Drew Brees feels helpless waiting for judges’ decisions


As one of the named plaintiffs in the players’ lawsuit against the NFL, and as a key participant in the labor process, Saints quarterback Drew Brees knows more about the ins and outs of the lockouts than most players. But he still doesn’t know when the league year might finally get started.

“Who knows when that will be? Obviously, all of this is pretty unpredictable, for all of us, even the players,” Brees said today on the Dan Patrick Show. “Even a guy like me, I’m on the executive committee, so I was in a lot of those mediation sessions prior to the lockout and everything else and I’m very up to speed about everything that’s happening with the courts. And yet you still feel pretty helpless. You’re just kind of sitting there waiting for judges to make their decision.”

Brees said he doesn’t know how likely it is that regular-season games will be canceled, but he believes that organizing his teammates for offseason workouts has been a great step toward making sure the Saints are ahead of the curve whenever the season starts.

“Treat it as much as we can like a normal offseason, even though it is far from that,” Brees said of his guiding philosophy on workouts. “We’re prepared for when this lockout does end. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later, but this might go the distance. It might be August or September.”

Here’s hoping it’s not even later than that.

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  1. drew brees already knows how the judges are going to rule , republican judges will side with money everytime. justice to the highest bidder

  2. “You’re just kind of sitting there waiting for judges to make their decision.”


    Well that’s a bad sign. I was kinda hoping the NFLPA would actually try to work toward a deal in the mediation.

  3. Please go to the NFL Boycott page on facebook. Choose the one with the NFL Lockout logo, not the crossed out NFL official emblem. This is an organized and serious movement. See the description. THANKS and let’s get OUR sport back!

  4. I heard the interview. He said something about the players have already won 5 times in a row in court.

  5. Ummm….Drew, you are not “helpless”. As a player, let alone a member of the executive committee, you are empowered to do everything you can to get to work towards a deal. Smith and Kessler work for you not the other way around. They are professional litigators, and will predictably be inclined to litigate, unless advised otherwise by their employer (that’d be you Drew). You’re not helpless, you’re empowered. Use it.

  6. southmo says:May 17, 2011 10:59 AM

    Hey Drew… how about a counter-offer? Or do you have to get DeMaurice’s permission first?

    Since the de-cert, the entire thing is up to the attorneys representing him. He has to get permission from DeSmith to fart. He was not given permission to fart, so he has to relieve the pressure somehow and that is why the odiferous gas issues from his mouth.

  7. So one of the lead plantiff’s is whining about the legal process?

    How does that make sense?

  8. Helpless??? OMG…what is he talking about? How about you get in the ear of De Smith and tell him to get a deal done like a real businessman w/out the courts.

    Man that comment of his pretty much sums this whole thing up.

  9. Hey Drew, as smart as you are one would think that you could see, YOU are the Puppet Master and De is the puppet, but you players fro some reason thing you are the puppets and De is the puppet master. Turn it around make a deal and then you wont be taking a chance of injury without insurance. You will be able to talk to your coaches, you will all be able to get paid the money you agreed to get paid on your contract, and you wont miss any games. C’mon drew me the Puppet master tell De to take a hike, get a deal done, at the very least send the owners a counter offer

  10. Republicans have no problem making millions of average citizens suffer in their rush to please the miniscule percentage of the filthy rich.

    Go America!

  11. So you sue someone and then complain that it takes too long and that you are upset about just waiting for judges decisions? Didn’t someone tell his guy that the court system takes a long time? Actually, I have been surpised at how FAST the courts have been making decision in this case.

  12. Well Drew, the sure way not to feel helpless waiting for judges’ decisions is to stop waiting and actually negotiate. It will be interesting to see how the players’ rhetoric changes since up until now they have proclaimed they just want to play football and were fighting to make sure no games were missed. Since the players now know that it is highly unlikely that the courts will enjoin the lockout, will the players abandon their legal strategy and get back to collective bargaining immediately to ensure that no games are missed or will the continue with litigation knowing that the lockout will remain???

