Schottenheimer says he’s smoothed things over with Santonio Holmes

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We’ve written more than once this offseason that the Jets should do what they can to retain Santonio Holmes, and not bother keeping Braylon Edwards, even if Holmes costs more.  (As he should.)

One potential issue with this plan: Holmes was upset with his usage following the AFC Championship and was still talking about it as late as April.  Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer doesn’t believe that will be a problem in free agency.

“We left on good terms,” Schottenheimer told Rich Cimini of, saying that he smoothed things over with Holmes.

Ultimately, money talks.  We can talk about scheme fits, personality issues, and chances to win a title as free agency factors all we want, but the team that offers the most money gets the player.  Simple.

A big long-term deal is the real way to smooth things over with Holmes.

9 responses to “Schottenheimer says he’s smoothed things over with Santonio Holmes

  1. Nepotism at its worst, if his father wasn’t a average NFL coach who couldn’t win in the playoffs he wouldn’t have his job. Schottenheimer is in over his head.

  2. That’s true. Any time you give a noisy complaining checkered past WR a tun of money and a long term contract it always resolves the situation.

  3. I am always shocked how stupid the media is. I saw this with Mehta interview the other day. Holmes under 2010 rules is a restricted FA and has been tendered by the Jets. He is going nowhere and is cheap.

    It is very unlikely that even in the case of an agreement and new CBA that 2011 will be operating under rules signifigantly different than 2010. Meaning it is very unlikely that Holmes will be a FA. The same goes for Brad Smith and Cromartie. Either he will sign his tender, work out a sign or trade (if they extend the date) or holdout.

    It seems the media simply wants to ignore that most of these supposed FA’s will likely not be FA’s so they can create more drama and stories. But then again page hits is what most of PFT’s stories are about.

  4. I thought contact between coaches and players was prohibited during the lockout, when exactly did they smooth things over?

    Oh wait, that’s right, I forgot the Commissioner has a different set of rules when it comes to the Jets.

  5. @nyjalleffingday

    RE: “How stupid could you be?”

    You’d be surprised, but at least I’m not as dumb as a Jets fan. Peruse the following direct quote from the article:

    “Holmes was upset with his usage following the AFC Championship and was still talking about it as late as April.”

    Last time I checked, the AFCCG was played in January, not April, moron. If they cleared it up after the game, why was Holmes still whining in April?

  6. @elyasm

    He wasn’t bringing it up, Einstein, he was talking about what the situation was and why he felt the way he did in direct response to a question.

    So, in review: AFC Championship Game > Santonio speaks to the media > Shotty speaks to Santonio > Santonio speaks to the media again > You say stupid things on PFT.

    Again, how stupid could you be?

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