Ronde Barber still wants Aqib Talib as a teammate

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With Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and an uncertain future in Tampa Bay, he has an adamant defender in teammate Ronde Barber.

Responding to reports that the Bucs think Talib is more trouble than he’s worth and will get rid of him regardless of how his legal situation plays out, Barber said he wants to play with Talib in 2011.

“We’re prepared [to play without Talib], but you don’t ever want to play a season or even a game without that guy,” Barber said, per “He’s that good. He changes things. He takes [receivers] away and we’ve never had that in Tampa.”

The Buccaneers have had plenty of good defensive backs in the 14 seasons Barber has been in Tampa Bay, so it’s surprising to see him say “we’ve never had that.” But Barber clearly wants Talib as a teammate.

9 responses to “Ronde Barber still wants Aqib Talib as a teammate

  1. once again you have no idea what your talking about…..but then again you are a journalist…so what do I expect….
    ronde wants, ronde gets…buddy buddy with HC….and character is not an issue in tampa…despite the propaganda machine called one buc place.

  2. I agree with Ronde. Aquib does change things and takes away.

    But chasing someone down with a gun and taking shots at him along with Mom

    Sly Stone used to sing “Its a family affair”

    Kind of guy everybody wants around.

  3. Apparently after all these years in the NFL Ronde doesn’t understand the EVERYONE in the NFL is replaceable…

  4. The Bucs have had only one good DB other than him and that’s John Lynch. Everybody else was expendable: Dexter Jackson, Brian Kelly. all of ’em.

  5. Just goes to show that no matter what a POS you are, you’ll always have a place in the league if you’re good enough.

  6. Really, Barber’s just protecting himself. There’s less of a chance Talib will actually shoot a teammate. Instead he’ll just smash your face in with his helmet, which is a little better I guess.

  7. bearsrulepackdrool….I have to disagree with you….Brian Kelly was an excellent player for the Bucs(when healthy). He, in my opinion, was one of the unsung heroes of that defense. Here is how valuable he was….the year after they won the super bowl…the Bucs on Monday Night Football..hold a 35-14 point lead…Brian Kelly goes down…Marvin Harrison(their best receiver who kelly was covering) lights it up nd single handedly beats the Bucs by DESTROYING Tim Wansley. For 7 of his first 8 years Brian Kelly played in all 16 games for the Bucs and was a contributing factor of why the Bucs were known for hardly getting beat deep. He also had 8 picks the year the Bucs won it all. Would he have fit in other systems and had as much success as he did with Tampa?….probably not…but he flourished in the Tampa 2…Top CB’s over the past 14 years for the Bucs other than Talib..1.Ronde 2.Brian Kelly 3. Donnie Abraham. All three quality Pro Bowl caliber CBs.

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