Wednesday’s PFT Live: Scott Fujita and your calls

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On Wednesday’s edition of PFT Live, we’ll open up the phone lines once again.  We’ll also bounce between calls and e-mails and Twitter questions.

And so in order to answer e-mails we’ll need e-mails to answer.

And so we need you to send some e-mail questions.

And so take a second to type up a question and send it along.  And call in at 888-237-5269 around 12:20 p.m. ET.

We’ll also welcome Browns linebacker Scott Fujita for the second segment of the show to take about the new direction in Cleveland and his take on where we are in the lockout.

Watch the show live right here.

2 responses to “Wednesday’s PFT Live: Scott Fujita and your calls

  1. Tell Scott I love him as a player, but the players refusal to offer any sort of counter-proposal is moronic. There haven’t been any formally submitted counter-proposals by the players (that anyone is reporting anyway), and not even any detailed answers to specific owner proposals for crying out loud. This is the very thing: the lack of any actual effort to find common ground or compromise, that is keeping the NFL season on hold and the future in jeopardy. It is not the lockout, it’s not even the litigation, its the fact there is no actual work going on to come to an agreement.

    Leverage smeverage. If you don’t like the deal don’t take it. If you can’t get a compromise, then ok. But if you aren’t even trying, then the excuses don’t matter and the only one to blame is yourself.

  2. Just to echo the post above, please try to get him to answer the question of why the PA, now trade association, reps refuse to make a counter proposal to the leagues two offers.

    And PLEASE don’t let him wriggle out of it with comments about how the league locked them out, it’s illegal, they just want to play, or any other tired old cliches. Just try and get him to answer why they won’t even try. Make him stick with the here and now. Why not negotiate right now, and why not respond to the owners’ proposals.

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