Matthew Stafford throwing to Calvin Johnson, Titus Young

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In another sign that Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is healing nicely from shoulder surgery, Stafford said today that he’s throwing to two of his top receivers.

Per Tom Kowalski of, Stafford wrote on Twitter that he was throwing with several receivers, including Calvin Johnson and second-round draft pick Titus Young. If things go right for Detroit (which, as recent history shows, is a big “if”) the Stafford-Johnson-Young trio is going to be the nucleus of the Lions’ passing game for years to come.

Stafford, who suffered a Grade 3 shoulder separation in Week 9 and had surgery in January, is expected to be healthy and ready to go when training camps open.

Which is just one more reason that Lions fans are hoping that training camps open on time.

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  1. 3 years ago you could not pay me enough to watch the Lions… the moves theyve made in the last few years have truly made them somewhat watchable.

    gotta root for a guy like Stafford, hoping he can be healthy enough for a full season. love Suh, Fairly, Best, and Megatron and pulling for the city of Detroit to make a comeback.

  2. Please god… I grew up in Houston with the worst franchise in history(debateable). Moved to Michigan in 1986 and have rooted for Lions ever since(rooting for the hometeam a concept few will understand). Just let me have one year where I don’t have to say just wait till next year!

  3. cant wait to see Suh and fairley. I think they need to give Nhamdi whatever he wants. they get a good secondary this team is crazy good.

  4. It seems like it was so long ago but I’m still embarrassed that the Redskins gave the Lions their first win after that record losing streak.

    Because of that I am going to say this..

    Beck to Armstrong/Hankerson > Stafford to Johnson/Young

    Yah I said it.

  5. Soon he will be throwing to Charles woodson and Tramon williams. Awe what the heck give one to Nick Collins too!

  6. Lions fans are the most loyal fans of any sport … BAR NONE!

    anyone can be a “diehard” fan of a team thats rich in tradition .. i.e. the steelers,packers,cowboys etc etc

    fans of those teams have never had their loyalty tested

    we went 0-16 for crying out loud! lol

  7. Good to see that “Glass Joe” is back and throwing again. However, I think that he just got screwed by the front office. They should have drafted an OT to protect him, but of course they didn’t. The second best option after passing on an OT, would have been to draft another QB, because Stafford will be on IR by week 4 or 5, since he has no blindside or frontside protectors.

  8. I think Titus Young will be the steal of the draft. He has hops like no other and he catches everything in sight. He is not the fastest guy out there but when you have Johnson on the other side you do not need to be the fastest. You just need to be someone that convert the 3rd down for you and that is what he is known for.

  9. As much as I’d LOVE for the Lions to give Nnamdi Asomugha the keys to the house…I highly doubt he’d risk coming here given the tumultuous past the Lions have had.

    Having said that, PLEASE come to Detroit Nnamdi!!!!

  10. they need to go after jamaal brown or some decent lt in FA. with the d line they have it doesnt matter who their secondary is. every db in the nfl can catch a floating pass from a qb that just got run over from a freight train (suh)

  11. It seems like it was so long ago but I’m still embarrassed that the Redskins gave the Lions their first win after that record losing streak.

    Because of that I am going to say this..

    Beck to Armstrong/Hankerson > Stafford to Johnson/Young

    Yah I said it.

    I’m the biggest Skins fan out there, but youre smoking crack my dude. The Lions now have great athletes at every still position and what should be a top 3 dline. Sooner or later, the Lion’s oline will figure out a way to keep Stafford upright. When they do (and when their secondary figures out a way to slow down Rodgers & Co.), they’re going to the be the best team in that division.

  12. I enjoyed watching him briefly, I hope he makes it through the next season. The Lions haven’t been good since Barry and Wayne. It was fun watching them contend in games last year.

  13. Ya gotta love the Stafford kid, and I’ve always had a soft spot for the Lions, even though they are a division rival of my Packers.

  14. I hope he doesn’t trip over a blade of grass and trash his shoulder.
    If he last more than three games this year I’ll be shocked. His shoulders are made of china.
    Its the Lions 50 year curse.

  15. I recall similar hype about the Lions during the Harrington, Kevin Jones, and Charles Rogers era.

    I know it’s a new regime in charge, but until I see otherwise…it’s still the Lions…

  16. Well played ditkabutkus

    and as a Lions fan i guess our team has earned that kind of skepticism so i’ll give you that

    but make no mistake about it, this is different from the “Joey blue Skies” and Kevin Jones era

    This team has direction and is functioning like a real NFL franchise for the first time in about 12 years AND unlike in the past it has Actual TALENT

    Hope/Hype is all we have right now … but it is real IMO

  17. The Lions are going to rock the house this year. They are even an outside threat to win their division provided that their coach stops making mind-numbingly bad decisions towards the ends of games.

  18. They should be fun to watch. I think Jhavid Bests’ name should be thrown in there as well, when you’re talking about tlhe Lions passing game. He has the ability to make huge plays on swing passes and screens.

