Once upon a time, Tom Coughlin was just another running back pleading for carries


We take a quick detour in what is sure to be a sssslow NFL Friday before Memorial Day weekend to journey into a time where Tom Coughlin was a college football player.

Coughlin played wing back at Syracuse in the 1960’s and two future Hall of Famers were ahead of him on the depth chart: Floyd Little and Larry Csonka.  Little, who is still close with Coughlin, said the Giants coach was like any backup running back.  He wanted the ball more.

“Tom used to come into the huddle and say, ‘When am I going to carry the ball?’” Little told Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com. “The same answer always came back: Why would we let you carry the ball when we have me and Csonka back here? Are you crazy?”

Apparently, Coughlin would get so upset that it tipped off their opponents.

“You knew he wasn’t carrying the ball because he was always mad,” Little said, laughing.

We can only hope that a Giants running back will bring up this story to Coughlin the next time they feel underused.