Citing safety, Giants defense won’t practice during lockout

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When the Giants split up the responsibilities for lockout workouts, quarterback Eli Manning took responsibility for the offense, and defensive end Justin Tuck assumed responsibility for the defense.

Tuck later decided not to do it.

According to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, Tuck says that the defense won’t be practicing due to “safety” concerns.  “I know how we are,” Tuck said.  “We kind of have a tendency to get a little competitive when we start working out together.  So we wouldn’t want anything stupid to happen.  The best way to prevent that is to have nothing organized.”

Tuck’s right.  Any serious injuries suffered during players-only workouts would constitute non-football injuries if/when the lockout ends.  And if a player can’t play in 2011 because of an injury suffered during a lockout workout, his team can choose not to pay him.

Though some players have purchased disability insurance, it only goes so far.  “Guys are worried if they get hurt right now until that lockout is lifted,” pro athlete insurance agent Rich “Big Daddy” Salgado of Coastal Advisors told the Newark Star-Ledger.  “Something is better than nothing.  I can’t replace a $40 million deal or a $20 million deal.  The only thing I can do is give them a certain amount of insurance coverage that will make up for something if God forbid something were to happen and they don’t get a contract or their contract is voided.”

So why is it OK for the offense and not the defense to get together?

“With Eli and his receivers, I think it’s more important for them to be on the right page when they come to camp,” Tuck said.  “For [the defense], I think it won’t take us as long to get in our groove.”

How long it takes remains to be seen.  Cowboys coach Jason Garrett told PFT Live on Monday that he needs three weeks to get his team ready.  Commissioner Roger Goodell told PFT Live on Wednesday that the time required will increase the longer the lockout lasts.

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  1. Actually txchief, as a high school football coach he is right. Defensive players are able to do very little other than 7 on 7. Lineman don’t do that. If they do, they get hurt by being stupid. Without a coordinator to install a defense, they may start practicing bad habits. So unless they simply get together to lift and run, their is no need for a defense to “practice”. It is not lazy, it is SMART

  2. I believe the point Tuck was trying to get across was that if the defense got together for practices, there would be some heavy hitting going on. It’s risky enough for offensive players since they can mess up their ankles, tear their hamstrings, etc. When the defense gets together, however, you have all of that as well as other injuries resulting from hits. I doubt when the QB and WRs are working on their routes and timing that they have people there to lay big hits on the receivers or sack the QB.

  3. What “groove” is he talking about?……Are the offensive players going full tilt in pads? Is the offense playing against the defense in workouts?..Offseason lockout workouts probably consist of lifting, having a catch, and then going to lunch, don’t act as if it’s training camp….

  4. txchief says: May 12, 2011 9:03 AM

    Was he citing laziness? Or was he citing a lack of exorbitant pay for working out?

    Are you citing “stupidity” for that comment? Did you read the story? I’ll just assume you are a Chiefs fan. Do you want to see Tamba Hali or Brandon Flowers get hurt in a non-sanctioned off-season workout? All defensive guys do is hit. The offenses can work out because there is much less of a chance of someone getting hurt because there is no hitting. They work on timing patterns, not blasting each other.

    How often do you go in to work (assuming you have a job) for free just so you can get better at your job?

  5. Tuck is 100% right, if a player gets injured the team can cut him. Players can stay in shape with a personal trainer, I know a lot of people who are in great condition that use one.

    A unit like the Giants defense have been playing together for a while just like Dallas. They should all be on the same page once the season starts.

    What Tuck said about Eli was true. I’m sure with all of those deflected int’s and wrong route running the offense does need some work.

  6. eaglesfan290 says: May 12, 2011 11:16 AM

    The Giants have 2 division games in the first 3 weeks………………Tuck isn’t going to be a coach someday that’s for sure!


    Exactly what does it matter if they have 2 Division games in the first 3 weeks? Are those games going to be more difficult? Do non-divisional opponents not play as hard?

    The Giants had a great defense last year, unfortunately the wheels fell off 2 of the last 3 weeks of the season (against Philly and GB). Since the Giants have not switched Def. Coordinators, they should know the schemes pretty well by now. And since HC Tom Coughlin does not have a history of starting rookies right off the bat, all the starters should be ready to go should the season ever start.

  7. Figures. Soft team. So soft they get their coach in trouble for working them hard in the offseason.

  8. Working out with a trainer sounds like the safest solution for any player during the Lockout. Being in shape will help a player avoid as many injuries once the seaon starts. The players should invest their money wisely – football is not forever. Players and/or their agents should think twice before investing enormous amounts of money on insurance that is marginal at best in protecting the player. Perhaps an agent like ‘Big Daddy’ – better names are ‘Fat Daddy’/’Sloppy Daddy’ – should use a trainer.

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