Tuesday morning one-liners

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If the Bills or another team were to move to Toronto, would it kill the CFL?

Patriots WR Julian Edelman isn’t sure if he or QB Tom Brady started growing their hair out first.

Peter King of SI.com shares his thoughts on the revelations about Roger Goodell in Jets coach Rex Ryan’s new book.

Jamie Dukes of the NFL Network thinks Ravens QB Joe Flacco needs to work a little harder.

It might be time for Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco to get another reality show.

Speaking of AFC North wide receivers and reality shows, Browns WR Josh Cribbs had a crew following him around recently.

Steelers WR Mike Wallace was tied for the second-most catches on deep passes in 2010.

Improving fundamentals will be a big part of the Texans’ attempt to improve their secondary.

If there’s a Colts training camp, it will likely be held at Anderson University.

Jaguars G.M. Gene Smith said that his team has running backs that play like linebackers.

Steve Wyche of NFL.com thinks that if QB Kerry Collins wants to be a starter again, he should rethink his objection to being a “nursemaid” for Titans QB Jake Locker.

Chiefs CB Donald Washington is one of the Ohio State products stunned by the news of Jim Tressel’s departure.

Speed wasn’t the only reason why the Raiders drafted CB DeMarcus Van Dyke.

Chargers T Marcus McNeill said that he’s fully recovered from minor knee surgery.

A reassessment of the Cowboys’ decision to draft RB Felix Jones.

Giants OL Kevin Boothe thinks the team’s rookies will suffer because of the lockout.

A look at the passer ratings attained by Eagles QB Kevin Kolb in each of his NFL starts.

Redskins WR Brandon Banks’s father thinks his son is using his stabbing as motivation.

The late Bears S Dave Duerson’s ex-wife spoke with USA Today last week.

Jason Fox’s chances of moving up the Lions’ offensive line depth chart are hurt by the lockout.

Mike Vandermause of the Green Bay Post-Gazette thinks the Packers are being classy by inviting every player who earned Super Bowl rings to the ceremony where they are presented.

The “minicamp” put together by Vikings QB Christian Ponder in Florida gets underway Tuesday.

Falcons DE Kroy Biermann could be on the verge of a breakout season.

Panthers CB Chris Gamble is one of the 10 best NFL players coached by former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, who resigned in disgrace on Monday.

Whenever the bell might ring for the 2011 season, Saints DL Anthony Hargrove says he’ll be ready.

The Buccaneers made huge strides in offensive explosivity last season.

More concerns about how Kevin Kolb might fit as quarterback in the Cardinals offense.

Brit Miller is the only in-house option at fullback for the Rams.

QB David Carr is working out with the 49ers, but he doesn’t seem to be on coach Jim Harbaugh’s mind.

Seahawks S Mark LeGree isn’t lacking confidence.

3 responses to “Tuesday morning one-liners

  1. Man, it must be a slow news day. If you’ve got to put “Jamie Dukes” comments on your site. I thought he was VY’s agent. The NFL network needs a lot of help.

  2. “If the Bills or another team were to move to Toronto, would it kill the CFL?”

    No. But would the Bills move to Toronto kill Buffalo? Maybe.

  3. “If the Bills or another team were to move to Toronto, would it kill the CFL?”

    The author does make some good points — granted, I don’t know anything about the political landscape in Toronto or the current “health” of the CFL in general, so I’ll have to take him at his word — but he does seem to draw some reasonable conclusions.

    I would think that the CFL would be discreetly making inquiries to CBS, FOX, and NBC about getting their games aired in the U.S. in the event that the NFL season is compromised. I’ll wager that many of us will watch football of a different flavor, if the choice is that or no football. The NFL labor situation could be a opportunity to pick up some fan interest “south of the border.”

    I don’t know what the broadcast contracts look like between the NFL and the networks, but even if there is some kind of clause stating that the networks can’t air a “competing product,” wouldn’t that be nullified if there is no NFL “Product” to compete with?

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