Veteran Ravens reaching out to Jimmy Smith


When the Baltimore Ravens used their first-round draft pick on cornerback Jimmy Smith, they were taking a chance that a talented player with character concerns could stay out of trouble, even during the lockout, when the Ravens are prevented from having any contact with him.

But where the Ravens’ coaching staff can’t do anything to keep Smith in line, some of the veteran players are stepping in. Smith said shortly after he was drafted that Ravens linebacker and team captain Ray Lewis had already contacted him.

“He just told me I’m welcome here with open arms, and hopefully we can get together and talk and kind of just let me know, you know, that he’s ‘Ray-Ray,’” Smith said. “I’m just honored to be on a team with Ray and this defense.”

Meanwhile, cornerback Domonique Foxworth said that not only is he not threatened by having a young first-round draft pick at his position, but he talked to the coaching staff on the day the lockout was lifted and specifically asked them to help him get in touch with Smith.

I told them to pass my phone number along,” Foxworth said. “Every young player needs to have somebody who can help him [make the transition]. I’m excited to be that sort of person for him. . . . It’s what you do any time someone is drafted at your position.”

It’s not what every player would do, but it’s good for the Ravens — and for Smith — that it’s what players in Baltimore are doing.

19 responses to “Veteran Ravens reaching out to Jimmy Smith

  1. Hoepfully Smith can stay out of trouble and be a model citizen for the Ravens off the field and an all pro on it. The Ravens have thrived in selecting players who have dropped due to character concerns (terrell suggs, ray lewis, haloti ngata). And with Kindle being cleared and a potential shutdown corner in Smith our defense should be that much tougher this season.

  2. The more interviews I see of Smith the less concerned about his character issues that I am. From what I understand Smith’s last incident was 2 years ago. He’s kept his nose clean for that long, that seems more like a vast change in behavior than a guy just trying to impress NFL teams.

  3. LOL!!!1!! you know Ray-Ray let him know to stay in line, otherwise… STAB! lololol! this guy STABBED some1.

  4. Herzlich went undrafted because of his HEALTH. If he can return to his previous form and play at a high level, a team will give him a shot. As bad as we need LBs, I hope it’s us

  5. @mallet22 & lamepftposter:

    and both of you shouldn’t be allowed to leave your mother’s basement. You both are trolls. Go crawl back into your holes.

  6. I’m glad he has Ray Lewis as a role model. He can show him the art of God-talk. Like if you talk enough about God people will forget you murdered somebody…allegedly.

  7. “Hello, Jimmy? I’m your new teammate. Hey, we heard you were a jerk so we’re reaching out to you.”.

  8. Great picture. If he turned his hands the other way maybe he could have played wide receiver. He either drops that ball or cradles it into his body like a child.

  9. @ jw731 …”will the Pope beautify them soon?”
    They are already beautiful! And I do not think they will be beatified!

    @ lamepftposter ….
    Your name says it all, no further comment necessary.

    @ mallet22
    It is a shame Herzlich goes undrafted… but that has nothing to do with Jimmy Smith being the kind of CB Baltimore needed.

    If Mt. Cody continues to develop and Kindle can play, this D should be extra tough.

  10. lamepftposter says: May 7, 2011 1:31 PM

    LOL!!!1!! you know Ray-Ray let him know to stay in line, otherwise… STAB! lololol! this guy STABBED some1.
    Tell us who Ray Lewis stabbed and what the evidence was.

    Simple way to silence an illiterate azz hat!

  11. palinforpresidentofnorthkorea says: May 7, 2011 4:38 PM

    Tell us who Ray Lewis stabbed and what the evidence was.

    Simple way to silence an illiterate azz hat!


    LOLOL!!! i don’t think you get it. ray ray, or should i say STAB STAB, STABBED someone! with a KNIFE! lololol!!1!!

  12. lamepftposter doesn’t hate the Ravens nor does he think Ray Lewis killed anyone. He is simply mocking all those who make jokes about Ray Lewis by babbling and typing like an idiot, no need to get upset over lamepftposter hence his screen name

  13. It’s always good to have a murderer be your role model. “Now Jimmy, if someone pisses you off outside of the club, call one of your boys and have that mother f__ker killed.” “That’s what Jesus would do, right?”

  14. Dear Jimmy Smith,

    Stay away from:

    Scrip Clubs
    Georgia bar bathrooms
    15 Year old prostitutes
    Dog fighting rings
    Crazy Black women (especially when they’re behind the wheel)

    and Twitter.

    You should be OK.

  15. for all u jerks who really think ray lewis stabbed someone… go to hell. you obviously have those “character concerns” also.
    Ray Lewis has been nothing but a positive role model over the last 10 years, maybe the best.
    He has done nothing other than praise God, and talk about working hard and giving your best. Maybe if you werent such a negative person, you’d be able look past a court case(which he was proven innocent) that happened 12 years ago.

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