Sergio Kindle expected to plead guilty Tuesday

Ravens linebacker Sergio Kindle is expected to plead guilty Tuesday to a drunk driving charge from a December 26 arrest, according to Don Markus of the Baltimore Sun.

The Ravens have publicly expressed optimism about Kindle’s ability to play football again, despite his legal troubles and brain injury suffered last year after he said he fell down a flight of stairs.

Kindle’s blood-alcohol level was measured by police at .17, more than twice the legal limit in Maryland.  Kindle also had a DUI in college, and another time where he crashed his car and left the scene of the crime.

Even if Kindle is cleared to play again, he could face punishment from the NFL for the DUI before he ever plays a regular season game.

29 responses to “Sergio Kindle expected to plead guilty Tuesday

  1. The good thing is however is that he should be able to play this season and he isn’t going to receive any jail time

  2. This guys hasn’t even played a down in the NFL yet and he’s already in trouble. It’s bad enough to get drunk, fall down a flight of stairs, and split your wig but now he’s driving drunk to boot. This guys a turd…ship him out! It’s a shame too..he had a lot of potential!

  3. The prototypical Raven. And poster-boy for Ozzie Newsome’s drafting skills…

  4. I think if Sergio has a good agent, they could tie this up in appeals for quite awhile. Was it that the offense occurred before the lockout when the players were playing, or is it that he was sentenced while there was a lockout and no football and therefore should not be under any jurisdiction by the league, or when he returns, because it happened, period, they will penalize him. I think he could confuse the subject, appeal, appeal and appeal some more and he probably won’t even have to serve the time in the upcoming year. One of the Williams boys drug out his Star Caps conviction for so long that he can retire now. Favre drug out his package pictures for so long that it was stupid to even address it because he retired. Lets face it, the whole CBA thing is nothing but just how long the owners can drag this out until all the players are broke. One thing is for sure, the best football players have the best lawyers, not the best skillset.

  5. has he signed a contract yet? is he a formal player or. how do drafted players who have not signed get treated with this regard?

  6. “Even if Kindle is cleared to play again, he could face punishment from the NFL for the DUI before he ever plays a regular season game.”
    Don’t recall seeing this quote attached to the bottom of Chris Simm’s drug aquittal case. So PFT feels certain folks should be punished by the NFL just for being arrested but others shouldn’t receive any punishment if no charges were filed or they were aquitted.

    Keep pushing such blatant double-standards and rewriting history PFT.

  7. Reading this article, you’d think this guy was once an total enormous brain-damaged F-up… who then suffered brain damage in a stairway fall.

  8. Kindle also had a DUI in college, and another time where he crashed his car and left the scene of the crime
    and another time where he, you know, fell down TWO flights of stairs.

    On a side note, he’s got a tiny head.

  9. Can’t believe I wanted my Pats to draft this guy – thank god BB makes our picks and not me!

  10. Now you would have thought that Ozzie’s busts of last draft, and overall inability to bring strong youth to the aging defense (and inability to solve the wide receiver problem they’ve had for years)would cause people to reexamine his “genius” status, however they gamble on J.S….. And what does the pundits say? Great choice and fit, their locker will keep him under control…….. Tell that to Kindle.

  11. I’m pretty sure he would be looking at a mandatory minimum of 10 days jail time in my state, plus lose his license for a long time. I think then he would have to have DUI plates. If he were not an athlete he would have a difficult time getting a job for 50 years, with 1 conviction. Not saying I necessarily agree with all of that, just sayin’

  12. 0.17 is wasted.He is a drunken fool who has done this many,many times before.Cut him and get him into rehab, don’t let him drink, he’ll kill himself falling off of something.

  13. I feel terrible for Sergio. Imagine how terrible it would be to be just a few weeks away from joining a successful NFL team – only to undergo a traumatic head injury after falling down a flight of stairs. I don’t care if it’s his fault or not – what happened to him was awful.

  14. Did the Ravens draft high-risk Jimmy Smith because they have such a strong lockerroom to control this off the field stuff? Maybe Sergio never made it inside the lockerroom.

  15. Bah – just a 0.17? I blew a 0.18 back in the 80’s – Kindle just wasn’t trying hard enough. I got probation as well…

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