Mardy Gilyard may have asked Rams for a trade

The St. Louis Rams made receiver Mardy Gilyard the first pick on the draft’s third day a year ago, selecting the former UC Bearcat with the 99th overall pick. Gilyard was given ample opportunity to earn playing time as a rookie, but failed to capitalize and rode the bench for one of the most wideout-needy teams in football.

Gilyard did nothing to suggest a bright future, so the Rams turned around and used third- and fourth-round draft picks on receivers this year. Gilyard has been a no-show for St. Louis’ player-organized offseason activities.

On Friday, former Rams assistant head coach Rick Venturi — now a radio co-host for 101 ESPN St. Louis — passed along a “rumor” that Gilyard has asked the Rams to trade him.

“Rookie sensation Ram receiver Mardy Gilyard, who didn’t show up the other day for the players minicamp … It’s rumored that he asked for a trade,” Venturi stated. “Are you kidding me? Nobody knows who the hell he is. What would you give up for him? An old, used kicking ball? And a ticket to a fourth-quarter preseason game in the NFL?

“Mardy Gilyard, you gotta be kidding me.”

NFL players are currently not allowed to have contact with teams, but Gilyard or his agent could have passed along the trade request during the brief lifting of the lockout in April, or before it began in March.

Venturi was on the Rams’ staff as recently as 2008. The organization has gone through heavy turnover since, but it’s possible he still has some inside connections.

Gilyard caught six passes for 63 yards as a rookie. Whether or not the trade demand rumor is true, Gilyard’s time in St. Louis appears to be approaching a swift conclusion.

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  1. Josh McDaniels wants him to stay. Willing to trade Stephen Jackson to keep Gilyard.

    (tha’s how he ran the Broncos)

  2. The same story again, a player thinks he is better then he is and then his agent tells him he is even better then that, and that is how you become a former NFL players.

  3. I think he asked for a “parade” and it was just a bad cell phone connection.

  4. Yeah, I’m sure teams will be lining up for a guy that clearly doesn’t want to work hard to earn a spot on the team and couldn’t even learn the playbook. Doesn’t matter anyway, I suppose – if he fails to do either again he won’t get traded, he’ll get released.

  5. “Trade me.” Ha ha ha. My flag football team could use him. We’ll offer a 12-pack of Bud Light and a $25 gift certificate to Hooters. Can anyone beat that?

  6. Nothing wrong with asking for a trade if you are not in the team’s plans. Most rookie Wrs do not do much in the 1st place and 3rd rounders do not have a very good percentage of success.

  7. Kid was a stud at Cincy. Of course that is the Big East which stinks. I would give up a 7th rd pick for him. Some times a fresh start is all you need. I know he only had his rookie season, but you never know he may have just hated playing for the Rams. At the very least should be a solid return man.

  8. I don’t know about a trade, but for a couple of bucks he can probably buy himself out of his contract, if not negotiate his outright release once teams can start negotiating.

    But unless there’s a pre-season, I don’t see him getting much opportunity to try out for other teams, and he sure didn’t create demand for himself based on his past NFL performance, so he may have to showcase his talents for a year or two in the UFL if he wants a shot elsewhere.

  9. These are the same players that want more money and don’t want to give up anything to owners. Who took the chance on whom here? I don’t like it here because I can’t get the system so I want traded. Give us all a break! Get out in the real world and see where that attitude gets you.

  10. These are truly desperate times when a third string second year player demands a trade and it becomes a news worthy story…

  11. Why can’t they talk about stuff like this on nfl network instead of spending half the segment on sandwiches the chef makes?

    Oh how badly the lockout needs to end..

  12. Man, I was excited when the Rams drafted him. Just shows another raeason why the Rams are struggling…

  13. Hmmm… this kids getting questionable counsel if this is true. Last year he couldn’t learn a vanilla dink and dunk playbook, displayed hands of stone, got anhilated in the tackle, gave up one or two fumbles and wasn’t dressed for the Rams last few games despite their injury problems and lack of talent in 2010. He’s at best worth a 2099 conditional 7th rounder.

    Or the CFL is nice this time of year I hear.