  19. Wow, just listen to the kitty cat fans roar… Stafford is a HOF QB? When did that happen? I didn’t know there was a hot tub HOF?

    That DT you guys just picked up fell because there are concerns that he doesn’t practice hard or that he gives much effort. But he’s the missing link that will make the kitty cats D-line top 3? Really?!?

    Sorry if I’m not willing to crown the kitty cats 2011-2012 world champs just yet… But over 50 years of precedent tells me they are closer to a 4-12 team than a world beater.

    And the last Ford product I got suckered into was a windstar… And it was recalled due to the fact it’s the most dangerous piece of crap on the road since the pinto (another ford product). I think more highly right now of the windstar and pinto than I do of the lion brand of football.

  20. I love when people go on and on about how horrible the lions OLine is when theyve never watched a lions game nor do they have ANY facts to back it up. Please cmon now some ppl gotta stop talking out of their @$$, stafford got hurt the first time by julius peppers in which he was in the pocket for 6+ seconds and the second injury he was 5 yds past the line of scrimmage SCRAMBLING! Now how is that the olines fault? The lions oline ranked top 5 in the league last year in terms of qb protection. Both injuries were fluke injuries, and trust me as a lions fan i sure hope there wont be any more. This team has got playoffs writen all over them and for the first time in my life have a true IDENTITY (besides the just give it to barry days).

    They got a WHOLE bunch of young talent on this team that could make them contenders for years. Now im not jumping the gun but with a free agency aquisition of a CB (I would drool over Aso!) and an OLB or poss. 2, theres absolutely NO reason why they shouldnt be fighting right wih the pack for the NFC north.

    Overall, my prediction with those 2positions filled in FA, i got them at 10-6.

    …and with Aso, 12-4 babyyy!!

  21. So many idiots….so little actual Lions knowledge. Check out the stats to see how the Lions O-line stacked up against others in the league when it came to pass blocking. You may be surprised. Then check out Staffords injury history. He is NOT injury prone nor is he made of glass. It was a couple of freak injuries that set him back the last couple years. He will be fine. He will develop into a respectable NFL QB.

    And I would FEAR that D-line! Detroit is very close to being a very good NFL team.

    And for you Packer fans?? LMAO..we handed it to you in Detroit last year and were very close to doing the same at Lambeau. I was in GB for that game and the atmosphere in that stadium for the Lions game was like I had never seen before in the 30+ games I have attended there. The drunken cheeseheads were looking at each other at half time with their jaws hangin’ to the ground. It was awesome! The kids were fighting over brats and the women were crying!!!!!!! The bliss of Lambeau was not there that day. I was bangin my drum almost all day………

  22. I don’t know what world you live in if you think Nnamdi will be a Lion. He won’t come cheap, and with the Lions having several successive seasons with early first round picks, I don’t see where the cap space comes from.

  23. The session took over an hour…every time Megatron caught the ball he made sure he held on to it for a minimum of two minutes.

    This team will be a force in the league as long as Stafford can stay healthy. He is one of my favorite QBs to watch play. He has the kind of moxie and heart that has been absent from most of the league’s QBs for quite some time.

  24. Whoa how about finishing .500 + before claiming the next decade’s worth of titles. Still, all this theorycrafting how games and seasons will play out is cute. Jets of the NFC North. And I’m glad you got a chance to be bangin on your bongos like a chimpanzee at Lambeau. That is an awesome story of “ha ha ha haaaaa we lost! In your face Packer ******s!”. Still, you gotta have something to feel good about. How many years has it been now? Over 50 I think.

  25. It’s just the Lions. Nothing to get excited about. Stafford will probably throw out his shoulder before the lockout is over.

  26. Uh… The kitty cat’s offense is ranked 17th and their defense is ranked 21st… So they are actually more of an offensive juggernaut of ineptitude than they are defensively. Wow, as a Pack fan I’m afraid I might die of boredom the next time we steamroll the kitties…

    Jezz, just weird how these stats completely change my view of how craptastic and over-rated detroit is. And the idea that 1 guy known for his laziness and one decent college season of ball is gonna change everything overnite in detroit… kitty cat fans are making vike fans seem rational!

    I’m happy that detroit fans are optimistic about the coming season, but perhaps temper that with some reality.

  27. Just some FYI…

    There is no cap. Therefore, you can’t use “no cap space” as a reason to not sign Nnamdi. He can be too expensive, he can not want to come to Detroit, but there is no cap.

    The Lions line was elite in terms of pass pro. Seriously. Check the facts. We couldn’t run worth a GD, and that’s not all on the RBs… but in terms of pass pro, we were flat out great.

    What happened 50 years ago doesn’t matter now in football. Sorry. “Haven’t won in forever!” hardly matters when we’re beating you right now.

    Fairley will not make the D-Line top 3. He’s a rookie, and he’s not Suh. If they’re top 3 after this season, it won’t be because of Fairley. It will be because our line is top 3 all around. They aren’t that far off as it is.

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