Signs point to Chad Henne getting another year as Dolphins’ starter

At the end of the 2010 season, it looked like the Dolphins would be on the market for a replacement for quarterback Chad Henne, through the draft or free agency. But the draft has come and gone and free agency may not start any time soon, and with each passing day Henne gets a little closer to keeping the job.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald takes a look at the Dolphins’ quarterback situation and concludes that it’s looking increasingly likely that Henne will get another season as the starter for the Dolphins.

The reason is quite simple: There just aren’t any other good options. Veterans like Kevin Kolb and Donovan McNabb are expected to have other teams willing to give up more to acquire them than the Dolphins are willing to give up. Other veterans who might be available, like Brady Quinn or Kellen Clemens, aren’t necessarily any better than Henne.

It’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of Henne to say he’ll remain the starter by default. But it’s probably an accurate assessment of the Dolphins’ quarterback situation.

61 responses to “Signs point to Chad Henne getting another year as Dolphins’ starter

  1. Dolphins should make bigger push for Kolb. With Marshall tied up for years, this would give them a great chance to get Marshall the ball all over the place.

  2. Gotta love the job Parcells did for your team huh Fins’ fans?

    How bout that remarkable job Sparano is doing?

    Enjoy another mediocre season

  3. Well, at least we’ll finally be able to see if it was Henne who was to blame or that wretched old dinosaur, brown nosing Parcell’s buddy Henning.

    I know, I know….Henning’s been around football longer than most of us have been alive. Problem is he still coordinates the offense like it is 1960.

  4. There’s no question, he was brutal last year. His decision making was just awful and he consistently showed zero touch on the ball.

    Having said that, he wouldn’t be the first guy to turn it around. There are more than a few great players who started off with the deer in the headlights look before everything fell in to place.

    And if he stinks again, he’ll essentially be helping them in the “Luck Sweepstakes.” For what they would have to give up to supposedly upgrade (who also be starting from scratch to learn a new offense), I say give him one more year.

  5. God people are so quick to write this guy off, I can see him putting up nice numbers if we can give him a threat of a running game and now that we have a Burner wideout in Gates. Henne didnt have a Ryan Leaf season or anything.

    You have to attribute at least a little bit of last year to Line and Running troubles. We really did have a backup offensive linemen called “Koopa” Hell Thigpen looked like a Scared Squirrell out there last year in his one disaster game.

    Its like you guys never heard of a sophmore slump. I have no doubts about Henne going into this year.

  6. brady quinn or kellen clemens “arent necessarily any better” than henne? give me a break dude, i admit henne’s not a great quarterback but hes certainly better than brady quinn and kellen clemens. there is no doubt about that.

    the kids had two years in the league playing for a mediocre team with a horrible offensive coordinator and no deep threat. of course he checks down receivers. cut him some slack.

  7. Hey, my home team started Brian St Pierre. No doubt he’s a fine human being and all, but the bar for being a starter isn’t as high as it used to be.

  8. Henne has a big arm and has talent, but so many guys who come in the league have that. No matter what Henne does he will always be the QB at Michigan who lost to a D1-AA school ( it doesn’t matter if App St won that championship ,they were in a lower class of football).

  9. As a Michigan fan and a Dolphin fan, Henne has ruined my life for the last 7 years. He’s just terrible. Although, his OC didn’t exactly help him last year having him roll out to the short side of the field multiple times, that’s not his game. Their wideouts aren’t great but they can win with them with a solid QB. Cut him, yesterday.

  10. I’m a longtime fin fan, I’m fine with Henne this year because when they finish with a bad record because with any LUCK they can aquire the very good QB comming out of college next season

  11. People are making a bigger deal out of Henne’s season last year than they should be. It took Peyton Manning 3 years before he was a productive QB. If you remember the first half of last year, Henne was putting up solid numbers. The Phins had more issues than just Henne…their special teams were terrible, the o-line had no depth due to injuries, they didn’t have any quality 2nd TE’s or 4th WR’s, Henne was completely handcuffed last year in Henning’s offense – he had no flexibility or ability to call audibles. And don’t forget Henne was injured too. Bringing in Daboll and adding Edmond Gates, plus having Brian Hartline and Jake Long healthy will do wonders to the Phins offence. They will be a Superbowl contender this year, just wait!

