Colt McCoy coaching teammates on Browns’ new system


By rule, NFL players haven’t been permitted to meet with coaches or get their playbooks except on the one day that the lockout was briefly lifted. But Browns quarterback Colt McCoy sounds like he has a suspiciously good feel for the system run by the team’s new head coach, Pat Shurmur.

McCoy told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that he’s the man running the show at the players’ offseason workouts because he’s the one who knows the offense.

“We have a new coach and a new system and I’m really the only one that has that much clue about what’s going on,” said McCoy. “I’ve spent a lot of time in the playbook, so it was important for us to get together and study. It was a lot mental. We spent a lot of time understanding the basic foundation of what goes on in the West Coast. It’s a lot different from what we ran last year.”

The Browns were reportedly fined $50,000 for improper contact with players, but if that contact has them ahead of other teams when the lockout finally ends, then $50,000 is a bargain.

McCoy also said that his throwing shoulder, which hadn’t been 100 percent since then-Alabama, now-Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus hit him in the national championship game 16 months ago, is finally as good as new.

“It feels as good as it’s ever felt,” McCoy said. “Throwing-wise, I definitely feel back up to speed. I’m not getting fatigued as much as what I was. I really feel good and confident, so that’s always a plus.”

And it’s a plus that he can make his teammates feel good and confident in the new offense.

19 responses to “Colt McCoy coaching teammates on Browns’ new system

  1. Gotta like that Browns fans. but how does he know that so much is new and what’s in the playboook if they’re not supposed to have them?

  2. “gotta like that Browns fans…”

    we should just name this post, the Browns cheat and the fans are good with it.

  3. I have an image in my head of Hoover-esque “dead drops” of playbooks. Time to invest in manufacturers of fedora hats and trench coats.

  4. ppdoc13 – as a Browns fan I must say I agree and think its kinda funny. If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying..

    I love what McCoy is doing. Stepping up, being a leader – reminds me of Drew Brees a couple years back when every one was doubting him in San Diego. Hopefully the Browns do not make the same mistake, this guy is a winner..

  5. Could be that he picked up the playbook on Friday, when it was allowed. (For example, Sam Bradford did, the sportswriters tell me. Seriously – I asked the hometown columnists on twitter, and got a response.)

    But then again, how hard is it to learn Shurmur’s playbook of dink, dunk, and run it straight up the middle?

  6. I was surprised PFT never had a post on that fine. I would hope that PFT would be equally as nonchalant with that take regardless of team involved.
    I might have some level of concern for the future were I a Browns fan that McCoy’s shoulder is just now starting to feel 100% after what, 15 months? I didn’t think that injury was that severe.

  7. Good for Colt. He is the future of the Browns returning to the top with consistent winning. It’s too bad the Brownies didn’t get a go to receiver for Colt to work with during this playbook, whose got a playbook fiasco.

  8. Bill Belicheck is filming Colt McCoy’s OTA’s

    This Colt McCoy is a leader off the field for sure – we’ll see if he can get it done on the field – especially in Nov & Dec…

    If not – we have to 1st rounders next year to make a move to get Andrew Luck if we have to…

    If not – 2 good players in round 1 – CLE is on track…

  9. @thefiesty1

    Greg Little = Julio Jones with better hands & better blocking.

    Thats the funny thing that people who don’t know about football don’t realize. Coming in, minus the year off due to accepting diamond earrings & two trips, Greg Little was in the same discussion as Julio Jones & AJ Green.

    2012 will prove the Falcons/Browns trade to be compared to Ben in a room with a drunk girl saying no. Little will be better than Jones, Phil Taylor will be a Pro Bowl DT, & the Browns will have drafted a new RT, a new OLB, & another WR in the 2012 draft to solidify their roster.

  10. I’d assume that most teams have had contact with their QBs – in this league no one is sitting on the sidelines twiddling their thumbs…

  11. I recall reading a story that Shurmer just “happened” to leave his door open and there just “happened to be a copy of the playbook on his desk which McCoy “happened” to stroll in one day and take.

    Besides, I’m pretty sure all of that “happening” was prior to the lockout, so not sure why the league is fining them. Either way, this is great for McCoy and shows the kind of leader he is.

  12. Yeah, I know the playbook is hundreds if not thousands of pages.

    That said, one day *is* enough to make copies of every page… DON’T YA THINK?

    Maybe the QBs of *your* teams weren’t smart enough to think ahead and copy the book, just in case the lockout started again.

    Or maybe your coaches or QBs did make copies and we don’t know it yet- in which case none of you whiners have a leg to stand on.

    I’m pretty sure it’s one or the other.

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