  13. Maybe you wouldn’t be so helpless if you fired Dee da Dee and took the situation firmly in hand by negotiating a new CBA instead of sitting around waiting for the courts to blow up the league.

  14. If De-mo Smith is getting paid by the hour, it may never end. Now it’s time for the players to negotiate, and counter offer. Stop whining and do something for a change to push this forward!!!

  15. Maybe it would help If Drew actually decided to show up at one of the court hearings, considering he is one of the main defendants.

  16. If I were Drew Brees, I would hope that the lockout would last until week 2 so I wouldn’t have to play the 13 time world champions in Titletown

  17. The sun is shining, the air smells fresh and the judges ided against the greedy players!

    I remember saying back when that Betty Crocker flunky issued her ridiculous ruling that the owners didn’t care, and her “opinion” meant nothing because the REAL judges in the 8th Circuit would be the voice that matters.
    I remember how idiots like tommy15, duanethoms gloated back then, along with the ambulance chasing DEmo Smith. Heck, Deb even said “you go girl” after the ruling.

    Well now the REAL judges( not some woman that only took up law cause she couldnt get a man) have strongly criticized her and basically reversed her “opinion”, and sided with common sense: THE OWNERS.

    Did I mention what a beautfuul day it is?

    Now that all the leverage has tilted to the owners just watch how fast the players begin to turn against each other and their “leader” the ambulance chaser . Their litigation strategy has backfired big time. What do they have left except try to attack the draft and other league staples through anti trust suits. But that will backfire on them too.

    I said yesterday. Inmates, cut your losses and fire that outside attorney that does not have your best interests in mind. Get a group of solid upstanding players together(I know that will be very difficult) and NEGOTIATE. Maybe, just maybe the owners will feel sorry for your pathetic, greedy, ungrateful souls and not crush you too badly.
    But in reality, I hope the owners drag this out and makes the players like Chester Pitts, Adrian Peterson, Derek Mason, Dez Bryant, Rashard Mendenhall and other clowns miss multiple paychecks and make them accept a contract with paycuts and increased suspension lengths.

  18. “Lockout only lasts until the players negotiate.

    Get your asses to the table and come with a deal that you’re willing to sign your name onto.”

    Pretty much says it all. Simple as that.

  19. He wouldn’t feel so “helpless” if he (and the rest of the players) didn’t abdicate their power to the judges he is now complaining about. The lawyers represent him and if he doesn’t like what they are doing he should be able to alter the course as long as he can convince the rest of the named plaintiffs to go along with that. The decertification was a bad idea and he is just now starting to find out why. They will eventually lose and then will be stuck trying to salvage a position of leverage out of thin air. It would be much better for all involved to hammer out a workable deal rather than let the courts decide everything.

  20. Hey Drew, so you’re complaining about having to wait on the judges? Remind me again which side brought this matter into the courts to begin with?

  21. Drew Brees has lost a lot of respect by the way he has handeled this whole thing. Even after the league has proposed yet another offer he still runs his mouth like a fool. Drew, drop the law-suit, re-certify your union and get back to the table with the owners and come to an agreement. It is really that simple.

  22. Why is it different with the NFLPA* executive committee telling DeMo what to do than the owners telling Goodell what to do?

    Do you job instead of whining.

    Or maybe you can’t. If there is no union, then there is no executive committee which is why DeMo is running wild.

  23. “You’re just kind of sitting there waiting for judges to make their decision.”


    You are the one who put it in the judges hands so don’t act like you are helpless. Own up to what you’ve done. While you are at it you can pressure DeMaurice to restart negotiations. He can do that since he is one of your anti-trust lawyers or are you to busy trying to get sympathy that you forgot that it’s not in the judges hands if you don’t want it to be.

    Drew you are a joke in this labor dispute. What’s interesting is that all the named plaintiffs have been staying as far away from this since the decertification. Someone needs to go shove a microphone in Manning’s face and ask him about the lockout.