  12. No O-Line, no running game and no speed at the reciever position, along with Henning calling plays from a 1970s era playbook…yeah, the fault is OBVIOUSLY all Chad Henne….The tragic thing would be to give up on him, and watch him go to another team like Minnesota and thrive… His Qb numbers are actually quite good considering what he had to work with. Some of you people just dont know football, you play the name-game on ESPN and whatever the talking heads spit out you take as gospel…

  13. Henne was always going to ba the starter this year. They were looking for some competition to push Henne. His decisions were bad last year and he freaked out when there was no real pass rush. Henning was the main problem but Henne had his issues as well. He can be a capable QB, but he needs to step up his confidence and leadership. The Dolphins defense is good enough to keep them out of the “Andrew Luck Sweepstakes” so that is not an option unless a team with a good QB has the first pick and the fins mortgage their draft to get him. Henne has potential but if he screws up this year, he needs to leave with Sparano/Ireland.

  14. ….meanwhile in a related story, Brian Daboll and Tony Sparano are working on continuing to further evolve the wildcat offense catching their bewildered opponents off guard with even more runs up the middle for no gain or loss of yardage…

  15. Now how in the world could the Bills get third place next year?? Only one team will have 3rd place in the AFC East and that is the overrated NY Jest. You guys brag as if you have won something in the past 30 years. Let me tell you what you have won 2 division titles…yes 2 in 30 years….so I say go hide back under that rock from whence you came!!

  16. Another chance for Henne ? Stop being so optimistic about this guy , henning was terrible for the kid , but henning didn’t throw the ball to the other team , Henne did , good arm , terrible judgement , he barely looks for their biggest threat , usually hopes for Bess to bail him out . Ronnie brown and Ricky are done , they traded down to grab a power back ( a slow power back ) . I can’t believe im saying this but the finz are actually prime to finish in last place , Bills have a better team right now.

  17. @nyjalleffingday…jet’s fans are hillarious….not very bright, nor do they have a very good memmory.

    …Statistically speaking, Chad Henne is one spot better than Sanchez with an inferior offensive line, running backs AND WR corps..

    The jets are like a whack-mole-mole with one difference…whack-a-moles poke their heads up from the hole of mediocrity with theirs mouths closed.

  18. Um, okay, so there are some people upthread who are wondering why there’s so much anti-Chad Henne sentiment?

    During his supposed “break out” year (last season) he threw only 15 touchdowns to 19 interceptions plus two lost fumbles for a passer rating of 75. In a league that has done everything in its power to protect the quarteback and wide receivers over the years, that is absolutely terrible.

  19. drumzan, no no no you are WRONG WRONG WRONG about Peyton Manning taking THREE YEARS to become a productive quarterback. No no no no no. That is false.

    In just his second year he had a passer rating above 90 with a great td to interception ratio.

  20. The Fin’s just couldn’t pull the trigger and get Dalton. As usual, too little too late.

  21. Everyone points out that Henne has a strong arm…he does. And so do hundreds of other prospective QB’s

    So did Dante Culpepper….Just like Culpepper, the problem isn’t their’s their brains.

    QB’s like Montana, Brady, Brees…all read defenses in a second…With Culpepper perhaps being the low end @ 5 seconds..Henne not far behind.

    Match that up w/S Ross’ poor ownership…and a good coach [ sparano] has zero shot. Dolphins a 4-6 win team…Parcells got out of that cuckoo’s nest when he should have.

    BUT, they have best halftime shows in NFL…by far.

  22. @nyjetssuck

    So, care to explain to me why a replacement for Sanchez isn’t being considered, like with Henne?

    Or why Sanchez can get the job done, while Henne cant?

    Or why Woody Johnson isn’t searching for Rex Ryans replacement whilst Rex is still hiring?

    Or why the Dolphins are stuck in perpetual third place?

    Or why Sanchez has more playoff experience than all of the Dolphins current roster combined?

    I can keep this up, if you’d like.

  23. Ive seen worse QBs he actually did pretty good with NO RUNNING GAME last year so once we bring back that 4th best rushing attack we had two years ago we can go back to sweeping the jets

  24. It doesn’t matter who your QB is your new offensive coordinator is a run first guy anyway so Henne might look great if there is a season. Since he won’t be throwing very much anyay.

