Art Rooney among the four owners that will attend mediation

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said last week that four owners would represent the league at mediation starting Monday.

We’ve got the lineup, courtesy of Albert Breer of NFL Network and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Steeler owner Art Rooney II, Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, Bengals owner Mike Brown, and John Mara of the Giants will be in attendance.

So we have two of the owners best suited to think big picture (Rooney and Mara), and two of the owners known as hard-line in labor matters. (Brown and Richardson.)

No one expects much progress to be made in mediation while players and owners are doing battle in court.

Give us a pleasant surprise for the first time this offseason, NFL.  Please.

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  1. Give us a pleasant surprise for the first time this offseason, NFL. Please.
    How about aiming a similar statement towards the players as well. I am glad that these are the 4 owners who will be there; maybe if they would have listened to Brown the last time we all wouldn’t be forced to endure this fiasco right now. It’s a shame that no CBA can be done. I doubt the league has any intention of settling a lawsuit they believe is unjustified. The players had some legitimate points but they threw them away when they killed the ability to formulate a new CBA without court oversight/the threats of anti-trust suits aimed at destroying the successful tenets of the league’s foundation.

  2. Mike Brown might be a tough sob in negotiations but he was dead right when he voted against the last cba deal and predicted that it would be a failure.

  3. I don’t really expect anything to get done there with Jerry Richardson a part of the negotiation process. The only person who would be a worse candidate would be Jerry Jones. Couldn’t the NFL have gotten Rooney, Mara, Kraft and Irsay? In other words, 4 owners who actually see big picture?

    Hardliners are nice as they keep things honest. But right now, I believe we need to ensure that Richardson and Brown don’t cross boundaries that I’m 100% confident they will to protect a few million dollars in their pockets.

  4. Wow, Mike Brown is such a terrible owner, that the NFL and it’s teams chose him to be a representative for them in the mediation process.

  5. It must be fun negotiating with a destructive dirtbag like Richardson. Get ready for no football.

  6. What will the league do when they vote to cease operations and every PSL owner sues them for breach of contract? As a PSL owners, I will demand money for my PSL.

  7. Lets read between the lines shall we?

    What message is the NFL sending to the players AND fans by allowing hard liners like Brown and Richardson anywhere near a negotiation?

    For those of you who answered “We ain’t serious about settling!” you can go to the head of the class.

  8. I’m Art Too showed up carrying a voluntary urine sample with him, to try to offset the perception of rampant steroid abuse in the Steeler organization over the years.

  9. I’m glad Richardson is there and i’m glad he will be playing hardball. I want football as much as everyone else. Look at it this way: If every few years your neighbor asked you to sign over 2 feet of your property to him; and then the neighbor on the other side sees he can get away with it and starts asking for 2 feet of your property also…….look where you would be in 10 years or so. You’ve given away all your property. You can’t fault a man for standing up and protecting what is his.

  10. Just a couple of points:
    1) This conflict is not about dividing the current 9 Billion, it is about dividing the 13.5 billion after the new TV contract is signed and goes into effect in 2014.
    2) Rather then be percentage partners with players, sharing a percentage of revenue, owners want to have a hard defined dollar cap as the players share of the revenues. The players as a group see themselves as a limited partner in Labor/Capital type of partnership, the hard line owners see the relationship as employer/employee relationship. That is why there was so much talk of disrespect when they were negotiating.

  11. hobartbaker says:
    May 12, 2011 12:46 PM
    I’m Art Too showed up carrying a voluntary urine sample with him, to try to offset the perception of rampant steroid abuse in the Steeler organization over the years.

    Bitter much ya ho?

  12. Do not sell Richardson short. He is one of the few owners in the NFL who built his own empire instead of inheriting it, built his team instead of inheriting it, and the only one who wears a championship ring that he earned as a player. Do NOT try to tell me that JERRY RICHARDSON does not see the big picture.

  13. @buckeye
    You are dead on.. most people.don’t realize that mike brown and Wilson were the only 2 owners that knew this would happen..

    If you don’t like the owner of the team why are u even a fan? It’s HIS team you are a fan of so if u don’t like the owner why would u be a fan?

    Mike brown is a great biz man, and with that said he should be at the negotiations.. if all the other owners had listened to him in the first place we wouldn’t be in this mess that all the other “great” owners have caused…

    Jus sayin’

  14. @rgwhodey:

    Most think anyone who isn’t ready to give everything to the players doesn’t see the big picture. You are right. Brown and Richardson are the best chance we have to keep football strong for years to come.

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