  24. flipadelphia says:May 17, 2011 11:03 AM

    I heard the interview. He said something about the players have already won 5 times in a row in court.


    That’s not going to mean much if they lose the next 2.

    The nice thing about the likelyhood of the owners winning at least the next one (lockout) is that PFT seems to have stopped the all out players support blitz that went on last week.

    When PFT went all out with the articles pretty much accusing all pro-owner posters of being shills or having ulterior motives multiple times I almost left this site for good. However, other than the editorial commentary during the lockout I really enjoy this site so I am sticking with it for now.

  25. I do not feel sorry for you, Drew. You got yourself and other players into this mess. You couldn’t wait to go to court.

    Next step? Work toward a new deal. Drop your pride and be the leader that you so often portray yourself as!

  26. This is the nature of the world we live. No one is ever satisfied. I remember during Upshaw’s lead this site was in the forefront questioning his leadership, labeling the NFLPA as the weakest union and Upshaw as a shill for the Owners.
    Ha! Now this site is behind the players regardless if it means the end to the game as we know it, simply for their own gain.
    Am from the Caribbean. One of the reasons I moved to the mainland was to get Directv so I could enjoy every game. Yet I care not if the entire year is lost if it means the Union being put in it’s place and the real keepers of the game coming out victorious.
    It’s time the core owners of this league get the recognition for putting the League above individual prominence, they have made the league what it is.
    So to hell with this site, to hell with the players, to hell with this season if it means the preservation of football as I, and many of you, have come to love it.

  27. I used to have a great amount of respect for you Drew – now, you’ve had me wondering ever since this whole thing got started.

    I thought for sure that you actually attended classes when you went to Purdue, however, it now seems as though you at least slept through your classes even if you didn’t just blow them off altogether. Litigation is what you wanted! You asked for it – you got it!

    Helpless? It’s time to stand-up like a man – and instead of standing around crying “oh poor us” – do something about it! You opened-up your big mouth early-on, where is it now? You should be taking the lead on this by making sure that every effort is taken to reach as fair a deal as possible by spearheading efforts towards continuous NEGOTIATIONS! Quoting a movie from the 70’s – “I thought you always walked tall. Now it looks like you just learned how to crawl”. Be a man Drew – please prove me wrong and take the lead on this matter.

  28. You realize these guys never had to wait for anything in life. They were given natural talent and because of that they feel entitled to everything.

    This case started in March 11th (during CBA talks) in one court and in June 3rd should see the end of this process on a second court.
    I don’t know much about the U.S. justice system but that is one fast ruling, IMO.

    But Drew, in real life, you can’t get everything you want. You elected this course of action, you go through the proper channels, you can’t speed things up or get the rulingt that fits better for you and your cause. Dee might have told you something different but hey, you picked the guy to fight in a non existant war you created.

    I bet that last offer the owners made must be sounding sweet right now, isn’t it?

  29. Of course Drew/the NFLPA should negotiate, make counteroffers, etc. But there is no guarantee that their position will be one the owners are willing to accept, nor are they obligated to go that far. The players are highly skilled pros who won their places in the league through intense competitions in a dangerous sport. They are entitled to collectively bargain for their share of the profits [I don’t see millions of fans laying their cash down to watch Dan Snyder or Jerry Jones].

  30. Yeah, dummy, funny how that happens. You turn your fate over to the courts and – golly! – they take their sweet ass time. De Smith and Kessler really sold these guys on a quick victory, didn’t they?

  31. “I lost a lot of respect for you Drew…”

    Please. Do you really think Drew Brees gives a chit about being respected by people who are not Saints fans?

  32. The players should try to make a deal now before waiting for the ruling against them. They know they are going to lose, so just make a deal.

    I guess they figure that if they are going to take less, they are going to give themselves a long break first. That’s cool, if it “goes the distance” I am not renewing my season tickets and if there are a lot of fans like me, the NFL should try to force a deal now.

