Don Shula disappointed Bill Parcells “bailed” on the Dolphins

Bill Parcells quit after three seasons with the Miami Dolphins’ front office. The man who coached the Dolphins for 26 seasons thinks Parcells jumped ship too soon.

The Miami Herald reports that Shula said he was disappointed by Parcells’ abrupt departure from the organization.

It seemed like he bailed,” Shula said.

But while Shula doesn’t like the way Parcells left, he does like some of the elements that Parcells left behind, including head coach Tony Sparano and quarterback Chad Henne.

“I like Sparano as a coach, and he’s a good guy, too,” Shula said. “[Henne] is a big, strong guy. He’s got a great arm. He needs to work on the touch and the accuracy. That’s the biggest thing. He has all of the stuff to play in the NFL. He just needs to get settled into the role. He can’t make those critical errors.”

So Shula thinks Parcells built the foundation for a good team in Miami. He just doesn’t think Parcells should have walked away from that team.

40 responses to “Don Shula disappointed Bill Parcells “bailed” on the Dolphins

  1. Don Shula*
    (My fellow Pats fans will get this).
    He’s just like Dungy in a lot of ways.

  2. “But while Shula doesn’t like the way Parcells left, he does like some of the elements that Shula left behind, including head coach Tony Sparano and quarterback Chad Henne.”

    Shula likes the fact that Shula left behind Sparano and Henne?

    I realize that spell check won’t catch those kinds of mistakes which is why proof-reading is so important to professionals.

    Unless I’ve misunderstood and we’re dealing with revisionist history in which case I think Bill owes Don a whole lot of money.

  3. Parcells has shown that he nothing but a quiter.

    But, who would want to run the Dolphins? They stink. They always stink. No matter who you bring in on the field or the front office they’re gonna stink.

    Henne stinks. Ronnie Brown stinks. The secondary stinks. Soprano stinks. With the exception of Long the whole team stinks.

  4. Bill will order the “Cowboy” steak with the 4 lbs lobster, then everything will be in order.

  5. This is what Parcells does. He goes to a team, builds something, but doesn’t finish the job. He is like a building contractor, but his only function is to put up the walls. He doesn’t care about the plumbing or electrical connections, just the walls. Then we he is done with the walls, whatever happens is what happens.
    He did it with the Giants, the Patriots, the Jets, the Cowboys, why did the Dolphins think he would do anything different with them?
    The guy does a decent job of finding talent and making a start to a system wherever he goes. Besides the Giants, it would be good for him to finish the job for a change.

  6. All you need is 3 years of Parcells to turn stabilize your franchise – see NE Patriots, NY Jets……I’d add the Cowboys, but Jerry ruined what Bill built….

    If the inept 1-15 Dolphins were told that they can get Parcells for 3 years and then he’d leave, you’d get a 99 % YES vote becuz they would know the franchise would get turned around and they’d take their chances later…..

    Shula should know that….and he’d be the first to vote YES….

  7. Since his days at the Giants, has he stuck with anything? You get what you can from him, but you have to realize that he is a quitter when you hire him.

    He spend 7 years with NYG, four with the Pats, but not more than three with any team since…and the numbers keep going down.

  8. Come on, Don. You’ve been around long enough and you’re smart enough to realize that this is a consistent pattern of behavior.

  9. It’s all about Bill, it’s always been about Bill.
    No surprise to this Patriot’s fan, as he bailed on them before a SuperBowl game. It’s been his MO for the last 10 plus years.

  10. Parcells took credit for a couple Belichick-inspired Giants Superbowls… and made a career out of it.

    He’s pulled this stunt on 3 teams now. Takes them to mediocrity … and runs off with a pile of cash… leaving a mess.

    He’s way WAYYYYY over-rated. And a total dirtbag to boot.

  11. Wow, Parcells walked away. It’s not like he’s ever done that before. Pats (negotiated w/ Jets before the Super Bowl), Giants….

  12. Later Shula criticized rap music, cell phones, kids wearing low pants and their hats sideways.

    He had to interrupt the interview to yell at some kids to get off his lawn, and later cut the interview short because he had to get to the diner in time for the early bird special, where he planned to sit down with Marvin Miller and discuss NFL labor strategy.

  13. Bill seems to cherish is reputation above all. He bails at the first sign of trouble. He did improve the Dolphins but he also wasted plenty of opportunities/money by bringing in guys from his past that are no longer/were never very good. He is a better coach/motivator than manager. How he left was unprofessional but the contract Ross signed that said Parcells would still be paid was quite stupid.

