Ariko Iso, NFL’s only female trainer, leaves Steelers for Oregon State

Ariko Iso, the only female full-time trainer in the NFL, is leaving her job with the Steelers to head football athletic trainer at Oregon State University, where she went to school.

“I’m very excited for the opportunity that lies ahead at my alma mater,” Iso said. “Oregon State is where I started my athletic training education and I’m looking forward to returning to the beautiful campus after being away for 15 years. I have many fond memories of Corvallis as a student and I’m ready to make more.”

Iso made clear that she’s only leaving the Steelers because the Oregon State job became open.

“I have been blessed throughout my life with my career path working with so many great mentors,” Iso said. “The past nine years I have had the opportunity to work for a great organization with the Steelers, and I want to thank the Rooney family for all they have done for me both professionally and personally.”

21 responses to “Ariko Iso, NFL’s only female trainer, leaves Steelers for Oregon State

  1. Prolly sick of Rapelisburger hittin on her, or the thought of touching Rapelisburger finally made her sick.

    Good career move, and good luck at your new job.

  2. She could never figure out why the “DTF” name-tag was part of her uniform…

  3. Water finds it own level. She will be the head female trainer out there with those tree huggers.

  4. I’m not positive, but I think that the Ravens have a female athletic trainer too.

  5. Wonder if the work stoppage influenced her decision? Was she getting paid during this time??

  6. What a bunch of 2nd rate reporting this is. Is she single? Does she like tall dorky white men? Where can I start stalking her? I tell MDS this story gives me nothing.

  7. I’m glad PFT is highlighting a positive story about a woman involved in professional sports. After some negative stories (Sanchez, Sterger, and others), it’s nice to read about a woman who was hired because she was the best for the job and is respected by the players and her co-workers.

  8. It sounds like Ariko’s made a name for herself in her field and Oregon State realizes that she’s a very good catch.

    I hope she is extremely happy back at her alma mater and, I’m sure, she’ll be just as successful as she was in da ‘Burgh.

    Congratulations to Ariko. I’m sure she will be sorely missed by the entire Steeler organization. It’s always nice to see someone move on to better things as a result of being a part of the organization. Good luck to you and enjoy!

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