    If the players wait until the ruling against them instead of making a deal now they are going to have less leverage than ever before…idiots, tell deMo to eat one and make a deal!

  33. I see comment after comment about so-called “republican” judges always siding with the rich and sticking it to the poor. Interesting that guys making $400k to ride the pine are the “poor” that those rich bastards from the red states are bound and determined to keep under their heels.

  34. chapnastier says:
    May 17, 2011 1:50 PM
    Where did all the pro-player people go?


    Like coackroaches, they scurry when the lightbulb comes on

  35. How can the owners know what the players want if they wont even send them a counter offer, all they do is fuss about the offer they get.

    Imagine I go to a car lot, and there are no prices on the cars. I only know how much they sold for last year and I feel that was to much. I write down a number and give it to the salesman, he gets up goes to his boss, and comes out and says this is the worst offer I have ever received. I am going to sue you so you can’t ever buy a car from me again, unless you pay the price I want. I say what is that price, they say I wont tell you, you can ask the judge if I win. Then they blame me because they don’t want to sell cars anymore. people are all walking everywhere they go, and it’s my fault because I didn’t give a good enough offer ???? What the heck am I talking about here????

  36. D-Smith sent out an email to the players last night telling them to shut up and let him handle this mess because HE knows best what is best for them. (j/k) Consequently, they all quit posting on here.

  37. Drew Brees,

    Just so you know where I am coming from, for the most part, I side with the owners. They “own” the teams and should get a better deal than the last deal.

    First off, if you and the rest of the players are basically, “feel(ing) pretty helpless. You’re just kind of sitting there waiting for judges to make their decision.” Then there will be no NFL Season in 2011. None…..Zero……Will Not Happen. The “Judges” will not render a FINAL verdict if this case continues to its ultimate conclusion for over a year. The lawyers, on both sides, are making an absolute mint on this case and will fight every single step of the way. Fighting it out in court will slow things down and whichever side wins one ruling will appeal to the next higher level of court and continue to fight, or will come up with some other legal argument to keep those “Billable Hours” flowing like the Mighty Mississippi River.

    Second, if you and the rest of the players want an NFL Season in 2011, you must NEGOTIATE with the owners NOW. If you continue to wait, the owners will get stronger and stronger and will force this to the point of games being canceled in September, October, November….. At some point the 2011 season will be canceled if you do not negotiate very soon. The Courts, Judges and Lawyers do not care if their is a 2011 season. They have no reason whatsoever to get this thing to a final judgment before the end of August……NONE.

    Third, the owners can hold out and will make it through to 2012 without one dime of NFL money coming in. They are mostly billionaires and will simply lay off all of their employees except GM’s and Head Coaches. How long can most players go without receiving game checks in 2011?

    Finally, if your lawyers are telling you that you will win the “case” eventually, I believe they are correct. But you will not win until a final verdict from the United States Supreme Court in 2013 or so and by that time most players will be bankrupt.

    Get back to negotiations now or the season will be lost. Tell your lawyers to set up talks now.

  38. I havent heard one peep from the owners about resuming mediation

    Hell they are the ones who insisted on keeping their business shutdown by filing an appeal. I can assure you that no deal will be taken seriously until game checks are missed by players. That is their leverage and that is what is going to happen.

    I wish these players would try a different avenue, Get everyone to sign with the UFL including big names. After the ton of money the revitalized UFL would make in one year they would be able to compensate players at high levels while the NFL would probably be begging the players to return.

    They should bite the bullet and play for cheaper this year in order to benefit from it long term.. Crazy but it just might work if they tried it.

  39. fltharley says:
    May 17, 2011 10:58 AM
    drew brees already knows how the judges are going to rule , republican judges will side with money everytime. justice to the highest bidder

    @fltharley – Ya right, and Democrats and liberals don’t have money. Talk about having extreme blinders on there buddy!

  40. Then get rid of your leader, DeMo and something can get done. What a bunch of idiots these players have become “associated” with! Now their up the creek without the proverbial paddle.

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