On whether the lockout could be good for Tony Romo

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Watching Jon Kitna rally the Cowboys around him last year may prove to be a learning experience for Tony Romo.

Matt Mosley of FoxSportsSouthwest.com writes that Romo may have been humbled by so many teammates “falling hard” for Kitna.

“Fair or not, some players believe that Romo is aloof and only interacts with certain players on the team, such as Jason Witten and Miles Austin,” Mosley writes.

Romo has taken a different approach this offseason.  He’s been active recruiting 40-45 players to workouts, reaching out to guys who weren’t there like rookie Tyron Smith.   Romo is reportedly working off an OTA-like blueprint given to him by Jason Garrett.

“Tony organized every practice schedule and practice scrimmage. He and Jason [Witten] are running the offense,” linebacker Keith Brooking said.

Mosley says he thinks Romo’s approach will help his standing with his teammates.  We’re not so sure that is true or even necessary but Romo is at a post-injury career crossroads right now, and perhaps he’s feeling the urgency.

“I know I stressed the importance to everybody [of showing up], to say the least. I’d say it was just a point we needed to make it important. The guys know that. The guys are committed,” Romo said.

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34 responses to “On whether the lockout could be good for Tony Romo

  1. Good to see him actually getting them out there and practicing rather than just talking about it. Highest turnout of players of any team in the league.

  2. Romo’s leadership skills have always come into question, but the arm candy never has…..

  3. nyctexan says:
    May 13, 2011 1:32 PM
    Keep it going forward Tony. A couple of FA pickups, a lil shedding of the fat, and this team could be a contender.


    Been saying that each offseason for the last 10 years and what has been accomplished?
    Keep dreaming

  4. So once he got kicked out of a golf tournament, he turned into a real leader? hahahahahaha

  5. I’m a Giants fan, and Romo terrifies me. He has so much potential, and with that offense the sky’s the limit. I pray he falls flat on his face. But he’s a gamer, so long as the offensive line holds together.

  6. iamtalkingsolistenandlearn says: May 13, 2011 1:54 PM

    nyctexan says:
    May 13, 2011 1:32 PM
    Keep it going forward Tony. A couple of FA pickups, a lil shedding of the fat, and this team could be a contender.


    Been saying that each offseason for the last 10 years and what has been accomplished?
    Keep dreaming

    Obviously you are just a Dallas hater. Not sure what big free agent pickups Dallas has made lately. You could argue a washed up guy like Brooking maybe or Zach Thomas, but real fans haven’t gotten what we thought was needed. Too bad most of us are smarter than our GM/Owner. What’s sad though is that even though we are smarter than our GM/Owner, he is still smarter than half the Dallas hating people like you.

  7. The Romo bashing is beyond stupid. He was UNDRAFTED! Anything you get from this guy is gravy. Oh and 25 teams would take him in two seconds. This is what happens if you are a Cowboy obviously. Same reason that Phillip Rivers, a similar QB with ridiculous stats but has yet to pop his SB cherry, is considered awesome.

  8. Romo is a good leader. In a time when the $$ weren’t so high then I’d say he was lacking. But when ANYONE is getting paid millions of dollars just to show up then it seems assinine to expect one guy to motivate his team.

    If you’re a RB or OL or any position making millions you better not be acting like you need the QB to motivate you. Back when Unitas was playing the entire team didn’t make a million dollars and they had to get jobs in the offseason. THAT’S when you need a leader to motivate you, not nowadays.

  9. @ p4hbiz

    “He’s the reason Dallas is sooo Overatted(sic)”


    Written by the man whose team has thrown Jason Campbell, Bruce Gradkowski, Kyle Boller, Jamarcus Russell, Charlie Frye…… out there. Anybody out there that would take that pile of garbage over Romo? Anybody? I thought so.

  10. @berniemadoffsides

    I don’t think he’s as great as people make him out to be. Kitna was pretty decent in that offense after Romo went down and he’s like 40 (not to knock him- I’ve always liked Kitna…. Lions should never have dropped him)….

    My point is, you can put just about any QB you want in that offense and they’ll look ok. When you have Witten, Austin, Bryant, Roy Williams, Crayton and some guys out of the back field, you have to be a pretty bad QB to NOT succeed w/ that tallent around him.

  11. He always starts the season looking like a first tier QB and always looses interest about half way through the season and becomes fumble happy at the end. He makes the bucks and the headlines even if he doesn’t take the team to the big game… The only hope for him is if the team trades him or makes him compete for his position. In a way I’d like to see him traded. But, really I think he and Jerrah deserve each other!

  12. @1bigtex .. Jon Kitna,
    2005 Drew Bledsoe (16)
    2004 Vinny Testaverde (15) / Drew Henson (1)
    2003 Quincy Carter (16)
    2002 Chad Hutchinson (9) / Quincy Carter (7)

    LOL… And did anyone want this crap pile??…


  13. I am both happy and proud to have Tony Romo as the Cowboys’ starting QB. Since his regular season debut in 2006, he has given the team its best chance to win, week in and week out.

    Furthermore, until the 2010 debacle, Tony had improved his performance every year. There is no reason to think that trend will stop now.

    With Tony just now entering his fifth season as a starter, I am very optimistic about his future and the team’s prospects, too.

    From my perspective, the scathing criticism he has received is totally unjustified.

  14. Bill Parcells gave Rom(e)o a list of do’s and dont’s to be a successful quarterback in Dallas. And if memory serves me correctly, he did the dont’s and did not the do’s. We know Kitna is a leader. Open up the position. At the worst, you get Romo.

  15. @p4hbiz

    You had to go back to 2005 to get to Bledsoe. I’d take Bledsoe and Kitna over anything Oakland started in the last three years.

  16. Add in Rick Mirer, Tuiasasoppo, Kerry Collins, Daute Culpepper, one of the McCowan’s (like any of them were any good). I guess Al couldn’t figure out how to get a start for Rob Johnson and if memory serves didn’t Jeff George get a swim through there as well? Wow, how has Oakland been so bad for so long with QBs on the roster like that? How indeed.

  17. @1bigtex.. And I’ll take J. Campbell over Kitna n Romo anyday… And bledsoe couldn’t beat my turtle running.

    That guy’s Stinked in a Cowgirls uni.. Campbell beated you guy’s atleast once a year. lol

  18. Haven’t we been reading about the “new” dedicated Tony Romo the last 5 off-seasons? Nothing has ever changed. The guy who was supposed to be the next Staubach/Aikman is really Morton/White. A serviceable, average Quarterback who can only take a team so far.

  19. @p4hbiz

    “and known (sic) of those Qb’s tripped @ the line of scrimmage in the playoff’s (sic)”

    How many of those dog butt Oakland Qb’s I listed made the playoffs?

    “bledsoe couldn’t beat my turtle running”

    Yes, that 40 time is critical for QBs isn’t it. BTW, Drew Bledsoe won two AFC championship games and threw for about 40,000 yards. How many of the Oakland QB’s I listed can make those claims? And if speed is the defining ingredient to football greatness, how come DHB sucks?

    “Campbell beated (sic) you guys atleast (sic) once a year”

    Jason Campbell’s record against the Cowboys is 1 win and 4 losses. Care to explain your “once a year” statement?

    “And Remember 94 was the last time Dallas smelled a SB field”

    Dallas’ last Super Bowl victory was in 1996. BTW, when was Oakland’s last Super Bowl victory? Closing in on 30 years aren’t you? Also, could you do a little research and tell which NFL team has the record for consecutive seasons with double digit losses?

    You really don’t have to make it this easy for me.

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