Newsome: Cody will breakout in 2011

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Asked for a potential breakout Ravens player in 2011 by a fan at a recent event, G.M. Ozzie Newsome didn’t hesitate.

“I’m going to take the Alabama guy. I’m going to go with [Terrence] Cody,” Newsome said, via Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun. “Cody’s going to have a great year this year. So if someone is going to step up – he also appreciates playing next to Haloti Ngata – so I would say Terrence Cody.”

The Ravens didn’t get a lot out of their 2010 draft class, but Cody started to show signs of breaking out late in the year.  He forced a fumbled in Baltimore’s playoff win over Kansas City.

Nose tackle is a difficult position to transition to at the pro level.  If Cody really does break out with a much better 2011 campaign, the Ravens defensive front will be much tougher to deal with.

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  1. I had high hopes for Cody, once he got to go through Harbaugh’s offseason conditioning program for a full offseason. But that just hasnt happened due to the lockout. And he’s been left to stay in shape on his own. I want to see Cody breakout just like the next Ravens fan but I also wouldnt be surprised if this guy showed up tipping the scales at 400 pounds.

    Certain players just dont have the discipline that it takes to stay in football shape when left to their own devices. Cody has proven to be one of those guys and until proven unotherwise that what I have to go with.

  2. BTW, PFT is so late on this its not even funny. I live in North Carolina and even I know Newsome made those comments almost 2 weeks ago.

  3. ***When asked to clarify, Ozzie Newsome said “I thought the question was about who was most likely to breakout of an all-you-can-eat buffet”

  4. The pipeline is obvious from Alabama to Ozzie, so these comments are to be expected.

    That said, I agree with Ozzie on this one. This kid’s going to be a beast if he can stay on the field for more then 30 snaps. If he keeps up his conditioning, he will easily be a top 15 defensive lineman.

  5. The only thing Cody is going to break out of is his uniform on Gameday after going overboard at the team meal.

  6. He had a slow start, had a knee issue that forced him to miss the 1st 3 games, but by the end of the year he was a factor up front. He not only changed the momentum in the KC playoff game by forcing a fumble from Charles, he also pretty much put a stop to any runs up the middle the rest of the game.

    Cody is a big man that can move. He is not nearly as fat as guys like Wilfork, and every good 3-4 D needs a nose tackle that can hold up to the combo block without giving ground.

  7. Breakout of his britches, yeah I’d almost guarantee that will happen at some point next season.

  8. Cannot wait to see him knock Colt McCrybaby into next season like Dareus did in the BCS championship game.

  9. yeah when I saw Baltimore, and not the Broncos take on the “Cody project” I thought yep this why they are in the playoffs yearly and we are “looking to fill a hole in the Defensive line”…… yearly….We did take a 7th rounder tho!!!

  10. With the lockout in full effect and Cody weighing in at 350+ at the combine last year when he NEEDED to have his weight down… fat boy Cody is probably well over 420 at this point. The only thing he’s breaking out of is his pants. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… give a fat lazy guy a million bucks and you’re going to have an even fatter lazy guy. Receiving money does NOT motivate fat and lazy people…and Cody is among the fattest.

  11. The guy has immense talent and an immense body. He reminds me a little of Sam Adams. You just don’t expect that type of athleticism in a man that big.

    He really can’t rush the passer, but he takes on two blockers and finds himself in the backfield quite often. If the young man can control his weight he has the talent to be an all-pro. The good news for him is that he got drafted by the Ravens where defense is a passion. Put him on the Redskins or the Browns or some other miscreant team the guy would eat himself out of this universe.

    But here the expectations for the defense are so high that it helps motivate these young men. It doesn’t always work. And certainly we have had our share of busts in draft picks. But look at guys like Aubreyo Franklin and Make Keeomatu. Both of those men parlayed their time on the Ravens defense into large money long term contracts. Hopefully Mt. Cody will follow the same path, but stay in Bmore for the duration.

  12. I was so excited when we drafted this guy simply because of the felixibility it potentially gives us w/Ngata in a 3-4 or 4-3. I love all the haters saying this guy is just fat & lazy…and that’s why he’s in the freakin’ NFL and you’re sitting on your behind posting on an NFL website, LOL! He was injured to start the year, and still rehabbed, bounced back, and contributed by end of his 1st year. Give the guy a chance….with him letting Ngata slip out to DE in a 3-4, or the two of them plugging the middle & pushing the pocket in a 4-3…watch out!!! The Ravens D tradition lives on! …and will live on post-52!!!

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