  14. This is the way parcells operates. Phin fans are happy that he left but also glad he came there and changed the team for the better. Can’t complain too much

  15. I read this as Shula expressing mixed respect for Parcells.

    Apparently, Shula values Parcells’ football I.Q. contributions – but doesn’t appreciate the oft-repeated reality that Parcells has “bailed” (i.e., quit [again]).

    When Parcells “shops for the groceries,” it seems as though he instantaneously goes into the mode of constantly contemplating his next job or his next non-job.

    After a short period, he quits and in Favre-esque fashion, asserts that this time he is done. Parcells really means it this time. He’s through. Then Parcells gets enough of his mojo back to cash in another big payday.

    The count on the number of Lombardi’s earned under Parcell’s watch – without Belichick – is zero. That too is interesting.

    Belichick has won several without Parcell’s involvement as well.
    Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

  16. Parcells bailed on an NFL team. In other news, the sun rose this morning.

  17. Bill Parcells is a turn-around guy plain and simple. He makes no long-term commitments to the team he takes on, he just grabs them by collar and pulls them up from the basement into respectability. Then he leaves. Anybody expecting anything different out of him at this point is just engaging in wishful thinking.

    The six happiest words a dead-end team’s fan could hope to hear: “Bill Parcells is coming to town.”

  18. He took it easy on Parcells. If you really wanna see some fireworks, find yourself a blast shield and then mention the words “Nick Saban” to The Don.

  19. Obviously, it’s not the behinds the scenes stuff that excites Parcells. He doesn’t like the grind of coaching anymore either. Only think left is TV. Could he be the next Madden. By the way, MDS, you said Shula in the article where you meant Parcells.

  20. Parcells had an agreement with Wayne that “IF” he sold the team while he took on his role with Miami that his contract was to be paid out and he could walk away….

    Parcells live up to his contract and stayed longer than he was obligated. He also put in place a good management structure they have a solid foundation of young players who can make a difference. Miami is the team in that division that in the near future will be the one the rest will be chasing….

  21. I’m glad he’s gone. He has a great track record of setting foundation’s for teams which I believe he did with the Dolphins. When he sticks around too long ego’s start to clash and drama always seems to ensue.

  22. Dean Wormer:

    Franchise records:
    Miami Dolphins 394-290-4 .576%, 2nd among active NFL franchises.
    NY Jets 351-413-8 .460%, 25th among active NFL franchises.

    A man in your position ought to know that “knowledge is good”.

  23. Parcells won two super bowls with the Giants, took the Pats from the cellar to a superbowl, took the Jets from the cellar to an AFC championship game, brought the Cowboys from the cellar to playoffs and probably would have gone further if it wasn’t for Jerry Jones, and brought the Dolphins from the cellar to respectability.

    I for one am glad he showed up. If he didn’t we would probably be worst off than the Bills.

    Bottom line, Parcells makes your team better. At best you win it all or go deep into the playoffs. At worst, he takes your team from 1-15 to a division title in one year, while building a decent foundation for the future.

  24. Maybe there’s more to it. Shula told ‘The Dan LeBatard Show’ that he “doesn’t think of [Parcells] much at all.”

    It’s too bad that ESPN isn’t bashing him, but that’s what happens when the NFL’s version of Mike Keenan (aka a “has been”) is employed by a crappy sports monopoly.

  25. Trust me in the next few years Miami will be the team to beat in the AFC EAST. They are ahead of the rebuilding over Buffalo, NE, and Jets.

    That team has a SOLID foundation and not to many more holes to fill. The defense alone is one of the best YOUNG defenses in the NFL and will only get tougher as these puppies grow….

    Now they are focusing on Offense, We drafted a RB who by many is considered a very good RB. I do not know but I trust the management because so far they have done a very good job drafting.

    Let’s get the lockout thing over with!

  26. Wasn’t he only in big D three years before bailing. Looks like a trend and should have been expected.

  27. He did exactly what he was paid to do. Nobody with brains expected him to stick around.

  28. Parcells seems pretty full of himself, and I don’t think he comes close to Shula as a game-day coach, though probably nobody does. That said, the man has a track record of improving rosters, and he did that with Miami(as much as we can tell re: Ireland). This roster was horrendous by the time of Cam’s brief reign.

  29. Thats what bill half ass parcells does. He builds a team as soon as the team takes the slightest step backwards he books it. Parcells with the dolphins was a disaster dont let the records fool you. Three years and hes drafted two probowlers and one of them is a kicker. And for some reason hes taken pride in it, the man has gone senile. Hes helped the team but im sure someone could have done a waaaaaaaay better job

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