011 2:02 PM

    So teams can or cannot trade players during the draft with the lockout technically being over at this point, pending the appeal?”

    I thought they could not trade players, but can trade picks.

  10. How is it reasonable for teams to make any moves in FA and even involving future draft picks when it’s not clear that there will be future drafts at all, and when it’s not clear that FA will remotely resemble what it has for the past 20 years?

  11. @zaggs –

    My understanding was that during the lockout they could trade picks but not players. The lockout is technically over with Judge Nelsons ruling even though the NFL may be granted their delay by the appeals court. That’s why I’m confused.

  12. The NFLPA’s response will be easy for their lawyers to draft. Right click, copy/paste the response filed with Nelson and presto.

    Seriously though…I’m willing to bet that the NFLPA’s lawyers have had these pleadings drafted from the moment that the owners opted out. They are that far ahead of the curve.

  13. Who would want to try to negotiate a business deal with a bunch of kids whose pants are falling down to their knees, wearing head phones, listening to rap? How can anyone with kids not be totally sympathetic to the owners?

  14. Looks like Goodell doesnt care that his ruling for a stay was denied by judge Nelson.
    He has said there will be no player trades in the draft, and free agency will be laid out tommorow.

    They are walking a thin line between contempt of a federal court order by not starting trades and free agency immediately. It is very possible that if the 8th circuit were to deny their stay, they would be guilty of Contempt if they already arent guilty of it.

    PFT has mentioned that there is a possibility of owners being sent to the slammer for denying players access to facilities today. If they go to jail i find it very hard to believe Goodell and the NFL executives would get off scott free since they are issuing directives to the owners.

    This strategy goes against common sense, What does the league want?? Do they want to lockout players till they cave before the season is about to begin or already into the season?One problem presently is “what the hell are owners and GM’s going to do when you open the floodgates within a month or into the upcoming season?”

    You will have free agency with no time for proper evaluations or to weigh offers, no Time for training camps, then there is the process of negotiations to sign draft picks which often takes months.

    I say if they dont have an agreement before the first preseason game, go ahead and scrap the rest of the 2011 schedule

  15. “@touchdownroddywhite

    My understanding was that during the lockout they could trade picks but not players. The lockout is technically over with Judge Nelsons ruling even though the NFL may be granted their delay by the appeals court. That’s why I’m confused.”

    I dont think Nelson could force them to allow trades of players. I believe Nelson said they didnt have to do anything that could change a contract. hence no free agency and no player trades.
    But there is the practical matter of no CBA in place. At best only the rules from last year apply. But with a switch from last year rules to whatever the new rules end up being could wildly affect someone’s trade value. So what may be a good trade today, could be a horrible trade by the end of the week.

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