Reggie Bush films reality show, lifts weights with high schoolers

Getty Images

Few players have had their activities more heavily scrutinized this offseason than Reggie Bush, who stepped into a social media firestorm when he tweeted that he was enjoying the rest and relaxation provided by the lockout.

But Bush is doing more than just relaxing: He’s also filming a reality show during the lockout. That reality show had him traveling to Danville, Illinois, where he participated in a weightlifting session with players at Schlarman High School. So at least he’s getting some workouts in.

Bush is in Danville because there’s another man named Reggie Bush who lives in Danville, and the Reggie Bush who plays for the New Orleans Saints is participating in an upcoming reality TV show called Same Name. The show has Bush trading places with a construction worker in Danville who’s named Reggie Bush.

Reggie Bush the construction worker has a son, Jacob Bush, who attends Schlarman High, so Jacob and members of the Schlarman football team got to see first hand that Bush is doing more during the lockout than just vacation, rest and relaxing.