Maybe the Patriots will surprise us


It’s expected that the Patriots will deal out of their No. 33 overall pick to kick off the second round, in order to fulfill Bill Belichick’s vision of holding all 32 first round picks in the year 2035.

Maybe New England will really surprise us, however, and do nothing at all.

Reporting live from Foxborough, ESPN’s Michael Smith says the feeling in New England is that the Patriots are likely to keep their pick.  He thinks they see a lot of value on the board, especially in the front seven on defense.

Smith mentioned Akeem Ayers and Brooks Reed as possible picks.

For a full preview of the second round before it actually starts, check out Florio and I from PFT Live Friday.

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17 responses to “Maybe the Patriots will surprise us

  1. The Patriots should keep their pick. There are a whole bunch of future starters that still remain on the board.

  2. It seems the feeling is NE wants everyone to believe they see great value and want to keep the pick.

  3. Come on Pats, I respect your flexibility and willingness to make deals when other organizations won’t, but sooner or later you have to use your picks.

  4. and to think, I got about 60 thumbs down last month when I said the Bengals were taking AJ Green and Dalton (one lady called me a fool. ouch).

    If NE keeps their pick, my prediction just may come true.

    To Deb who called me a fool: Yeah, I was right.. you don’t know more football than me. Told ya.

    Mrs. Steelers and Patriots fan (whatever!)

  5. I think Belichick has started outsmarting himself by continuing to trade down. Maybe they don’t trust their own evaluation process enough to target one player that they think will be a starter, so they keep going for quantity rather than quality in hoping that the more picks they have, the better chance they’ll actually “hit” on one of them.

  6. I once had picks 1-10 in the first round of Madden (they limit your total picks to 10).

    I deleted my franchise shortly afterwards, out of guilt.

  7. After listening to Mel Kiper rant on about the big mistake the Patriots made in trading the 28th to N.O. I feel reassured they did the right thing. Having to sign two 1st round picks in one year takes away from the later guys who every team needs. Good move BB.

  8. They’ll trade it to Oak for their next 3 first rounders.

    That will give NE the No.1 overall pick next year (Luck) who will be groomed for a year or two behind Brady and pick up NE’s dominance where Tom Terrific left off.

    I’m a Giant fan but I can admit that NE is one smart franchise.

  9. The draft is illegal, so this looks to be about it. This is according to the players, of course.

  10. “in order to fulfill Bill Belichick’s vision of holding all 32 first round picks in the year 2035”

    funniest thing I have heard all day!

  11. I depends on what they’re offered for it. If they could turn #33 into another #17, they should trade it.

  12. Funny, NE traded down twice last year….had a player 2nd in rookie/year..had 2 phenominal TE’s…and 7-8 rookie starters.

    You don’t question what they or Steelers do in draft…They dominate NFL last 10 years.

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