  14. Is it any wonder that the Rams absolutely sucked when a moron like Rick Venturi was their assistant head coach. Are you kidding me? He sounds like a shockjock, not anyone who ever had the training and perspective of an NFL coach at any level. This article provides zero insight into the issues that affected Gilyard in 2010, or any past discussions with Bradford regarding Gilyard.

  15. Horrible pick to begin with………marginal College Career at best.

    He’s a poor mans another Jamarcus Russel.

  16. Last time I spoke with Mardy was over a year ago before the draft (I’m a UC grad), he was hell-bent on playing for the Bengals. He loved playing in Cincinnati, and didn’t want to leave.

    Mardy is a stand-up guy, don’t know what’s gone wrong for him in St. Louis, he’s one of the last guys I could see demanding a trade. I’m pretty sure Cincy (Bengals) has more than enough receivers now, and he won’t have the opportunity for much playing time anywhere other than St. Louis. No matter how this shakes out, I wish him well.

  17. Just another moron with an over inflated ego. He will now fade into oblivion and will have to earn his station in life just like the rest of us. Anybody care to break out the crystal ball and predict what that might consist of ???

  18. I watched Gilyard play at UC and he was quite dynamic, I was, however, not surprised he showed nothing with the Rams. He is a headcase and is a “me” WR that would rather get stats than a win. For him to ask for a trade is crazy. Who would trade for him? Egos in the NFL just blow me away

  19. emperorzero says:
    May 28, 2011 3:48 PM
    Man, I was excited when the Rams drafted him. Just shows another raeason why the Rams are struggling…

    Rams won more games then they had the last 3 years combined and and they are struggling? You sure know your football moron!

  20. Umm yeah, so a guy who isn’t with the team and is on TALK RADIO says something and all of sudden everyone on this site bangs the kid like its true. I am not saying its not true but at the same time I don’t think RUMORS put out by a guy again on TALK RADIO ( the most honest form of media *sarcastic*)

    Perhaps before everyone slams the kid lets give him a chance to say weather or not this is true. We have no clue. What if the team came to him and said look would you mind a trade because you don’t fit what we want to do…. is he a big a$$ then ??? Or what if he felt like he wasn’t in the teams plans and told the team if that was the case a release or trade would be in the best interest of both sides , does that make him selfish ???

    Really, I understand not having REAL stuff to talk about sucks, but this is just hammering on a guy with no proof either way of what happened. For all we know the kid said nothing at all. For all we know he’s a good kid who is working hard to learn the play book. Not to mention the fact his new OC is the dumbest coach in the history fo the game ( he did trade all his pro bowlers for bench players ).

    PFT folks need to slow down and get some facts before you kill someone. This is quite sad for all of you.

    Oh and please for the guy who always seems to say ” try being in the real world ” please stop. I get your jealous. But really dude let it go. You make 20000 a year and these guys make a millions to play a game, its not fair and i agree, but seriously get over it. Be happy with what you got and don’t be upset that someone else has more. That is the saddest thing ever to live your life like that.

  21. @AndyReidisfat: it’s whether, not weather. Either way, if he couldn’t learn a “3 step slant” offense that Pat Shurmur ran last off-season, I don’t think the guy is working as hard as he should be to be a successful NFL player. As far as the new OC, Josh McDaniels is one of the architects to probably the greatest offense ever in the NFL, but the guy is dumb? He might have a big ego which when put against another couple of big egos in Marshall and Cutler is a horrible combination, but, here is the thing, HE DOESN’T HAVE TOTAL CONTROL OVER ALL OF THE TEAM DECISIONS LIKE HE DID IN DENVER. You can knock the guy as a GM/HC because he obviously sucked. However, there’s no way you can call him dumb especially when you’ve probably never had one conversation with the guy in your life. You’re just making yourself look bad telling other people not to judge without having all the facts when you’re being a hypocrite and doing the same exact thing yourself. Btw, you sound mad and jelly that Josh McDaniels is coaching and you’re not.

  22. Tony Softli disputes this rumor. But like the article says, it probably doesn’t matter. I’m not sure there’s a good enough reason why he couldn’t have made even a token appearance at the player workouts last week. He’s behind as it is, and this playbook is more complex than Murmur’s. Gilyard has enough talent to see playing time, but he just doesn’t seem to have the inner drive to succeed at this level.

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