With lockout in overdrive, Colts try to sell preseason tickets

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Monday’s ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit resulted in a very strong indication that the lockout won’t be lifted.  The Indianapolis Colts have celebrated that development by declaring that preseason tickets are available to be purchased.

And so, as our friends at StampedeBlue.com point out, you can for only $136 buy a ticket to a game that doesn’t count, and that probably won’t even be played.

Then again, when else would you have a chance to see Peyton Manning, you know, stand on the sidelines with his arms crossed?

33 responses to “With lockout in overdrive, Colts try to sell preseason tickets

  1. Wow, I need a no-interest loan to pay for my Lil Wayne gangsta lifestyle (like most rich white men in their 50’s from trust fund families of Wilmette).

    I know, hit up the fans for a game that’ll never happen…I can give back the money if the game (which doesn’t count) never happens with 0% interest!

    Because I respect the fans so much!


    Jimmy Ice

  2. I know its not going to happen but… I would love if all fans from every team didn’t buy a single ticket this season.

    Since owners and players both don’t care about the fans.

    I know it won’t happen but I would love to see the look on their faces. Empty seats

  3. Empty seats

    Why should the lockout season be any different than any other season.

  4. Awesome! Hey does anybody here have any beachfront property in Arizona they want to sell me while we are at at?

  5. Serious chutzpah Colts. Fortunately for the waterboy he doesn’t work for the Eagles – that kinda thing will get you canned. Refer to ticket taker criticism of not re-signing Dawkins.

  6. In cities where all games including preseason are always sold out, it still might be worth it for a fan to “loan” the team his money for the chance, poor though it is, to actually watch the game from inside the stadium without paying some crazy amount on ebay.

  7. $ 136.00 for a pre season ticket.

    Yep that clinches it, it’s all the players fault…where do I vote.

    Frickin Bozos

  8. just remember….59.6% ($81.06) of that amount goes directly to player salaries. Out of the remaining 40.4%($54.94) all stadium, game day and team operating expenses are paid, with whatever left over goes to debt reduction(if any)and finally, profit for the owner.
    Want cheaper tickets? Think of where the bulk of the money goes from the ticket price and see if you can figure out which expense forces the ticket price up.

  9. The $9 billion got to come from somewhere, it don’t just fall out of the sky.

  10. Why don’t you give me all your money we’ll go around back I’ll kick you in the balls and we’ll call it good.

  11. Right now, you can go to various online ticket sites and get seats for $7 … or you can call the Colts and buy the $136 tickets and THEN in a couple months sell them on said sites for $7 (or less … and only then if you’re lucky.)

  12. thereisalwaysnextyear says:
    May 18, 2011 9:31 PM
    Well that sure beats HAVING to buy pre-season tix like the Skins force people to do. You HAVE to buy pre-season with your regular season tix. What a joke.
    All teams do it that way. It’s a rip-off!

  13. Clearly the owners are trying to do whats best for the fans and for the game.

    Opting out? Check
    Lockout? Check
    Appealing the lifted lockout? Check
    Selling preseason tickets for $100+ during the lockout? Check

    Well, these owners have to feed their starving kids somehow.

  14. Hey now, we’re all forgetting that preseason is pretty much our only chance to watch the immortal Curtis Painter throw interceptions!

    That’s gotta be worth $136, right?

  15. ROFL. Stupid. Nobody in their right mind is going to even think about buying tickets to a preseason game right now. I doubt very many people would even buy regular season games.

    Now, on the other hand there are quite a few fans panicking and letting their PSLs go for pretty cheap. I almost bought a couple but I couldn’t bring myself to do it because of the lockout. If the games are played I could probably double or triple my investment the first season, but with the way things are right now with the league and my current employment situation I couldn’t bring myself to risk it.

  16. You think you have it bad, I am a fan of the only team willing to defer payment until lockout resolution. So basically when I get the great news of the lockout lifted, my credit card is hit for $5,000. $1,000 of such for yes, preseason tickets. Preseason tickets I give away to people to tour the new stadium. So don’t pay you say? Ok then I forfeit my $15,000 psl. I sure feel bad for these players and owners making millions and billions on my and countless others backs. Poor guys…….

  17. Hopefully this lockout will last thru the preseason so I get a refund on those worthless games.

  18. I had to laugh when reading this…who would be foolish enough to pay for “pre season” tickets…”this season”?

    …a little humor to start the day is a good thing…mac

  19. Buy tix? Thats the opposite of what i was thinkin…If i have to miss one game….then they’re ALL gettin refunded. Thats how frustrated I am… grown @$$ men bickering like petty little 3rd graders over our money. SICKENING TO WATCH

  20. kegowhisky says: May 18, 2011 9:05 PM

    Sheesh, just how stupid do they think the fans are?


    Judging by the polls here on PFT that overwhelming support the owners (and tactics such as this Colts scam) I think the owners feel the fans are pretty damned stupid. And they are most likely right!

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