Tom Brady making good progress after foot surgery


As the lead named plaintiff in the players’ lawsuit against the NFL, Tom Brady is a central figure in the league’s ongoing labor battle. But whenever the players can get back to work, Brady — despite foot surgery following the season — will be ready.

WEEI reports, citing a source familiar with the situation, that Brady’s surgically repaired right foot is expected to be fully healed for the season.

Brady had surgery for a stress fracture on January 20, and in February he told NFL Network that the foot injury was “something that’s been lingering a little bit.”

But a month ago Brady was out of his walking boot and throwing the football, and a recent checkup showed that it’s healing properly. So all indications are that the foot injury won’t linger into the season.

14 responses to “Tom Brady making good progress after foot surgery

  1. Good to hear. Now TB, please do everything you can to make sure there IS a season to be ready for.

  2. When all else fails and you don’t have a new contract yet for the 2012 season (Peyton Manning) or you have had surgery and don’t want to go to training camp (Tom Brady), or you are pissed your team dropped you and are still a players rep (Kevin Mawae), or you are really short and have a Nepoleon complex (De Smith) what to do?

    Well of course you Sue the Owners………waste everyones time, make a few bucks, relax, piss off the fans, piss off the owners, go on a vacation, and tuen the NFL upside down!

  3. Who cares about the foot surgery? I want to know how the hair transplants are going.

  4. I bet all that fancy dancing in Rio during Carnival didn’t help the healing of his foot.

  5. I bet Rex Ryan is trying his best to get some pictures of those feet so he can photoshop them in alongside his wife’s.

  6. I figured that he has serious arthritis and that he will never heal and could possibly end up playing very little. Isnt that the reason they draft the “next one” in Ryan Mallet?

  7. Reconstructed knee, bad foot … I’m expecting the Ryan Mallett era in 2015. And I’m a Pats fan.

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