Broadcast Boot Camp is back, with ex-players only


It’s good to see that the league’s annual “Broadcast Boot Camp” hasn’t become a victim of the lockout.

The league announced that the fifth annual event will go off between June 20-23 at NFL Films, with CBS’ James Brown serving as the host. Ron Jaworski, Mike Mayock, Curt Menefee and Solomon Wilcots will also lend a hand according to release sent out by the NFL.

Current NFL players will not be part of the event like they usually would.  We wondered earlier this offseason if retired players would sit out the camp out of solidarity, but that didn’t happen.  In all, 16 retired players will attend.

Since not much else is going on these days, here’s the list: Tony Banks, Anthony Becht, LeCharles Bentley, Rocky  Boiman, Barrett Brooks, Rob Davis, Nick Ferguson, John Fina, Dustin Fox, Antonio Freeman, Drew Henson, Dan Klecko, Caleb Miller, Tony Stewart, Amani Toomer, and Maurice Williams.

Feel to free to predict who will have the best broadcast career of the group below.  In three years, we’ll revisit the post and award the winning commenter a free lifetime subscription to PFT.

20 responses to “Broadcast Boot Camp is back, with ex-players only

  1. Just get regular guys who are extremely intelligent and well spoken – I could give a dam if they played the game at the highest level.

    Most of these meat heads do not really bring anything to the table just because they banged heads for a few years in the NFL.

  2. biggerballz says:

    so all the guys who didn’t save their money

    It could be that or it could be all the guys who received their college degree but never quite learned to read or write.

  3. Tony Banks couldn’t learn the playbook when he was here with the Rams (rumor was he couldn’t read so well). I think he’ll be stretching it to read off of a teleprompter.

  4. Caleb Miller retired?

    And man, it’s a shame what happened to Bentley. Career ruined by the unsanitary city of Cleveland.

  5. Anyone remember Torry Holt commentating Panthers Browns last year? Probably not, since it’s Panthers Browns.

    He really needs this

  6. Drew Henson is an ex-player? Really? How many plays did he participate in during a regular season game, exactly? Oh, I’ll even give you pre-season games, to make it more entertaining.

    Ridiculous. You’d be better off training him for a baseball broadcast booth.

  7. Just get guys who speak normally and not in ebonics or like an uneducated hillbilly.

  8. Go get Chris Walsh. Extremely intelligent and well spoken
    He ate, slept, drank, pissed Purple and one of my favorite players of all time. If you ever went to a Vikings game you would know why.

  9. LeCharles Bentley is already on local radio in Cleveland, and may have a shot at a national career, even though he says really stupid things on the radio. The other week he was perpetuating the misconception that Super Bowl Sunday sees more incidences of domestic violence than any other day of the year. The sooner he quits repeating urban myths the better.

  10. jfiling…and Dustin Fox is on that Sunday night sports wrapup show in Cle after one of the late news shows.
    I vote for Klecko as well.

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