Schottenheimer eyes workhorse role for Shonn Greene

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Jets fans and fantasy owners alike have wanted Shonn Greene to get the ball more the last two years.  It sounds like they are going to get their wish in 2011.

Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer says Greene will “without a doubt” be the team’s primary rusher after taking a back seat to LaDainian Tomlinson for much of last year.

“We expect a breakout season from him,” Schottenheimer said. “He’s a guy that’s got just huge, huge, huge potential that we think is right there ready for him to grab.”

The timing of Schottenheimer saying Greene is “ready to take the next step” is interesting.  The team is bringing back LaDainian Tomlinson, drafted Bilal Powell in the fourth round, and want to get Joe McKnight involved more.

Still, it sounds like Schottenheimer wants to use Greene as a workhorse-type back that approaches 300 carries. It helps that Tomlinson has signed off on the plan, saying he wants to be the best third down back in the league.

Greene has the potential to be one most powerful, explosive backs in the league. Now he just has to realize that potential over 16 games.

17 responses to “Schottenheimer eyes workhorse role for Shonn Greene

  1. Joe McKnight won’t make the team if they bring back Tomlinson. Powell is a superior back.

    I’d just let Tomlinson walk if I were them. Powell is a nice compliment to Greene.

  2. Another running back by committee. No good for their fantasy owners. I traded LaDanian and Beenie Wells for Adrian Peterson two years ago. HAR DEE HAR HAR HAR!

  3. never happen. Greene is injury prone and will never last a full season. The Jets are going nowhere this year. Their lucky two year run is over.

  4. Of course. This has always been the plan. They let him watch and learn and then test what he’d learned intermittently. He’s now been able to study two amazing RB’s up close and personal and learn some tricks to the trade from them, as well as things he has learned in his own personal experience. He’s still young and been kept pretty fresh and now they will unleash him on the world.

    They have perfectly handled his development in my opinion.

  5. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I bought all the Shonn Greene hype last year. I won’t be drinking that Kool-Aid again.

  6. Finally, Schitty does something right!

    As the season ran it’s course, it became obvious to anyone watching that Tomlinson was tired, and Greene was more dangerous, but does Schitty notice? Nope. Let’s pound LT on the Goal Line in Heinz instead.

  7. He was suppose to have that break out year last year as I drafted him in most of my fantasy leagues in the 3rd or 4th round last year. Hate LT. Screws me when I draft him 2 years ago than screws me again by out performing the guy I drafted.

  8. Rotoworld says Schotty thinks Greene is ready to explode. Someone alert the Department of Homeland Security.

  9. I have a feeling LT will be released in the final round of cuts when they reduce the roster to 53. He is still a threat in the passing game and can be effective if you keep him fresh and limit his touches but Joe McKnight can do that as well and for cheaper.

  10. The real problem is that Schotty is going to be responsible for making 300 decisions next season…

  11. There’s no way this is happening. Shonn Green is like an egg back there, and that’s a bad thing for a workhorse tailback.

    I’m a Jet’s fan and I’ll tell you right now that the over/under for carries before Greene is out for the season is about 200. The Jets might get lucky and get him to 250 but then again he might catch a rib on carry 25 also.

  12. After all those years of being described as a “plodding” runner, Shonn finally finds a job description to suit him.

  13. Still have Taco at QB..Seems the pundits are saying that Sanchez is the most poorly rated QB in the AFC East.

    Not me, check out ESPN ?

    Happy 42nd !

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