  25. Maybe…Just Maybe instead of blaming the runing game for Henne’s failures, it MAY be henne’s failures for the poor line and running game…With the exception of the one game Thigpen started with a short week, why was he able to move the ball so much better than Henne with the same group…Why didn’t Sparano at least take a better look in that direction…Reports I read about training camp said he (Thigpen) outplayed henne and parcells was upset about henne’s play…yet our 3 down and a punt/field goal try coaching staff would not budge…
    Thigpen is as good or better than anything else out there on the open market…

  26. Altho Henne sucked at different times during the season, his numbers, all his numbers were better then Mark Sanchez of the mighty JETS.
    I dont believe that Henne will ever be “the” man but he is better then Sanchez, even with the sorry OL He and the RB’s had to work behind. Hopefull Sparano wont have to continually churn the OL this yr as he did last yr. Every thing starts with a good OL.
    And to all you Andrew Luck worshipers, its not a given he will be any better then Henne, or Sanchez .

  27. @ goawayeverybody says: May 8, 2011 10:44 AM

    “Signs point to the Miami Dolphins sucking ass for yet another year.”

    Signs point to you being an idiot for another year.

  28. Dolphin fans hoping for a losing season for ANY FUGGIN REASON are an embarrassment and abomination to this organization.

    I hope each and every one of you gets hit by a bus……. full of Patriot fans.

    You guys (you know who you are) are scum of the earth and a cancer to our fan base.

  29. I love all of this positive feedback from phin fans who really think this guy is gonna put them in playoff contention.. Granted they do have some problems besides the QB (coaching, marshall off-field stuff). But honestly if you think Henne is gonna come out and turn this thing around next year you are out of your mind. He has little touch on his passes and has mediocre pocket prescence. And i love how all of you think your new wideout is gonna be a breakout star his first year.. He’s not Calvin Johnson people… Expect a similar record as last year at best.. Which means you’ll have to trade up to get a rookie QB in Luck.. Then you have to develop him for a few years and hope things go your way in a tough AFC East. Could be a while before the fins are legit again

  30. @tigerphins

    how is goawayeverybody an idiot? The phins are probably gonna suck next year lol.. Your organization has no idea what they’re doing.. You drafted a center (the less talented brother) that cant even snap the ball properly over a potential QB or maybe Mark Ingram.. Not saying Ingram will be great but the fact is you guys are a run first team and got little production from ronnie brown and ricky was mediocre. You have a good defense but your offense is so inept it’s comical.. Chad Henne shows me no leadership qualities and makes poor reads.. The reason you guys get beat is because your offense puts your defense in terrible positions and keeps them on the field for most of the game.. Time to find that franchise QB im sorry but it’s true.. Its a QB league.. And Henne simply isn’t the answer right now

  31. nyjalleffingday says:
    May 8, 2011 11:28 AM
    Preemptive congratulations to the Bills fans, you guys are getting third place this year!

    You mean: congratulations to the Bills fans, you guys are getting first place this year!

    That sounds a little better.

  32. Its comforting to know that there is one NFL team that (maybe) has a QB situation at least as bad as my ‘Skins. Never mind. I already take it back. I’d take Henne over Grossman or Beck in a second.

  33. @mackie66

    Yeah, the numbers may be a little higher, but the numbers never tell the whole story.

    How many times has Chad Henne took the Dolphins down field for the game winning touchdown in the 4th quarter, down by 4, with 49 seconds left and with no timeouts?

    How many perennial playoff teams has Henne led the Dolphins to victory over, on opposing turf?

    Again, I can keep going on.

  34. Chad henne is a guy that could manage a game for you with a good running game in place. He will not be carrying the dolphins anywhere on his back. However, he is an ok QB. I could see him being like an Elvis grbac or kerry Collins. And he should be nicknamed “meathead” …huge melon.

  35. mackie66 what planet are you on???

    Mark Sanchez had 3300 passing yards and so did Chad Henne.

    But Mark Sanchez’ TD to interception mark is +5 while Chad Henne’s is -4. Also Mark Sanchez threw in 105 rushing yards with three rushing TD’s while Chad Henne had 52 rushing yards with no rushing TD’s. Mark Sanchez’ numbers were better than Chad Henne across the board. Chad Henne just plain sucks ass.

