Shockey finds a creative use of time during lockout

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While he hasn’t tried professional soccer or riding a bull, Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey found a unique sporting event to try during the lockout.

Shockey put together a team to compete in the Drambuie Pursuit race through the Scottish Highlands, according to Kelley Carter of  His group finished fourth out of ten during a 100 mile race that combines white-water rafting, kayaking, mountain climbing and dune-buggy racing.

The new Panthers player showed some impressive managerial skills overseas.  He sat out the mountain climbing because he says he doesn’t have health insurance.  (Smart.) He also picked three distance runners from Texas to join him on the team.  (Smarter.)

As part of the event, Shockey donated $10,000 to the Heath Evans Foundation. Shockey planned to explore his heritage in Ireland for a while once he was done with the race.

He can probably stay past June third if he wants.

15 responses to “Shockey finds a creative use of time during lockout

  1. Makes more sense in why he’s been posting Irish sayings on Facebook and Twitter all day lol

  2. First member of his family to go back since St. Patrick drove them out many years ago.

  3. Another good use of spare time. Another guy who has the means using it for something good. More need to follow suit.

    The players should have started a softball league together. I bet they could have gotten a TV deal done and made a little money.

  4. I don’t believe for a second that he doesn’t have health insurance. He just donated $10k to some charity you write and he is vacationing for a while in Ireland. I HIGHLY doubt that he is hurting so bad that he can’t afford health insurance.

    I am calling BS on this.

  5. A pursuit race through the Scottish Highlands. This lockout is doing irreparable harm to the players.

  6. Shockey just needs to find meaningful employment so he has a job after the lockout.

  7. I honestly forgot he was in the NFL anymore until being reminded that he got picked up by Carolina. I remember that happening now. How could i have forgotten an off-season move by the panthers? i should be ashamed. I do respect Shockey though, as a player, even though he has fallen off the map a little over the past couple seasons.

  8. As long as there is booze and drugs aplenty… and he doesn’t have to do any real work… you know, like an adult.

  9. Amazing. There were so many negative comments when Chad Johnson played soccer…
    Anyhow, good for Shockey to do something cool with his spare time.

  10. I think Shockey thought that the race was a competitive drinking event. Being that its call the Drambuie Pursuit and all.

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