Goodell optimistic after negotiations, Friday court hearing

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wasn’t in St. Louis for Friday’s Eighth Circuit hearing regarding the validity of the lockout. But he was tuned in to the developments and expressed optimism Friday evening that the players and owners are making positive progress.

The importance is to have the principles talk,” said Goodell, who spent the day at a North Carolina U.S. Army base with Panthers coach Ron Rivera. “That’s what we’re interested in doing, have the owners and players talk to one another.  That was accomplished this week. . . .  That’s a positive sign for us.”

Though Friday’s events took place in the courtroom, Goodell was referring to this week’s lawyer-less “secret talks” in Chicago. The same deliberations in which the owners reportedly made concessions to the players.

Goodell wouldn’t say when or if a new round of negotiations will occur. But he confirmed that both sides have shown willingness to work out a deal.

“I would just tell you that both sides are committed to continuing the dialogue,” Goodell added. “In negotiations, you’re making different suggestions, recommendations, and proposals from time to time.

“I think both sides will do that in a reasonable fashion.”

31 responses to “Goodell optimistic after negotiations, Friday court hearing

  1. I still think that all of the att’ys were popping “paxil” by the dozen to control their anxiety that a deal could be reached and they would be out their hourly charges.

  2. As long as the owners keep making concessions talks will continue to move towards making a deal for a new CBA. If not there will be no 2011 season. Remember that fact.

  3. Shut up Roger you glad handing jock sniffing jagoff. This league is F’d as long as you are in the middle of it.

  4. I think when it’s all said and done history will see Goodell as a good commissioner..

  5. Optimistic. Pessimistic. Good. Bad. Progress. Progress lost.

    These posts are getting old PFT. We’re getting tired of the roller coaster.

    1st thing tomorrow morning we will be hearing about how no ground was gained, and the situation is as dire as it has ever been.

    (Only to be followed by another story claiming a deal is imminent.)

    (Only to be followed by a story stating that there may not be NFL until 2020)


  6. As long as the union* keeps making no concessions talks will continue to stall and there wont be a new CBA. As such there will be no 2011 season. Remember that fact.

  7. This gets like most things, filed under, “what do you expect him to say”.

    Is he really going to come out and complain about the other side?

    So what did he really do here: his best impression of the teacher in Charlie Brown. Because he has to. What else is going to say? What the real motivations of the players’ representation is? Is he gonna tell the truth about how there probably really will be no season because that’s the nuclear option and that’s what the players’ representation wants? Of course not.

    Every person with at least one marble rolling around their thick skulls knows that.

    Not newsworthy.

  8. Dont ever listen to Silver on Yahoo!..He is so far up the players a$$, that, that lump in their throats is his damn nose

  9. duanethomas says: Jun 3, 2011 8:58 PM

    As long as the owners keep making concessions talks will continue to move towards making a deal for a new CBA. If not there will be no 2011 season. Remember that fact.

    So….the players have no intentions of actually negotiating? At least you admit it.

  10. The words were nice to hear, but at the end of it, Roger put down the mike and took the football home with him.

  11. All of you idiots shilling for the owners tickle me!! Here’s a fun fact: the owners collided to rip the players off with their tv deals!! The owners locked the players out!! The owners didn’t want to negotiate in good faith! If they were, there’d be no concessions in these negotiations!! But I guess the players forced them to sign the deal in 2006!! FUGGADDA HERE!!!!

  12. Have they taken some time off from self-serving press releases to actually work out a deal? I doubt it.

  13. Well, Goodell, then you’d better tell the owners to rein in their pitbull Clement. As long as he’s beebopping to court and claiming those secret negotiations are proof the players haven’t really decertified, I doubt they’ll want to keep up those talks 🙄

  14. I love to read the comments ripping Goodell for the lockout etc, he is taking orders from the owners just like a CEO takes orders from their company boards>

  15. On day one of law school lawyers learn (especially divorce lawyers) keep the parties fighting over anything you can. The longer it drags, the more moola you scrape up.

    No wonder they are meeting without the lawyers. The idea that both sides realize now is, its time to negotiate and get things settled rather than spending another two months poking sticks into each other.

    This sucker will be settled in 10 days.

  16. Can you imagine this guy on the podium for the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies? No game….no CBA….

    and you thought the booing at the draft was harsh…..YIKES.

  17. @chatham10 …

    I’m glad you think boards of directors pay CEOs millions of dollars to be puppets. CEOs–and NFL Commissioners–have a lot more power in determining the direction of an organization than you seem to realize. In many cases board members are nothing more than figureheads. Certainly most of the NFL owners have too much on their plates to be fixated on the day-to-day strategizing of the league. It’s Goodell’s role to crystallize the vision and take the league where he perceives they want it to go–which usually means just to make it more profitable. How he goes about that is up to him. And he’s been going about it in a misguided way.

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