  36. @nyjalleffingday

    You stalk these Dolphin posts like a crazy ex girlfriend. Are you really that obsessed with the Miami Dolphins?

    Further more is there a reason why Chad Henne is horrible (in your eyes) YET he is 3-1 against your almighty Jets?

    Even your own head coach said when he plays the Jets he looks like Dan Marino out there. Before you run your mouth about how bad a player is, make sure YOUR TEAM can stop the guy.

  37. I absolutely cannot wait for this season (if it happens). The upcoming season will vindicate all of my comments as you will all see Chad Henne’s total and complete suckitude on display for each game – until he is pulled that is. Ha ha ha good times.

    AFC East:
    Jets 12-4
    Patriots 12-4
    Bills 9-7
    Dolphins 4-12

    Ha ha ha ha ha too funny!

  38. nyjetssuck LEARN TO READ!!! I didn’t say people thought it was a breakout year – I said people said it was SUPPOSED to be his breakout year. It was his second season and analysts and fans were saying he was going to have a good year.

    Learn to read!!!!

  39. I find it hard to believe that self-described “long-time Dolphins fans” can be rooting for the terrible season that a pick like Andrew Luck would require, barring a massive trade up in round 1. A “long-time Dolphins fan” would be aware that Coach Shula would never, ever stray from the immediate task at hand, which is to try to win the next game. Throwing a season, no matter how good a prospect is, should not be part of the DNA of any long-time fan of the Miami Dolphins. If you became a fan during the Jimmy Johnson years, then it’s possible, as he seemed to accept a 1-15 in Dallas as a path to drafting boatloads of talent. It paid off for him, but Coach Shula would never have done that. Our identity as a franchise was established by Coach Shula, and not Jimmy Johnson.

  40. Seems like a lot of the Jets fans posting here are on the young side-they remind me of the tool Yankees fan who interfered with Nelson Cruz in the ALCS last year (the Bagadonuts with his baseball cap worn sideways. Always talking crap without justification. As a Fins fan since ’74 living in NY, I can tell you they’re not all like that. Guys that have seen a thing or two, these Jets fans always give Miami respect, although grudging. They still complain about the Mud Bowl. They mostly like Henne as a promising young QB too, and understand that the relative success of Sanchez is due to the outstanding talent around him-in particular Mangold. If our#1 pick is even close to Mangold’s ability, and we stop playing max protect all the time, Henne won’t check down as much, and should have more success.

  41. @305PhinFan

    It’s just one post, idiot.

    And your starting QB delivered you two seven and nine seasons in a row, and you’re going to defend him? He’s a rock in the pocket, stares down every receiver, wouldn’t throw down field even if there was a gun to his head, and makes terrible leads.

  42. its funny people want to blame it all on chad henne. The dolphins Oline last year was battered and beaten the run game was weak. If the offence isnt running on all cylinders the run sets up the pass. For the pass to set up the run the oline has to give the QB security so henne has talent he made some mistakes but if they get the oline working consistently without buys beat up then henne will play well enough for the dolphins to have some success. Some young fresh leggs at RB not a guy coming off a liz frank injury and a 3osomething guy some speed at tight end the offence could be alot better its a new year and anythings possible assuming the owners get there act together. and we even have a season

  43. Heres to hoping the 2009 chad henne shows up with the 2008 running game, along with the 2010 defense and special teams!!! Then hells balls, superbowl here we come!!!

  44. Wow it seems like the Dolphins fans here actually…….. like Chad Henne?

    If that’s the QB you are advocating for then you deserve exactly what you are going to get this season.

  45. @Phinfan: funny but probably true.

    @goaway: that’s why they play the games, son. Yes, there is a thing called patience. If things break the way you think they will, then we’ll all have a newfound respect for your skills as a football analyst.

  46. phinfan says:
    May 8, 2011 10:30 PM
    Heres to hoping the 2009 chad henne shows up with the 2008 running game, along with the 2010 defense and special teams!!! Then hells balls, superbowl here we come!!!
    The 2010 special teams were horrid and the ST coach was fired during the season. No return game, multiple turnovers, zero blocking, etc. The FG game was great for a few games but then he started missing easy kicks. The only thing that was remotely good was the punter.

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