Patriots keep pick, take Dowling

In the end, the Patriots surprised everyone and kept the first pick in the second round of Friday’s draft.

After talking trade with the Raiders — and apparently not getting the offer they wanted — the Patriots decided to take Virginia cornerback Ras-I Dowling.

The Patriots are fairly deep at cornerback, but Dowling and Devin McCourty could make for a powerful press cornerback combination in the coming years for New England.

If the Raiders want to move up for Colin Kaepernick, they will have to talk with another team.

5 responses to “Patriots keep pick, take Dowling

  1. is Belichick doing whats best for the pats? or does he just do things that nobody could have predicted so that nobody can ever claim to know what he was thinking?

  2. This is a very good move by the pats. It proves to other teams that if you don’t give up a good package for our picks we will use them ourselves and your not gonna get the player you wanted.

    Thus maintain the high price for our picks in the future.

  3. Apparently ‘frankvzappa’ & ‘jameswestphal’ are smarter, more insightful, more experienced, better researched and better prepared than Bill Belichick and his staff.

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